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Wedding Wednesday….The Save the Dates!


October 13, 2010

Here it is!! The post I have been waiting to share to each and every one of you for what seems like forever… the save-the-dates are officially out {well, except for the few stragglers that I still need addresses from!}, and I am SO excited about the end product.

You all are well aware that I am crazy obsessed with paper/invitations/stationery and this is one specific item on my wedding list that I was not willing to just simply “settle” on. I searched for months–literally–as soon as we got engaged to find the perfect save-the-date design.
Now before I get ahead of myself, trust me, there are some fantastic places out there for beautiful STD’s…Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, Red Stamp, Hello Lucky, Cheree Berry, Betsy White, Wiley Valentine, the list goes on and on, but none of the stores and/or websites I found had everything I was looking for… the postcard type design with a southern vintage look with one of our engagement photos on it coupled with the right font, text, etc… that is until I stumbled across the uber wonderful Joni from Chocolate Butterbean.
I began talking to Ms. Joni way back in April as we discussed options, ideas, the look and color scheme, and all the other little details I wanted to incorporate into our save-the-dates.
After we had a gameplan in order and knew our direction, I knew they would be everything I wanted AND more…so without further adieu, here they are:
One big pile of save-the-dates!
A closeup of the finished product….ahhh swoon!!
Me and Prince Charming…our stuffing party at my parent’s house!
Addressed, stamped, and ready to go!
 A close up of the envelope… simple handwriting {are you shocked??}
Don’t worry–formal calligraphy for the actual invitations 
 Going up on the fridge!! I love them SO much–thank you Joni
So, what do you think??? It conveys EVERYTHING about our wedding that I want… a link to access our wedding website with all the additional details and necessities, the formal cursive handwriting, the fun and grabs-your-attention font for the date, the faded black and white design with a hint of a yellow border that highlights our wedding colors, and our lovely little picture from our vineyard engagement shoot–these little details make my heart happy!
  1. Joanna says:

    aww that picture of you and him in the kitchen is darling!

  2. Marian says:

    Um, I absolutely love them. They are perfection my lady love!!

  3. Kit says:

    Your save the dates are beautiful and your normal handwriting is really good!

  4. Mrs. S says:

    love them! that handwriting is beautiful!

  5. They're gorgeous, Natasha!! I love them! And the writing on the envelopes is perfect!

  6. These are amazing! I can not wait to see all of the other details 🙂

  7. Mari says:

    They're gorgeous!! I love it=)

  8. CMae says:

    They are stunning!! SOOO pretty! I saw that they were all hand addressed did you hand write all the envelopes?

  9. Ashley says:

    Those are gorgeous!!

  10. Lindsay says:

    seriously they are gorgeous!!! you are gorgeous!! i love reading your blog, you post such fun things 🙂

  11. Love your save the date cards!!! They are amazing! Wish you the best in all your wedding planning. 🙂

    Knoxville, Tenn.

  12. Suze says:

    these Save the dates are just precious, love the pix of you and the beau cute!!! 🙂

  13. i think they're beautiful, and i love the picture!!!

  14. Girlfriend you outdid yourself!! They are so shabby and LOVING the photo and your handwriting!!

  15. You both could not get any cuter!!! I love it and your save the dates…so vintage chic and fabulous! Congratulations on getting them done…I know it takes a lot of time and they look lovely! I did the calligraphy for my younger sister's wedding on all 150 of her formal wedding invitations…more fun awaits you! 😉

    Liesl 🙂

  16. Ashley says:

    Those are beautiful!! The picture is perfect — she did a beautiful job with the design!! I actually really like your handwriting for the envelopes — it adds another personal touch =)

  17. Sole Matters says:

    OMG how funny, I went to church with Joni and we are from the same hometown! they look gorgeous!!

  18. Mrs. Lopez says:

    I love the pic of your engagment vineyard shoot!

  19. Mrs. SE says:

    Love them! The calligraphy on the envelopes matches perfectly- not too formal. These are perfection, glad you finally found something that was exactly what you wanted.

  20. Nicole-Lynn says:

    They look great! Your friends and family are going to love them!

    I loved sending ours out. We got such positive feedback and it meant so much because I put a lot of research and work into our as well. It's so exciting.. the start of it all! 🙂

  21. Beautiful!!! They look great! I can't wait to see everything else come together! 🙂

  22. Oh my goodness! I love love love these!!! Nicely done!

  23. Love them!!

    Beautiful pic!

    How exciting 🙂

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2024 favs

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