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Your Training Questions Answered


February 17, 2010

After posting my training workouts and other mindless chatter the past few weeks, I have had multiple people write me questions that I have yet to answer… I promise I have been reading your comments and I think I gathered them all so I could answer in one post–hope this helps!

Carly asked: “Do you have any workout music playlist suggestions?”
Oh do I!! I am actually in the process of making a 1/2 marathon playlist for my big day, though I am not alllowing myself to sync it on my iPod until April 24th so I don’t ruin it for myself… I have to get excited somehow, right?? My best advice is to load your MP3 player with a variety of tunes… some in your face get-up-and-go music to get you excited to kick off the race, loud rock/pop when you’re struggling in the middle {and yes, I am planning on this happening to me at some point}, and other favorites to keep yuor spirits up– I’ll let you know a little secret: my playlist includes lots of the following artists… Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Muse, Breaking Benjamin, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, and Jay-Z to name a few!

WestSacHoney asked: “Do you walk in between at all? Or straight running the whole time?”
Depends on what day it is–normally, I try to run the entire time, except for when I am first starting–I walk the first 1/10 mile, and then for cool down–the last 2 minutes or so. But if you have a hard time running continuously, it’s GREAT to switch it up into intervals–research shows it’s actually better for women to run, walk, run, walk than to run without breaks… do whatever is right for you and you’ll build up to longer distance runs

Amber asked: “I am scared to try spinning – isn’t is super hardcore??”
Well, that all depends on the instructor to be honest… some will have you wishing you’d never walked in the bike room, but others have a way to hook you fast, knowing you’ll be back again and again for another great workout–the thing I love about spinning is that it really does compliment your other workouts and it is something different than the mundane cardio and weights I normally do. Adding a class or two to your weekly routine will REALLY pay off and your body will thank you for it come bathing suit season =)

Teresa asked: “Do you run with an iPod?”
To put it nicely… YES!! In other words, I am NOT a runner who can tune out others and focus on my breathing patterns… I must ALWAYS have my trusty iPod–and in all honesty, I have 2 so if one has a dead battery, I have a backup to rely on to keep me going

Ashley Carole asked: “I just started training for a 10k and I was wondering how you train in the cold weather?”
Training in the cold weather can be difficult for everyone–myself included–which is why I am staying inside for the most part until spring comes my way!! Although if you are brave enough to endure the cold temps, make sure your body is covered and dressed properly. Focus on dry, breathable socks, workout wear with breathable material, a hat to keep your nogan warm, and SPF to put on your face–the sun can still get you when it’s chilly!!! They say to dress 20 degrees under what the actual temp is so that your body knows how to compensate for the change.

Hope these help!! Send any and all questions you have and I promise I’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible =)
Good luck with all your training friends– I can’t wait to see how all your hard work pays off, too!!

  1. Neely says:

    Thanks for the tips girlie 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    I am loving all of this FITNESS talk!!!
    Thank you for all of the info!!
    Doogan and I are going for a walk/run today…and I asked my hubby to leave me his ipod!
    Can you believe I do not own an ipod!!! I so need to get one and I have a feeling when I do my 4 miles with his today…I will be hooked!
    Thanks Natasha!
    You are a great resource!!
    Good Luck with all of your training!
    You are going to be one fit chick for that wedding and honeymoon. And I do wonder where you might be planning to go on the honeymoon…I have a feeling it's beachy!!! ;o)

  3. Brown Girl says:

    Those are great tips. Thanks for sharing. I could NEVER run without an Ipod, how do people do that?!

  4. Carly says:

    Thanks for the response Natasha! I look forward to hearing more about your mixtape for your race. Good luck!

  5. Sarah Mina says:

    I am the same as you about having an ipod when I run. Concentrate on breathing patterns?! Never! I just signed up for a 10k that's next Saturday! I have a lot of work to do this week and next!

  6. WestSacHoney says:

    Great post! Thanks for answering my question! I'd love to run any type of race but all that running scares me off I was always on that needed a soccer ball at my feet to run for long periods. I totally agree about spin class I have a GREAT instructor her class is packed every class with a wait list of 10 people sometimes.

  7. chris. says:

    Adrienne and I have started the Couch to 5k running program, which is a 9-week interval program. There are free podcasts in iTunes that include music timed to the different intervals, with voice prompts to tell you where you are in the workout, which run about 20-30 minutes. They're really awesome, especially for people like me who NEVER run and are just trying to start getting into shape.

    We downloaded both the "Podcasts for Running" and "Podrunner Intervals" but I prefer "Podcasts for Running" because the guy kind of coaches you along and tells you what's coming up next, as well as when you've reached the halfway point in the workout.

    We can't say enough good things about it, now if only it would stop snowing every week and throwing off our schedule!


  8. Thanks so much for answering our questions!! Hearing about your training is such great motivation!

  9. Thanks so much for answering our questions!! Hearing about your training is such great motivation!

  10. Julia says:

    Hi, I occasionally take a peak at your blog (not sure how I came upon it, but I love it). Anyway, just wanted to say as a fellow runner (albeit a mediocre and amateur), I really enjoyed this post.

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