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Top 2 Tuesday…Guilty Pleasures


June 15, 2010

Ohhh today’s topic over at Taylor’s blog is fun, fun, fun! Sadly, I think I have a few more than 2 guilty plesures in my life, however, these most certainly trump all the others…
1. The Tanning Bed
I know, ridicule me all you want, I deserve it… I know it’s horridly bad for your skin, but I can’t help it–there is something about having 10 minutes to yourself 2 times a week that I cannot overcome–however–at the end of this month, I have vowed to myself {and Jeff because of his consistent nagging on this topic} that I will be switching over to the
Spray Tan to help save me from the evil UV rays =).. and yes, please hold me accountable!
2. Shopping
If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I am an avid shopper–call it a problem, but I can’t help it! I know what I am allowed to spend from my budgeted allowance, and sometimes I feel the need to add an item {or two or three} to my closet… Mom doesn’t help in this department, since we can do some damage when we get together–haha! But, I do try to ONLY buy things when they are discounted/free shipping/etc and Jeff says he has been really impressed with me decorating our home, AND doing it on a budget =)
Now, hop on over to The Undomestic Momma’s site and tell her what your guiltiest pleasures are!!

  1. Caroline says:

    i love tanning bed naps! They are always the best, even if they are for 10 minutes.

  2. i only tanned for a while for a trip that we went on…but i loved it! and shopping…..can we say sophia kinesela wrote about me?? have a good one!!

  3. I LOVE tanning in a tanning bed…once I got married to hubs I told him I would switch to mystic since he nagged about the beds all the time…its defiantly not as relaxing 🙁

  4. I LOVE tanning and those 10 minutes (or my 20) are really so relaxing. I want to try the new Versa spray tanning but I don't like it as much.

  5. Oh girl, tanning used to be my vice! Loved it! I told hubby that I wouldn't do it anymore. I started to notice that my skin started getting really freckly and I had little fine lines on my face and decolletage (or however you spell it!). I try to go outside everyday and sun myself for about 20 minutes for my Vitamin D kick! HAHA!

  6. Ashley says:

    Nothing better than 10 minutes in a tanning bed…so relaxing and cozy warm. And what girl doesn't love a good shop? 🙂


  7. Kerbi says:

    Shopping is the best guilty pleasure!

  8. Nicole-Lynn says:

    You're too cute.. I have started spray tanning and it's great. I really like the look of it and that it's not harmful.

  9. I am so with you on the shopping thing… it is fun for me, even if I buy nothing! I love just looking around and feeling like I can relax! The tanning, I have never liked it, but I do know some people who do. I don't blame you though, I love having a little color!

  10. Katie says:

    I LOVED tanning beds. I went taning for about 5 years straight and then I went to the dermo and Ihad to get 3 precancerous cells removed from my arm. My largest removal had 12 stitches. Be careful!! I love spray tans and self tanners… I couldnt live without them

  11. Oooh girl I'm do with you on the tanning bed. Spray Tan is so expensive, but I plan on stopping the uv bed once the wedding is done. 2 more months! But it's always frustrating the people who tell you not to tan- they're all dark haired and olive skinned. Hello! Once you're pale and blonde, then come talk to me!!!

  12. Kristin says:

    I worked at a tanning bed for over a year and definetly miss the free tanning but its sooo not good for you 🙁 does your salon have a good mystic machine? even if you dont cut tanning out all the way its better to do it less and less. but i totally get you on the warm relaxing ten minutes is total bliss

  13. Lindsey says:

    My sister and I both used tanning beds in high school (I'm 27 now, she's 29) and two years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 2B Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. She had to have surgery immediately to have a chunk of skin the size of a softball removed from her abdomen and three lymph nodes removed from her armpit. She now has three huge scars, the largest one is about four inches wide right by her belly button. My sister and I are very close and it was the scariest time in my whole life waiting to hear back from the oncologist on her diagnosis – whether the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes or not (if so she would have to immediately start chemo). Fortunately it had not spread yet but she has to visit the dermatologist every 3 months and the oncologist twice yearly for blood work and skin checks – not fun. All because of a tan that lasted no more than two weeks at a time.

    She is not particularly pale skinned and it doesn't run in our family – this can happen to anybody. I used to love tanning beds but since then I have not visited once and only do Mystic tanning – it may not feel as good and it is more expensive but if it saves your life it is completely worth it. Please spread the word and stop tanning – it could kill you. I wanted to share because I love your blog and you sound so happy.


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