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The Decor Dish


June 3, 2010

We’re still on a roll… buying up pieces left and right in the hopes we can have our home “settled” before the end of the year–or that’s our ultimate goal at least. Sure, there will be items to add at a later date, but I am a nester and both Jeff and I want our home furnished sooner rather than later, so we can start having friends and family over for parties/cookouts/sporting events/etc.
This past weekend, Jeff went and picked up our living room rug from the beloved PB
here it is: the Emerson Rug!
And in a room so you can see how it looks!
We also ventured out in the hopes of finding an armoire for our living room to serve as a coat closet. When buying an older home, I realized we’d have to sacrifice somewhere and closet space {minus the master of course} is somewhere we had to give up some storage. But, we’ll find the perfect piece soon enough and it’ll take up some of that empty hall space too!
On the other hand, we did find the PERFECT bookshelf to complete bookcase for our bedroom from Merridian. Pardon the horrid pic I am attaching–via BlackBerry–but you get the idea.
This Sunday–weather permitting–I am hoping to paint the upstairs guest bathroom! I found this incredible colorful {and oh-so Anthropologie looking} shower curtain at Dillards months ago and snatched it up because I knew I had to have it… plus, it is fun, bright, and gives me the opportunity to branch out from our other bathrooms–1 is grey and 1 is a dark mocha. We’ll be using the Martha Stewart Paint Color Feldspar and I think it’s going to look amazing!!
{and yes, the color matches in REAL life–haha}
Not that I don’t already have a full-time job {in marketing} or a part-time job {doing caligraphy} but I feel as though decorating a home is another job in itself… yes, a fun one, but a pricey and you’re-never-going-to-be-done kinda job, too–and I know many of you can sympathize with this observance, too =)

  1. Caroline says:

    OMG…I almost bought that shower curtain at Dillards a couple of weeks ago. What shower curtain hangers are you using?

  2. You have such an eye for design and I love it! Your rug looks so comfy and chic. I'd love to plant myself there. That shower curtain is adorable too, and that paint really brings out the blue perfectly. I can't wait to see photos. You are such a hard working gal. Move over Mary Tyler Moore!

  3. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Oh la la love the paint color and shower curtain.

  4. I just love the shower curtain and paint color. The bathroom will be just gorgeous!

  5. This is coming together so beautiuflly! I love it!

  6. ChatTeaKathy says:

    I am in ABSOLUTE L-O-V-E with that shower curtain. Great find!

  7. Tina says:

    Decorating really is a job in itself!!Keep it up!! I LOOOOVE that bookshelf!! Hope you post some pictures of the finished products!

  8. that shower curtain it TDF!!! what a great color…that would look awesome in my house too! 🙂

  9. Kristin says:

    Oh my gosh…at first I thought that pic with the rug in the room was your house and I was about to ask you to come decorate my house!

    Is that black and blue pattern behind the bookshelf wallpaper or an art piece? Either way it looks amazing!

    Decorating is sooo much work, but it's so fun!!! :o)

  10. I cannot wait to see the finished bathroom. The shower curtain is gorgeous!

  11. Ah all I want is to finish my house slowly but surely I finally finished the mantle which was tearing away at me every time I looked at it. I can't wait to see pictures! Honey even with new houses I don't have any closet space that's next on my check list for the next time we buy a house lots of closet space.

  12. Sarah Mina says:

    LOVE that shower curtain! Dillards has some of the best things, I think I need a bigger place so I have more rooms to decorate!

  13. I am craving that rug!!

  14. Carolyn says:

    I just came across your blog, and it was too cute not to follow! I know exactly what you mean! Decorating a home is so much fun, but takes up so much money and time!!! 🙂

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2024 favs

where I shop

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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