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For the Guys

November 5, 2018

Nike Flex Essential Running Pants [the mens version of everyday athleisure–haha] | 2 Himalayan Salt Plate [for those who love to grill like my man!!] | 3 Oxford Leather Stripe Flask [you know I am all about the customization component] | 4 Yeti Fishing/Utility Bucket [those outdoorsmen are going to LOVE this] | 5 Lobster Socks [because if you don’t know the lobster reference we can’t be friends!!] | 6 Birchbox Man Handsome and Bright Gift Set [SUPER good gift set. for the price.. already grabbed one!!] | 7 Jack Mason Aviation Watch [Jeff has this brand of watch and LOVES it] | 8 Yeti Stainless Steel Camo Rambler | 9 Better Sweater 1/4 Zip Pullover [one of Jeff’s personal favs and 20% right now with code Take20November] | 10 Bose Wireless Headphones | 11 Round Acrylic Cuff Links [classic with an update for something special] | 12 Peak Sphere Ice Tray [because fun ice makes every bourbon and/or whiskey taste better] | 13 Ugg Men’s Ascot Slipper | 14 Brass Money Clip | 15 Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Gift Set [my fav cologne EVER] | 16 Four Month Subscription of Cheeses [is it bad that I want this too?!?!] |

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