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Wedding Wednesday… Flower Power


May 26, 2010

With the beau out of town on a business trip yesterday, I couldn’t help but get back to all things planning… I sat down at my computer and got to work, updating our budget {oh, how it continues to expand}, refining the guest list, and checking my to-do list to see what is up next, based on guidelines via The Knot and other helpful resources.
Now that I have officially found my dress {swoon, my heart may fail because I really do love it THAT much}, I am ready to start working on other details to tie our wedding “theme” together….this list is a bit lengthy for now, so we’ll focus on one BIG detail: find a florist!
To me, flowers can pull everything together–they can make a ceremony venue POP and have the ability to make a rather bland space seem awe-inspiring, inviting, elegant, and all together now “wonderful”. With the endless list of talent scattered in and around Nashville, I know I will find a florist that meets all my expectations and can make my ceremony and reception beautiful.
Going back to all my wedding pictures/inspiration boards and what I envision, I really want bold, big petals and something different… I want to soften the “urban” feel of my reception venue with white blossoms with hints of black and white to tie my color scheme together and I most certainly want to use my favorite flower–anemones! This statement flower’s popularity has overwhelmingly taken off and I am lucky to see other bride’s taking advantage of just how gorgeous these blooms are… take a peek at this wedding via 100 Layer Cake.  
Here is my favorite bridal bouquet that I am absolutely loving!!
Mix this in for fun… feathers!
Finally, add my splash of color with a gorgeous brooch and call me done!
 By now, you know I am a bride that knows EXACTLY what she wants 😉
As far as ceremony decor, I have an idea of types of altar arrangements and pew flowers I want, though I am not as set in my ways on this detail…here are some ideas I am loving:
For our reception, I want variety and I want timeless gorgeousness–is that even a word?? I love the idea of mixing tall and low centerpieces to add heighth and volume and some of these have my name written all over them: 
And truth be told, I am thinking of throwing in some other “southern” details I recently found via Southern Weddings Magazine: Cotton–is this not incredible??
I guess that’s enough wedding fun for one day, right??? Alright ladies, this is where you come in{I hope!!}–How did you find your florist? What questions should I ask when I am interviewing potential candidates? How do you tie everything together? And if you’re a Nashville gal, I need names–our selection is GREAT, but a little daunting to say the least! Any help would be wonderful!! Oh, and Happy Wednesday =)

  1. Sarah says:

    Blog stalker 🙂 We share the same planner, photographer and similar colors. I got married in April and used Hillary Robson of Brocade. UNBELIEVABLE! She is creative, reasonably priced, friendly, etc. Hillary did the most gorgeous, non-traditional alter arrangement for us that I am still obsessing over! I cannot sing her praises loudly enough.

  2. HILLARY ROBSON!!!!!!!!! She is not only a fabulous florist, but great at tying your whole event together. She will work with your budget and make sure your vision comes to life. Seriously- her proposal made my heart stop.

  3. Marian says:

    We have a family friend that owns a place, but had I not had that contact, I would have at least looked at the places my venue recommended or those that friends have used. In regards to what to ask, I'd see what would be in season during your wedding month, if drop-off is included in the price. Wish I could be of more help, but since I'm a New England girl, I don't got much for Nashville:) All I know is that it will look perfect, whatever you go with!!

  4. Flower are such a statement piece and pull everything together! I've never seen those flowers before but they do give the bouquet a pop of life.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love all of it…so classy and elegant. I LOVE the broach on the bouquet. So personal (can be) and so lovely!

  6. The Holmes says:

    I love the first picture of the bridal bouquet! GORGEOUS! I had my flower girl carry a kissing ball instead of just a bouquet.

  7. I'm a new follower of your gorgeous blog! All of the flowers are gorgeous. I love the touch of the broach on the bouquets, a great way to incorporate "something old."

    I narrowed down my florists based on my venue recommendations. I wanted to go with someone who was familiar with our ceremony and reception sites. It made coordinating everything much easier. Congrats!

  8. Valerie says:

    Your wedding sounds like it's going to be amazing! I can't wait to hear more about it! I loved using the Knot checklist when I was planning my wedding, it was so helpful. 🙂


  9. I am getting married in August and using Vicki from Branching Out Florist! I love her stuff because she has so many creative ideas that you would never think about and really will set your flowers apart from anything you've seen! She is also very reasonable and that ALWAYS helps in the wedding planning! Good luck

  10. Natasha, like always your style is IMPECCABLE! I love the idea of short and tall centerpieces as well. Whenever I am debating vendors for anything I carefully observe their website and take note on what arrangements they display there. I also turn to yelp.com for honest customer reviews. I hope some Nashville Brides can weigh in for you!

  11. I can't remember if I mentioned this before but give "StudioWed" a try. They have many vendors to choose from. Ask for Leigh and tell her Emily sent you…I promise you will not be let down. They are so knowledgeable!

  12. jacin says:

    i have no southern recommendations for you but i can tell you not to follow the knot as much for to-dos! check out my latest experience: http://jacinandpat.blogspot.com/2010/05/4-months-to-go.html

  13. LG says:

    Flowers are one of my favorite parts of the wedding! All of your pics are beautiful! Hydrangeas are really pretty too but I cant remember what month you are getting married! We need a ticker in the margin.
    PS making your buffalo dip tonight. Thanks for sharing

  14. Curls says:

    I have a flower tip for you- I recently got married and used anemones (white flower with black inside) in my bridesmaids bouquets. Unfortunatly, they would not open up so the black inside was not shown (not a big deal, but the bouquets were not nearly as pretty as I wanted). I am not really sure why this happened and my florist could not give me an answer. I would hate for this to happen to you too, so make sure to talk with your florist about it if you decide to use them! Happy Planning!!!

  15. sanjeet says:

    She is not only a fabulous florist,
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