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Do Unto Others…A Letter to Me


March 22, 2010

No one is perfect… we all make mistakes, we do things we wish we could undo, and we say mean things–I am one of those people who ALWAYS thinks about what she says before saying it, but lately, I think I have been acquainted with some individuals who only seek to hurt me.
Before I divulge anything further, this is not meant to bash, but as I have mentioned , this is MY personal blog, an outlet for me to discuss MY feelings–if those people wish to read it, then so be it, but this is me and I shouldn’t have to change for anyone. This is a letter to myself, when I have a down-day and need a pick-me-up to remind me just how blessed I am…
Dear Natasha,
Though you normally tend to focus on the positive people, situations, and genuine goodness that encompasses your life, sometimes there are–indeed–others that seek to bring you down and make you feel bad… whether they mean to or not, you cannot influence their decisions or what they say, but YOU can choose how to respond to those difficult situations and only YOU can change the way it makes you feel and what you take away from it.
There are people in life who just cannot simply be happy for others–they downgrade people to make themselves feel better, they say mean things to feel superior, and they lie because they cannot explain the truth, but in reality, those are the people who need the most help.
They can say nasty, deceitful, and VERY untrue things about you, but this only makes their credibility seem worse than it already is. They think they hurt your feelings?? Well, you know better and they are wrong. You have God on your side and He knows the truth… He knows that they are liars and people who only attempt to better themselves by making up false accusations in the hopes that someone will actually listen to their sob story.  You have taken the high road on so many instances with these difficult people that have come in and out of your life and have yet to address the ludicrous comments–and you will continue to do so until this whole mess is over and done with. They want you to respond to their little games and don’t give them the satisfaction… I wouldn’t dream of it.
In time, this whole situation will be behind you, you will have learned life lessons from this ordeal, and you won’t have to hear from these unkind people anymore… until that time, you can confide in real friends and family, and most importantly, you can pray, because God listens to your prayers and guides you to get through the hard times.
What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and what goes around comes around. You have strong faith in your family and friends–those who do truly love you– and to “those people”, you can only say ‘I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you’. I can forgive and forget and move on with your life and I hope one day you can move on with yours.’
“People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them… you affected their lives, they didn’t affect yours”
“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

  1. don't let it get you down, sweet girl! there are definitely mean people in the world! (trust me! we should compare notes some time.. ha!) and it's SO true… what goes around ALWAYS comes around!

  2. Jenna says:

    Good for you!! You're a wonderful women and you ahead and above them! Think positive and know that GOD is truly on your side! Have a great week!

  3. Haven's Mom says:

    Keep your head up!

  4. I LOOOOVE writing letters to myself!

    Cheer up lady and keep your head held high!

  5. So true! Your head and heart are in the right place and that is all that matters!

  6. Nicole-Lynn says:

    What a nice letter! Keep your head up 🙂

  7. kate funk says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! Good for you keep it up! By the way, your blog is becomming one of my favorites and today I am adding it to my daily reads!

  8. love that quote, "you're already ahead of them"! so true!

  9. Cindy says:

    Never let anyone let you down! Think positive and never let these people get in your way. They're just jealous of you. It was a great letter to yourself, I should write one next time Im feeling down. It's a great pick me up 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  10. I left you a little something at my place 🙂

  11. The Holmes says:

    Aghh..don't let anyone get to you! Keep your head up because tomorrows always a new day:)

  12. Thanks for this post. It really spoke to me! Love your blog.

  13. Keri says:

    What a smart idea to put it all into words. I hope it helped!

  14. WestSacHoney says:

    I feel ya girl and I hope you don't let them get to you! The same thing happened when we bought our house (not that that's why for you) but everyone didn't like the fact that we bought a house and we're doing things and going places in our lives while they just did the same thing.. so I too love the quote "your already ahead of them". Always think positive because karma will get them.. Kill them with kindness easier said than done.. 🙂

  15. d.a.r. says:

    This was beautiful. Hang in there, you are a wonderful woman!

  16. Amber says:

    This was such a genuine post. I'm so sorry for whatever situation you may be going through. I too have had friends say incredibly hurtful and hateful things about me – especially after I was first married. They made false accusations about why we got married and said some incredibly heinous things about my marriage. Instead of causing a scene, I slowly let those friendships drift away. Because the people who are truly worth your time and effort will always look to uplift you – they will always consider your feelings before they speak. It's a tough lesson that I have learned many times. It sounds like you have amazing friends to be truly grateful for – focus on those relationships! 🙂 Keep your head up girl!

  17. Brittany says:

    Stay strong and keep smiling 🙂 You will realize who is meant to be apart of your life. You seem like such a positive and strong person so I'm sure you will make it through this tough time!

    I left something for you over at my blog 🙂

  18. Juliana says:

    WOW. Thank you for posting that letter, it sounded like something that I needed to read for myself as well. I always say that we should only surround ourselves with people that make our happy and bring meaning to our lives. I am the worst with letting go…but if people cannot handle you at your worst they do not deserve you at your best. If someone does not treat you with utter respect they do not deserve to be there on you best days either!

  19. LG says:

    I agree with what Amber said above. I have also had thoughtless people who say awful things either from mean-ness or just thoughtlessness. Either way, the older I get the more I "cut the fat" and am better off for it. Life is too short to waste your time and emotion on undeserving people!
    Dont let anyone steal your joy during this special time!

  20. Tiffany says:

    Try not to let them get to you. You are precious and it is such a joy to "get to know you" through your blog!

  21. Oh my, have you read the Maya Angelou poem, Haters? It is SO good! I use to have to read it at my former job to keep from going CRAZY!

  22. Brown Girl says:

    I must have missed this post earlier this week. Funny how we are in two totally different states but experiencing the same thing. I loved your quotes, thank you for them. Like I said "be you" and that's all you can be.

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