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Wedding Wednesday… Color Scheme and Inspiration Board


March 31, 2010

Although I have loved every minute of keeping my blogging friends in suspense, the time has come to finally dish my chosen color scheme… though the writing was on my blogging wall the ENTIRE time {sneaky, right???}. I thought long and hard after we got engaged about the ideal color scheme–not only for me–but for the month of the wedding, what colors I love, and what stands out to me in terms of wedding design… I went back and forth with various details, options, and hues, but came back to my original inspiration,and this is what I came up with:

Traditional Black and White with a
Pop of Bright and Sunny Yellow!
Keep in mind, my wedding is in June, a true summer month, so I wanted a fun color to brighten the decor, flowers, etc… and I love the classic elegance of black and white, especially since our wedding will be an evening celebration! Though I have seen loads of inspiration boards with details I love, I created this with Photoshop and love how it turned out–it’s exactly the ideal look I am going for and I think this matches my “southern soiree” type wedding.
Now do you know why my blog redesign incrporated certain colors? =)
In other news, no, the dress featured above is not my dress {because I don’t have one yet}, but the style I am hoping for is the trumpet/mermaid silhouette. Now that I am in the process of slowly going back to blonde, my MOH/partner-in-crime and I booked bridal appointments for May 15th here in Nashville!! Yes, it is hard to contain my excitement–this is what every girl dreams of growing up and I can’t wait to go shopping to see if I can find “THE ONE”.  We’re visiting The Bride Room, Arzelle’s, and Village Bridal all in one day so keep your fingers crossed… and yes, we will be going another day because I am going to bask in this fashion/runway show fun for as long as possible–how long did it take you to find your dress??
Also, any designers I need to make sure to check out??? This piece of the wedding is becoming a little bit overwhelming–wow, so many gorgeous designers who I love!!!
Thanks for all your help friends–have a GREAT DAY! OXOX

  1. Brown Girl says:

    Love the color scheme, I had an idea that it might involve yellow! Good luck on finding a dress, I thought it was kind of a beat down…haha. 😉

  2. I would definitely make an appointment at The White Room. I got mine in their Murfreesboro store. The girls at Arzelles aren't too friendly. The dresses at the White Room are super nice and way less expensive than the other stores. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  3. Sarah Mina says:

    LOVE the color scheme you chose! I love black and white too and yellow is the perfect compliment to it! Have fun trying on dresses!!!

  4. Even though I'm not engaged (yet!), I've been scouring the net for wedding dresses. I found two beautiful dresses by Casablanca and Mori Lee. Not to mention they were less than $1500 which is nice. You might check out those lines. Not sure what your budget is. If it's big, try Monique Lhullier. Her dresses are always lovely:)

  5. Brittany says:

    Oh you are sneaky! I love the colors you chose 🙂 It will be perfect for June wedding. I'm sure your wedding is going to be beautiful!

    Have fun dress shopping 🙂

  6. MedSW610 says:

    LOVE your color scheme (it is very similiar to mine!). We decided black and white base for everything because we wanted a classic look and then added in green and yellow for pops of spring color.

    I would also highly suggest checking out Faccio in Cool Springs. I went to all 3 stores you have plans to go to and found the customer service and selection to Faccio to be FAR superior. They have been incredible to work with and with my wedding 17 days away, they continue to be amazing with last minute things!

  7. melissa says:

    I could not love the color scheme more. It's breathtaking. Classic, elegant but still fun.

    As for dress designers to try, my personal favorites were Monique Lhuillier and Priscilla of Boston. They can be pricey, but they're gorgeous. I ended up scoring a sample POB dress at an amazing price, but there are other great ways to snag a deal if your dream dress is more than you want to spend. I really recommend going to the bridal store and figure out what your dream dress is, then looking at reputable websites where people sell their wedding dresses. Two I like are http://www.oncewed.com and http://www.preownedweddingdresses.com. I actually sold my dress on Once Wed. Or, buy your dream dress from the bridal salon and perhaps sell it after! If you want more information, please feel free to email me!

  8. Sarah says:

    Love your color choices!! I heart all things with black and white!! & Yellow is the perfect pop for summer!! It will be fabulous!!!

    I totally second the White Room. Although, I did not find my dress there I had an awesome experience in the search process and I definitely recommend it! Good luck and you are sooooo right, bask in it for as long as you can! It was probably my favorite part of the planning process! 🙂

  9. Oh, I love this color palette!! You are going to make a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!

  10. Keri says:

    Beautiful color scheme! It is perfect!

  11. Marian says:

    Oh, I love your color scheme. It'll be perfect.

    And I highly recommend Maggie Sottero as a designer. I actually picked one of hers and I absolutely love it!!!

  12. The Holmes says:

    I love the color scheme but then again I love black and white and a random color thrown int the mix!

    I ended up going with the first dress I tried on! Can't wait to hear all about the one you pick out! Good Luck!

  13. Natasha – you must go to The White Room in Lebanon. It's a drive, but you won't regret it. Lots of choices from popular designers. I found my Maggie Sottero dress there, but then I purchased it in Knoxville. (It was about $200 cheaper by doing that!) They can also dim the lights to show you what your dress will look like in a cathedral setting or by candlelight. Very cool! Have fun dress shopping!

  14. WestSacHoney says:

    Love the yellow and love your blog! My whole room as a child was yellow and white I loved every minute of it!

  15. mackenzie says:

    totally knew this would be your color scheme!! it definitely fits you!!! =)

    good luck on finding "the one"!!!

  16. Nicole-Lynn says:

    What a classic color combo! Love the pop of yellow! I am looking forward to following your planning. You're one month after my wedding 🙂

    Have fun trying on dresses! I haven't gotten there yet, but I will soon! Looking forward to it.

  17. Love it girl! Very very pretty colors!! … if I may. I think you should check out Faccio Bridal too 🙂 Beth & Elizabeth are amazing. & at Arzells.. go in with thick skin. Not the sweetest ladies. xoxo You will have SO much fun! bring Champagne!

  18. Tracy-Girl says:

    You and I are very similar! I had the exact same color scheme!!! The wedding planner and I had a blast designing everything because these colors are so classic and easy to work with! I love love love it!

  19. love it!!!! Your wedding is going to be AMAZING!!!!!

  20. I absolutely LOVE black and white — so classic. Which is why I have chosen black and white as well! I love the yellow — it will be a nice pop of color and perfect for a June wedding!

  21. What a beautiful color scheme. I love your inspiration board, it is so fresh and beautiful. You will definitely have one amazing southern soiree! Can't wait to hear how your dress shopping goes. In the mean time, I'm have a Lilly stationary giveaway on my site right now, if you're interested. Take care!

  22. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I had your email and lost it 🙁 Here's some free templates if you're interested!

    Save the date:

    Wedding Invite:

    Cute for a shower or something:

    There are many more templates on their site!

  23. Amoreee says:

    I looove black and white weddings, my friends all think I am crazy!!!

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