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February 9, 2018

What is Faster Way to Fat Loss?? 

I first learned of the FWTFL Program through my friend and fellow blogger Beth via Seersucker and Saddles about two years ago. She raved about the lifestyle, the benefits and if you’ve seen her body, you can tell it 100% works… she sold me on the idea, especially when she visited me in Nashville last September and I grilled her with 1033 questions about it. Amanda Tress, the founder + creator [major mompreneur and amazing woman] is INCREDIBLE. She has three kiddos and is empowering women to take hold of their health and wellness and to put themselves first–something that’s a challenge for so many of us I know! After speaking with her via Skype before I started my first round of FWTFL, I was in awe of everything about the program… her spirit for motivating others, passion for the program in how it’s changing lives and her positivity in telling me I could absolutely achieve something great for myself with small, but impactful changes to my overall lifestyle. I love a good challenge and setting those REALISTIC GOALS for my first seven week round was definitely the motivation I needed to push myself hard and see it through to completion.

I also got on board with the absolute BEST coach in the world, Allie Janszen, who has been the biggest champion and cheerleader and walked beside me every step of the way to make sure I knocked it out of the park with my first round. Her daily check-ins and helpful tips and tricks via our private Facebook group helped keep me in check and I loved having that accountability day-in and day-out with other women doing FWTFL with me!

Having said that, I just want to reiterate that Faster Way To Fat Loss has been the ONLY lifestyle/diet/fitness program I have EVER been able to stay on and see through to completion. For me, that says a lot about how passionate I am about my new FWTFL life and I am beyond thrilled with how much of me has transformed–mind, body, AND soul–now that I have completed my 1st round.

I’ve now completed four full rounds of FWTFL and am now starting my fifth round. I took a bit of time off this summer due to travel and the kids being home with the lack of a “regular” routine so now I am back in it 110%.

What Does the FWTFL program entail? 

The FWTFL Program includes three specific strategies… no worries, I am breaking down each category a bit, so it makes it easier to understand.

Faster Way to Fat Loss FAQ featured by top US lifestyle blog, Hello! Happiness

One | Carb Cycling, Teach Your Body to Burn Fat Instead of Carbs

Carb cycling involves altering your carb intake on specific days to prevent fat loss plateaus and keep your metabolism working at its optimum pace. You “cycle” between low carb days and regular carb days which helps burn the fat away! More is explained in the videos that we watch during prep week, so you’ll understand exactly how to do it, what days of the week you go low carb, how to count net carbs, etc. Read more about Carb Cycling HERE

My parents did a low carb lifestyle for years and when we lived with them during our home renovation we did a lot of it as well, so this was fairly simple for me to execute. I love the fact that the carb cycling is only TWO days a week, which was another selling point for me for FWTFL. It almost became a game to me to see how low I could get my net carbs on Mondays and Tuesdays… not only to make sure I was under the 50 net grams each day, but to also try to get that count as low as possible, which meant eating a ton of fat and protein on those days. I know low carb intimidates a lot of people, but I was able to find easy snack options and favorites from Trader Joe’s, Amazon and Kroger that truly made this aspect very easy to do AND make it work, while still cooking dinner for Jeff and the kiddos. Check out my favorite FWTFL Foods and Recipes here. 

Two | Tracking Macros

I know this sounds tricky, but I promise it’s NOT. Basically the first thing you do when you join FWTFL is download the MyFitnessPal app which makes counting macros pretty easy… basically macro-nutrients consist of fats, proteins and carbs [all that will equal 100% like the pie chart seen above].

You’ll get a specific caloric goal based on your starting weight, height, etc [my coach Allie helps with all of this!] and that number changes based on your daily workouts and other factors that are explained in detail once you sign up. But the most important thing to note is that you’re NOT COUNTING CALORIES… you’ll be counting your macro nutrients and ensuring you get the right percentages of your individual pie chart each day! More tracking macros details can be found HERE.

Before I started learning about FWTFL, I had no idea what the heck a macros was… but look at me now! fter finishing my first round, I not only know how to track them in MyFitnessPal, but I also know how to calculate them on my own and I know to make them work for me and my health and wellness goals, especially when I am eating out. Funny enough, once I input my starting weight and what I was wanting to achieve, I soon realized I actually wasn’t eating enough calories each day. Once you start paying attention to the fuel you’re giving your body, it’s crazy how much can change about your food/caloric intake and what you’re feeding your body each day.

My favorite thing about tracking my macros was pre-planning events/meals/activities so that I could make it work for ME. Not once did I have to deprive myself of a certain food or drink throughout this program… I was still able to enjoy cocktails at dinner, could treat myself to ice cream with my daughters, and never did I go into that “crave” mode which was so common for me when doing other diet/food programs.

We have daily check-ins and upload our macros charts via our private Facebook groups, so that was an amazing way to stay accountable throughout the six weeks and motivate others as well. Even better, with my small group, we were able to share recipes and cheer each other on, which was one of the most fun aspects of FWTFL for me as well.

Three | Intermittent Fasting

If there is one aspect of the program that intimidated me a little bit, it was Intermittent Fasting. It’s becoming more and more popular and I have tried it previously, but the FWTFL program entails doing it each day in an 8-hour window…. basically it’s 16 hours OFF eating and 16 hours ON eating which equals 24 hours a day. The good thing for me was that most of the 16 hours were overnight when I am sleeping and then I consume my daily caloric intake within an 8-hour feeding window. I asked why this specific breakdown [instead of a 14/10, 13/9, etc] and the science backs it up as to why it turns your body into  fat burner… I break my fast each day at 11AM and then I stop eating at 7PM. You can also do a 10AM/6PM method, 12PM/8PM method, etc… pick what works for YOU! Read more about Intermittent Fasting HERE.

Hands down, fasting has become my absolute FAVORITE thing about FWTFL and I don’t see myself changing from my 16/8 windows anytime soon. Now its become second nature to my days and it’s something I enjoy. Even crazier, I did two 24-hour fasts and it wasn’t bad at all–and y’all know this girl loves some food!!

Also, if you have late night events, girls’ night out scheduled, dates, etc… you can alter your 8-hour window to accommodate those occasions and I do it all the time! What I love is that you can modify FWTFL to fit YOUR days… we had night nurses in our group that ate from 11PM to 8AM and it was so fun to see how they made it work for their schedule, too.


Heck no my friend… you can do the workouts from your home OR at the gym and each of the workouts can be modified to meet your specific needs as well. Having said that, I can tell a HUGE difference in not only my endurance + strength, but my ability to push myself in my daily workouts now. What I love about the workouts is that most of the time I was in and out of the gym in under 45 minutes and each workout was different, so I never got bored. We do a combination of HITT, sprints, strength training, low cardio, arms and legs so you’re truly working out every muscle in your body each week, all while implementing new methods and moves so that kept me motivated. Now after completing two full rounds, I create my own workouts from all the moves I’ve mastered, which keeps things fresh and fun and challenges my body in ways I never knew I could.

And yes, for you friends that love classes or are just now starting to workout, you can absolutely make FWTFL fit to your lifestyle, as they have options for beginners as well. 


You can find my before/after pictures and my results from round one and round two here.


Have I got you interested yet?? It’s crazy exciting to see just how many of you have joined this journey with me [I think we are over 500 already!!] and have loved your experience as well… like I’ve said before, I’m not a “diet” person as it doesn’t ever work for me, because this gal loves a good cocktail and has a major sweet tooth. So the fact that I can balance ALL of those things into this lifestyle was what sold me initially. I also have come to TRULY enjoy the daily intermittent fasting as well as the carb cycling and being able to share new this with all of you has been an added benefit, too!

So, what are you waiting for?? We have groups starting every few weeks so hop to it and SIGN UP!  Like I mentioned before, you can still indulge in the things you love and enjoy and meet your weight/performance goals… it’s all about balance and being sure to stick to your macros, complete your 30-40 minute workouts 5/times a week and also implement intermittent fasting so you’re eating your daily caloric needs within a set 8-hour window each day.

What I love about Faster Way to Fat Loss is that it’s a community… a network of people who are dreaming of better days ahead together, and that you’ll get individual FB group access to share, motivate and ask questions by your FWTFL coach. As always, I think it’s SO helpful to have an accountability partner so grab your bestie and SIGN UP WITH ME! There is no time like the present, right?!?!

There are a ton of Faster Way to Fat Loss coaches out there and I am sure they are all fantastic in their own right, but what separates my coach from others is the EXTRA goodness she gives… daily check-ins via our private FB group, meal planning guides and recipes for each day of the week, daily workouts for the entire six-weeks AND so much more–I’m talking giveaways, drawings, extra resources and everything you need to succeed. So come on, JOIN ALLIE AND I FOR THIS NEXT ROUND OF FWTFL and get ready for two months of fun…

Thanks to each of you for motivating me, for challenging me and for being there to support.


Oh yes, as of December 13th, the corporate team has officially rolled out the FWTFL APP! Now it’s even easier to succeed in all things FWTFL with the app that houses all of your daily workouts [HIIT, strength training, dance cardio, legs and more], offers meal plans with easy peasy recipes to keep your macros in check, and a way to schedule your workouts for one-click access on your calendar to make it easy to remember!

Currently, the app is available to VIP clients, but they will be rolling out updates for men and new clients soon! Just sign in with your active VIP email address and you’re good to go.

Sign up for the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program HERE.



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