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There is Nothing Stronger than the Heart of a Volunteer


January 13, 2010

Warning Friends: this could get ugly!

My apologies upfront for what I may say and if I offend anyone, but I’m fuming and for those that know me well, you’ll completely understand why…
To put it nicely, this man better get the heck out of Knoxville before some crazy Tennessee fans so LOCO on him and his family…
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve surely heard the news that our beloved traitor of a coach, Lane Kiffin, is up and leaving the TN VOLS to return to the USC Trojans. WOW- talk about The Blind Side… I’m sure Michael Oher didn’t even see this one coming. Needless to say, our loyal fans are in an outright uproar from yesterday’s events.
Breaking news around 6PM on ESPN confirmed that Kiffin was scheduling a press conference about the subject–basically, it went like this: he spoke for 1 minute {1 measely minute}, didn’t allow questions, didn’t thank his staff NOR the players, and ran like a pansy to get the hell out of the UT Athletic Complex because he knew what was coming next… and just like clockwork it did. Students and fans swarmed the facilities, burned mattresses, painted the rock with obscenities, and even some “visited” his home only to find security and police {yes, I told you we have die-hard fans}.
I think the most shocking part of this whole chain of events is that we had no idea this was coming… Pete Carroll was retiring, but did we think USC would offer him the head coaching job? No! Well, actually, they offered it to 2 others who turned it down, so 3rd time is the charm I guess.
To get out my frustrations, I’ll write my letter to him and then move on about my business…
Dear Coach,
By no means do I seek to offend you in my writing, but just to get some feelings off my chest about your decision to leave the University of Tennessee.  First of all: what are you thinking? You came here 14 months ago and vowed to beat Urban Meyer {that was a big no-go} and to begin a new era with the VOLS {now you’re leaving us after 1 season}.
The way I see it, you have no loyalty–no loyalty to your staff, to your fans, and most importantly, to your players. To you, this whole arrangement must be focused around the root of all evil… money. Though some told us to be skeptible–we supported you 100%, welcomed your family with open arms, and stood up for you when the media slammed you for your unethical coaching decisions. 
All in all, you have been a complete disappointment for all of us and I am saying good riddance to you and the mess you are leaving behind.  It must be easy to know you can return to USC and take over the dynasty Pete Carroll built rather than build one of your very own… that must take too much work, right? But to be honest, your record speaks for itself–you’re a selfish man who knows nothing about commitment and giving your word and I can only hope you have a good explanation to your 1 year old about how he got the name “Knox”.
I guess Al Davis {owner of the Oakland Raiders} said it best: “Lane Kiffin is a flat-out liar. He lied to the team, he lied to the fans, and he lied to the media. He will try to destroy that university like he tried to destroy the Raiders.” And low and behold, here we are coachless again…
Have fun back in Trojan Land, in the Easy Pac-10 Mr. Kiffin… I guess the SEC was just too much for you to handle. I may despise Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier, but at least they are coaches who mean what they say and say what they mean. You are now the laughing stock of the NCAA and I assure you that this will come back to bite you in the ass.
Now as for us, it’s back to the drawing board–my heartfelt sincerity goes out to Mike Hamilton {our Athletic Director}, Kippy Brown {our interim coach}, and everyone at UT who are now tasked to find a brand new head coach before signing day in a mere 3 weeks… good luck and my prayers for someone to save us.
Bye Bye Lane Kiffin…just remember: what goes around comes around. You will not be missed.
Kindest Regards and GO VOLS,

  1. Sarah Mina says:

    My boyfriend was telling me about this last night and I just KNEW you were going to write about it! We are Red Raiders and know what it's like to lose a coach but these are obviously two very different situations. Right now there is a rumor going round that Tubberville is going to interview for you guys…that would just be crazy!

  2. He reminds me of Coach Cal. They're like used car salesmen. Sleazy and sneaky.

  3. Amber says:

    He's such a coward. I know USC is a good gig – but he was coaching in the SEC – hello we've won the national title 4 years in a row!!! He really could have done so much with UT's program – I can't believe he left after one year. What a joke.

  4. Becca says:

    SO well written!!

  5. Teresa says:

    Natasha Natasha!
    Calm down chic-a-dee!
    Now back when I was your age…
    I would have spoken the EXACT same words!
    I did speak them!
    Do many a guy who came and went!
    When I look back on the things I used to do to freakin try to hold on to all of those looooooosers who had they stuck around would have never done me one bit of good…I am ASHAMED of myself!
    I don't even do those things NOW for the love of my life…my hubby!
    Ridiculous the things we girls do to try and hold onto something that is NO GOOD!
    So let's make the comparison here!
    It may hurt…
    and frustrate…
    and anger…
    and mystify…
    just as most JERK guys do when they leave a GOOD THING…
    but don't fret!
    Soon and very soon you will clearly see the good that can only come with this low-life…inmature…man walking off the UT sidelines!
    Let me just say…
    as I watched him this season…
    I kept telling greg how inmature and insecure he looked!
    And let's don't even talk about the complete fool he made of himself with some of the stupid remarks he made during the season…not doing any good for UT at all!
    Let him go!
    Escort him right out!
    His exiting will clearly pave the way for something so much better suited for UT!
    Oh I do feel for USC!
    But…not your worry!

  6. Brown Girl says:

    Preach on sister, I freaking hate USC!

  7. I can't believe he had the nerve to leave after one season! He'll get what's coming to him… karma.

  8. Risley says:

    how funny! being a pac 10 girl (go ducks) this was very interesting to read! I think he is running in to a train wreck! USC will NOT be the same school next year.. in the upcoming weeks a bunch of stuff will be coming out about USC football program!
    more to come….

  9. Caroline says:

    This is the football version of Callapari. People suck. Now, I hope y'all don't take my coach or I'd have to become a fan.

  10. Lindsey says:

    Pete Carroll's coming to Seattle to coach the Seahawks… I have mixed feelings about it, but we'll see how next season goes!

  11. jayme says:

    ohhh lady! couldn't agree wtih ya more on all of this! i'm a kentucky graduate and also an alabama fan (per boyfriend) (so im clearly not necessarily all about TN, sorry!) but i totalllly understand all your frustations! and on top of all of it, it was ALLL espn was talking about last night, ughh!! whata loser he is!!! he wouldn't even be close to who he is now without having the father he does! anyways – i hope TN all the best, really, i do! 🙂

  12. Feel ya girl!! Bring back Phil and some class! We'll be ok!!

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