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I of the best things I've ever done for myself!

did you have a breast augmentation?

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Sure do...with aging, I've noticed this helps me feel my best and SkinPharm has been a dream come true!

do you get filler and/or botox?

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Here are my recommendations for Nashville hot spots to visit.

Favorite things to do and see in Nashville?

I wrote a post all about the Southwest Companion Pass! Read it here.

I know you love Southwest's companion pass. How can I earn free flights??

Here's my official dance mom Q+A.

Entering the world of a dance mom. I’d love to hear your best advice!

What essentials do you always travel with when you leave home?

Read about how we fit so much into a weeklong Paris vacation.

We are planning a trip to Paris. Where can I see your recap? 

I talk about my journey with anxiety and CBD in this post.

I’d love more info about your journey with anxiety.

Get all the details on my Girls Getaway in Savannah.

Where can I find info on your guide to Savannah, Georgia?

I share as many of our home paint colors as possible in this post.

What paint colors are used in your home? 

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