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{Fashionable Friday: It’s All About the Bag}


January 15, 2010

with last week’s first ever installment of “fashionable friday” dedicated to my favorite ensemble element- the dress, this week i wanted to take a moment to mention the one item we can never leave home without–just like the American Express commercial… my favorite accessory {and yours i’m sure}: the purse!
**and as an FYI to my friends who will be reading this–no i am not blogging on my vacay in charleston– i scheduled this to be posted today-hehe
from an early age, i was a coordinated little fashionista–think of shirley temple if you will, curly hair and all…whenever i left the house, my hairbows, shoes, and purse had to match and to this day, my mother and grandmother let me know just how much of a little diva i was {yes, for those new readers, i am an only child!}
this has continued throughout adulthood and my passion for the perfect handbag continues to this day–the sad part, on last count, i had more than 40 purses–can’t believe i just admitted that. in the back of my head, i know another trip will be scheduled to the local goodwill store before i move in that new house… jeff just won’t have me taking up the entire walk-in master closet =(
with the dreary winter behind us–or that may just be my optimism since retailers are quickly pushing out spring lines–here are some musts to include in your purse stash:

Gold Soho Handbag via Lulus {$34}
Deux Lux Basketweave Satchel via Urban Outfitters {$58}

Big Buddha Mia Tote via Endless {$85}

Club House Bag via Mod Cloth {$60}

Angelina Purse via Francesca’s {$54}

Fresh Leaves Shopper via Anthropologie {$158}

Deux Lux Ruffle Bucket Bag via Urban Outfitters {$68}

  1. mackenzie says:

    this is SO funny!!! I just bought that purse from lulu's two days ago!! and it already shipped! i'm SO excited!!

  2. it is all about the bag isn't it?!!!
    Deux Lux Ruffle Bucket Bag is my favorite one!

  3. capperson says:

    I absolutely love the first one!

  4. so cute! i love 1,3 and 7!

  5. Caroline says:

    Love these purses. I hope you scheduled this post!

  6. Leesie says:

    Oh my you're a girl after my own heart. I love purses. I think I'm a little addicted something about a new bag that makes you feel good. Thanks for sharing these cute ones.

  7. cute! the gold bag and anthro bag are my favorites!

  8. Sarah Mina says:

    Love that ModCloth bag. The color is absolutely lovely!

  9. So cute! I love how the bags you posted were both adorable and affordable. Enjoy your vacay! I hear Charleston is beautiful…

  10. LawGirl says:

    I love all of those bags! Even more, I love that they're all super affordable! Thanks for sharing.

  11. LenkaLovee says:

    those are great finds! lovee! 🙂

  12. Teresa says:

    You better believe it's all about the purse!
    Loving the heavnely blue Anthropologie!
    So yummy!
    I call my purse the BLACK HOLE!
    RIght now I am carrying a bag I love…The Sak!
    How bout the new UT coach?
    What do u think?

  13. Brown Girl says:

    Love love me some handbags!!

  14. Nikosmommy says:

    Love the one inspired by the Valentino Rose Bag…. they're all super cute!

  15. I love the purses, they are all very fun and at affordable prices. I love the one from Mod Cloth as well as the turquoise bag below it!


  16. Marian says:

    Purses are a girl's best friend (along with diamonds and shoes;)

  17. Nicole Marie says:

    love that rose bag!

  18. I agree, I think I may have too many purses also! However, I love the urban outfitters purses such great prices!

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2024 favs

where I shop

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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