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Wedding Wednesday… Bake Me a Cake!


June 9, 2010

Yes friends, another ever-important wedding decision has been made–we have selected our cake lady! I have been waiting a few weeks to declare this publicly, since we had to formalize the important details, etc/etc, but I knew {beyond a shadow of a doubt} from the moment I tasted some of Kellie’s flavors and saw her cake designs I wanted to work with her. 

You see, I first met Kellie at Jeff’s Best Man’s birthday party–she was the caterer for the event–and then I started running into her at all the local bridal shows! She is fantastic and so sweet and I was beyond impressed with everything she did… she owns Main Event Productions here in Nashville {a one-stop shop for catering, cakes, and even a venue for hosting parties} and she does it all!

The Bake Shoppe is one of Nashville’s premiere confectioners, and they create some pretty incredible and tasty treats… when Jeff and I met with Kellie, I was so overwhelmed with the albums of cakes they had to show–I do believe ‘WOW’ was all I could manage to say.
With that being said, I’ll indulge you with some of Kellie’s prized cake designs… sad to say my exact cake isn’t one of the selections I am showing, but my cake design is already complete.  {yes, you all know I am picky and know EXACTLY what I want everything to look like–details! details!} I will give a little bit away and let you know that my cake will be decorated with a few sugar flowers and Jeff’s groom’s cake has southern written ALL over it!
Photography by Kristyn Hogan
OK, so to my blogging friends out there, what are your favorite cake flavors? Do you prefer fondant or buttercream icing? Do you like fillings in the cake? What is the neatest groom’s cake you’ve seen at a wedding? We can call today “20 Cake Questions Day” haha =)

  1. d.a.r. says:

    Oh those are gorgie!!!! Are you going to share flavors with us at least? 🙂

    I hate fondant, so I had a desperate search for a baker in our area who did buttercream almost as flawlessly as fondant…sometimes it can look…well, not smooth and picture perfect. I found one and she was amazing. Not only was the cake beautiful, but her buttercream included chocolate and almond flavored liquer. It was perfect with our white cake and white chocolate filling. To.die.for.

    We are military, so I have been to countless weddings with grooms cakes done up like tanks or guns or the like. It's cool to see the artistic talent of the baker come across like that! My husband's was made to look exactly like the basketball court of his fave NCAA team. There were lil' baby cake basektballs, hoops, etc. Adorable!

  2. Alee says:

    Those cakes are gorgeous! I prefer buttercream to fondant, and like my cake without fillings personally. Have fun deciding!

  3. My sister had a buttercream cake. It was great! And the grooms cake was a red velvet armadillo cake just like on Steel magnolias, again in buttercream.

  4. Kristin says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful! How exciting! I think fondant looks beautiful but does not taste good…buttercream is the way to go if you want taste over look! If you care more about the look, I'd go with fondant! What a major CHECK off your list, Congrats! 🙂

  5. Marian says:

    Is it wrong that I love me some funfetti?….and that I kind of want it for my wedding cake??

    Your cake choice looks excellent love!!

  6. Brown Girl says:

    Fondant is disgusting and I refused to have that anywhere at my wedding. It just looks gross. Congrats on finding your cake lady! I love cake!! 😉

  7. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Those are beautiful. And butter cream FOR SURE. I know, i know, fondant looks great, but it tastes like play-dough AND I know there are a lot of people that actually eat the icing (me, not included) But in all honesty, I don't think you can go wrong with cake. We did every other layer red velvet (our FAV!) and then white with a strawberry filling. It was divine. I cannot wait for our one year to bust it open 🙂

  8. Sarah Mina says:

    I love that first cake with the leaves on it! I would definitely go with buttercream! Fondant looks neat but it does NOT taste good at all. It's so chewy and just yuck! I would go with a simple cake flavor like vanilla with almond or italian cream filling. I think filling is good if there's only one kind, I hate it when there's multiple fillings because if you don't like one of them, you end up eating only half the cake.

  9. Kristin says:

    Buttercream all the way 🙂

  10. CK says:

    We just picked our wedding cakes too. A red velvet with butter cream frosting, and a chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered in chocolate ganache. Mmmm. I love cake! And go with the Butter Cream! It is much better!

  11. Sarah says:

    Definitely buttercream! I refused to have a cake that most guests would hate eating, just because it would look perfect. Any great baker can do a buttercream that looks almost as good as fondant. I know The Bake Shoppe can do that because they did my wedding cake! I woule definitely use their sour cream almond cake. We did sour cream almond cake and lemon cake with rasberry filling. YUM!

  12. Hi Natasha! I'm a friend of Jenn Wade. I thought I'd weigh in on this topic because I decorate cakes as a hobby! Fondant is a beautiful medium for cake decorating and there are a lot more options using fondant. The drawback is generally it doesn't taste as good as buttercream. I found a fondant that tastes like marshmallows, which most people don't mind, and that's what I use on my cakes. Fondant can also be flavored with oils used in candy making.
    Buttercream is yummy, creamy, and less expensive. If you decide to use buttercream, definitely find a baker that can apply buttercream in such a way that it looks almost like fondant! There is also the option of buttercream with fondant appliques.

  13. Buttercream! We're getting ours from Publix!

  14. Karah says:

    I like fondant for the way it looks but buttercream definately tastes better. My hubby wanted to have a hearse or a casket as his grooms cake because he was a funeral director. I nixed that idea but looking back I should have let him do it. It would have been hilarious!!! We just went with a plain chocolate cake with strawberries. So traditional I know.

  15. Katie says:

    mmmmm. cake. this was one of my FAVORITE parts of wedding planning! my mister's too 🙂 i've never seen anyone so excited about getting to eat free cake!!! i love the way fondant looks, but not tastes. we did buttercream icing as they ASSURED us that it would look fondant-ish and it did! i LOVE the filling, i had creme brulee filling in white cake and my mister's cake was chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. and now, my mouth's starting to water. can't wait to see/hear what you picked out!!!

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