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Wedding Wednesday… It’s All in the Details!


June 16, 2010

So you know by now I have most of the big wedding to-do’s checked off my list… thankful, yes, but now I’m at a crossroads–I’m actually slowing down a bit to focus on other important things: the house, the best friend’s bachelorette party, my parent’s new home, weekend trips, etc, but don’t worry, I am still pondering all the little bits and details for our wedding because I think these are the actual elements that tie your whole look/inspiration/ideas together. 
Here is just a taste of some ideas I am absolutely loving, but definitely not giving away any actual accessories/gifts/details/etc. because I have to keep the element of surprise, right??
Bloom Collection – Rachelle Pillow – Yande Bridal on Etsy
Bride/Groom or Mr and Mrs Hanging Wedding Chair Signs via Pnk Panther on Etsy
Monogram Circle Favor/Gift Tags via Maida Vale on Etsy
 Wedding Tree Guest Book via Lovliday on Etsy
Customized Nashville Out of Town Wedding Baskets via Nico and Lala
Custom Wedding Napkins via For Your Party
For those married bloggers, what details did you absolutely love that you incorporated for your big day?? And for those ladies planning/ladies who dream about planning, what are the things you are seeing out there that you are liking these days??
And another question to you: what other topics/ideas would you like for me to include in the weekly Wedding Wednesday posts? I want to help everyone and doing the research honestly keeps me entertained… any and all suggestions are welcome!!

  1. Ashley says:

    Your ideas are so cute! Love them! My wedding was a bit different since it was in Mexico but the details that made it perfect were: the setting (we had to be on the beach), the flowers (very tropical), the music needed to be meaningful to us, the "no shoes" rule on the beach, and so many other things…I'm probably no help for details but you are headed in the right direction.

  2. Ashley says:

    If all the big things are done, take a break and enjoy some time to yourself. All of the little details make the day for sure. We had koozies for our favors and they were hit with everyone (www.kustomkoozies.com) and people packed them around all night. I was not particular in the least and it all just worked out perfectly. Our decorator kept it simple but elegant. Enjoy, it's so much fun!


  3. Tatum-LeTard says:

    Love your ideas! My wedding is Southern themed, so I am going all out with the southern details from my girls carrying magnolias and the groomsmen wearing cotton bloom boutonnieres to the plantation home setting and carriage ride getaway! I can't wait to see more of your wedding details!

  4. JayeMarie says:

    Well…I'm not planning a wedding but you better believe that when I do…this is exactly where I'll start 🙂 cause I'll have no idea what to do. haha.

  5. Marian says:

    I'm totally doing that "Wedding Tree" idea. I saw it about a year about when it was featured on another Wedding Blog (it wasn't the exact same one) and fell in love!!

    I'm working on all the small details now like decor and favors (which I honestly have no clue about…which you could blog about to give me ideas;) and out-of-town baskets. Oh, another idea is gifts…what you are going to get your bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents. I still have to do that and am completely lost.


  6. Oooh, how about affordable, but nice invitations. I keep trying to look, but letterpress and stuff is so ridic. I want some that aren't going to break the bank, but that are still pretty!

  7. That wedding tree is super cute!

  8. Kristin says:

    I LOVE that ring pillow! How cute! And super unique!

    I have yet to plan my own wedding but am super wedding obsessed…my current favorite idea is instead of a photo booth, you do a screen and get fill length fun pictures. Even ones with props! Super cute and fun idea for a guest book!

  9. OMG I am obsessed with those Nico and Lala baskets – if only I had the budget left to incorporate those babies! I just had them do a bunch of fun stuff for a shower I'm hosting this weekend and I cannot get enough of the cuteness! Let's see…my absolute favorite detail was having my bridesmaids carry candlelit lanterns instead of tradtional bouquets – truly perfect for our winter wedding in that gorgeous Scarritt Bennett chapel!

  10. Kristin says:

    I love how a lot of those came from etsy! I think the personalized napkins are a must 🙂 that in itself can be a scrapbook memory

  11. melissa says:

    My favorite detail from our wedding was that we wrote our own ceremony and it was performed by our wedding party (my sister signed the marriage license – she's authorized in FL as a notary). Other details I really liked were the personalized napkins, the gold charger plates and the guest book, which was a photo book of our engagement photos.

  12. Love your ideas! I spent hours & hours working on the details! Love etsy – thank goodness for etsy! Your day will be amazing & you will be so glad that you spent so much time planning! xoxo

  13. The Lawton's says:

    im a wedding photographer so I see lots of different things at each wedding. I rally like when the couple work in professional lighting to set the mood, it makes for MUCH better pictures. I also LOVE the photobooth, the creative wedding dances, the koozies, the dessert tables, etc! You can get some great ideas from: http://www.hostessblog.com/.

  14. Ashley says:

    I love all the details! Looks like it will be a beautiful wedding! I just did a post TODAY for our 1 year anniversary on all the details of our wine theme wedding! Probably my favorite was our unity wine pour during the ceremony and our personalized wine bottle centerpieces. But I loved it all! Have fun with all these last minute details! Hope you are having fun with it!

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