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TGIF and a Very Happy Birthday!


November 12, 2010

Suddenly when I thought of TGIF, all I could think of was growing up as a kid and how the highlight of my week was watching Family Matters and Full House on Friday nights… please tell me some of you did this, too? Wow, my how things have changed.

What a whirlwind week this has been…crazy busy with work which was nice to pass the time, mucho housework, and of course lots of preparation for a weekend full of fun!
This afternoon, I’m leaving work early to head to Christmas Village with mom… an annual tradition of ours that is sure to be jam-packed with hoards of food sampling, shopping til we drop for Christmas decor and gifts, and a few “must-have” items for us to pick up, too I am sure! Hoping I can run into this pretty lady while I’m there  =)
Tomorrow morning, Jeff and I are meeting up with one of my best friend’s for her to take pictures for Christmas cards… cannot wait and Ms. Candice has become quite the photog–so proud of her!! You can check out her blog here.
Of course, the majority of tomorrow will be spent with the parents and Jeff celebrating a special birthday for the prettiest woman I know… I know yall here me gab about her all the time, but I truly am so lucky to have such an incredible relationship with her, one that grows even closer the older I get and someone I know that is always in my corner. She is the epitomy of everything a mom should be and I am thankful for her love, her compassion, her strength, her words of wisdom, and her hugs and kisses. I’ll never be too old to curl up with my mom =)

We’re headed to dinner to celebrate tomorrow night and I know we’re all ecstatic we’ll finally be able to eat at the infamous Puckett’s Grocery!

Sunday morning, we’re headed to church, Christmas shopping with some discounts I have from the friendly folks at Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy, and then meeting up with my girlfriends to celebrate Cami’s baby shower… seems like only yesterday we were all frolicking in the streets of Memphis when her and Brian got married and now we’re all ready to shower her for baby Preston who will make his debut early next year. Can’t wait for a fun reunion!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!! And P.S. I think I am finally giving in to all the “holiday temptation” that’s floating about… I’m almost certain the Christmas decor will come out of hiding and start making its way into each room of my house–hey don’t judge, I just LOVE the holidays 😉
  1. Lindsey says:

    I LOVE the holidays too!! I hope you find some fun Christmas decorations this weekend! I am starting to thinking Christmas decor too! But I sitll like to leave my pumpkins out til Thanksgiving, but the day after Christmas decorations will be making their way out too!! =) Have a great weekend!

    Oh and the magazine I work for is doing a cute giveaway from Etsy, check it out if you want to! =)


  2. my sister in law has a childrens boutique called lizards and lace that i think has a booth at the christmas village/bazaar thing. i think. small world.

  3. Marian says:

    This Christmas Village sounds wonderful!! Have a blast lady love

  4. You have a jammed packed weekend ahead of you!!

    I have the fondest memories of TGIF! I too also watched all those shows and thought it was the best thing in the world! Ahh..memory lane!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Awe! I miss watching Family Matters and Full house!! I actually have been the REAL Full House House!

    I am your newest follower! Have an awesome day!

  6. S says:

    The Holidays are wonderful!!! I am hoping to have a low key one this year due to all that is happening in the world.
    Congrats on your new home and creating your dream wedding ! 🙂

  7. I looked forward to TGIF all week long! Too funny! Have a great time at the Christmas Village… that place sounds like heaven 🙂 You and your momma are too cute!

  8. I LOVE the holidays — I think the hubs and I are going to get a real tree for our first christmas as husband and wife =)

  9. Lindsay says:

    omg i totally remember TGIF with full house and family matters….that was the highlight of the week 🙂 wow, i feel totally old that i was one of those people who watched it lol

  10. Lindsay says:

    Umm I used to love TGIF!! Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of my favorites!

    I just started getting into the Christmas spirit too. I love the holidays! Christmas is fun, but I think Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite. A holiday that revolves around food? What more could you ask for!?

  11. Leigh says:

    I just got home from my first Christmas Village experience. It was a successful fun outing, although overwhelming at times. Hope you wound up with some good finds! And enjoy Puckett's- I ate there for the first time last weekend and loved it!

  12. I love the holidays. Can't wait to see pictures of all of your decor!

    And so funny that I was just talking with friends about TGIF! 🙂

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2024 favs

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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