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New Year Resolutions – 2011


December 30, 2010

I took some time these past few days to take a look back at a successful 2010, but with a brand new year coming up, I can’t help but set my list of priorities in order and get back to basics to hold myself accountable with a crazy 2011 in store… here they are, my resolutions in no particular order: 
1. Master Copperplate Calligraphy. I need to get on this in a MAJOR way–hello, my invitations will be going out in April and I am determined to recreate some lovely southern style calligraphy… see here for inspiration.. we’ll see how this turns out, but with a home office ready and waiting, I really have NO excuse in this department. Actually, I do have an excuse come to think of it–I need a freaking chair! I need to go ahead and order it NOW…

2. Complete Another 1/2 Marathon. Sadly, it seems as though the Music City 1/2 is out {I am crying on the inside} per advice from the future hubby and Mom, for they assume I will up in arms trying to wrap-up wedding details so I will not have time to devote Saturday or Sunday afternoons to long runs… boo! But with that being said, I WILL most certainly be running the Women’s 1/2 in September and I’ll keep my weekly running/workout routine going because I do have to be slim and trim for wedding day…

3. Save More Money. Jeff has been on me for awhile now…with the wedding money set aside {thank the Lord} and my credit card paid off {ah! music to my ears} now we must start saving elsewhere, which equals more money to the 401K, other financial and saving accounts, emergency funds, and my stash for a new car. Wow do I sound old and boring or what?

4. Learn to Use my New SLR Camera. I’ve been stalking these gorgeous beauties for years now, and have watched my Dad go gaga over all his new picture possessions, but I have some major work to do in learning anything and everything about my new goodie. Trust me, I will never be a professional, but so excited to have a camera that can take some fantastic pictures!! My Dad and I are going to take a few classes together, too.
5. Read More Books. I’ve done better this year, tackling more books than last year, but need to keep heading in the right direction… what’s on my immediate list? Water for Elephants AND The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!
6. Finish Decorating the House. We’ve been in our home almost 1 full year–crazy to see how much has changed considering we only had bedroom furniture and a small kitchen dining set when we moved in… my goal is to FINISH each and every room in 2011!
7. Talk Time for Friends and Family. I am horrid with staying in touch with my girlfriends and extended family–they all have to call and harass me from time to time as I have gotten lazy and play with them via email and text nearly everyday, but that is just unacceptable. This time around, I am going to be dialing numbers and actually TALKING for a change…people, hold me to this–haha!  
  1. CMae says:

    I think the last item on your list is great. 🙂 I get mad a lot of my friends via text bec I KNOW they got the text and are just to lazy to respond. (yes I am one of those ppl that gets mad lol) That makes me crazy!!! Calling on the other hand then there is just no excuse! I can say I CALLED LOL not text!

  2. Love your resolutions!! Happy New Year!

  3. Sarah says:

    I just started reading "Water for Elephants"! I haven't had time to read as much as I'd like but looking forward to it! 🙂

  4. Caitlin says:

    Great resolutions! Water for Elephants is one of my favorites, I have read it at least 5 times! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Great list:-)

    I totally am with you on learning to use my SLR camera better. I've got the basics down by now but I want MORE! Lol

    Happy New Year dear, best wishes for a great one!!!

  6. Heather says:

    I think these are ALL great. Good for you! I need to be better about calling friends too. That's such a good point.

  7. Sole Matters says:

    you need to get a goodreads.com account! it is like a networking site, for books. each member can rate books and you can see what they have on their "to-read", and "read" lists!

  8. Awe, I love your list!
    Good luck on the wedding planning too!
    Happy New Year!

  9. MJ says:

    Great set of resolutions!! I'm still in the thinking phase of making mine, but I'll be posting soon too 🙂

  10. love your resolutions!
    good luck with the calligraphy — I can't wait to see your progress =)

  11. Ashley says:

    I love your list! Perfect! 🙂 Ok so don't rush to decorate your house…I feel like my house is never done and we have been in it 2 1/2 years and I still don't have all the rooms furnished. ;/ It stresses me out! I am with you on reading more books too…I need to take time to relax and read!

  12. aww such perfect resolutions. i love #7. usually staying in touch with a select few is easier than staying in touch with everyone, and sometimes people fall off my radar, unintentionally!
    and yay to #4! i concur with this one too, i got an SLR for christmas and still have to read the manual.

  13. Love your resolutions! You can do them ALL! I bought a book from Amazon on Copperplate Calligraphy and I could NEVER master it….I sucked! You can totally do it!

  14. Morgan says:

    I have many of the same! I want to get better with my slr and would love to train for a half!

  15. Just letting you know "Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks and Other Gems from Proverbs" is on its way. Good to see your bookshelf! I know this book will have a good home!

    Warren & Cheryl
    Family Fountain Publications

  16. Kristen says:

    This list looks almost identical to mine! Except for #1…I wish I knew how to do that! Happy new year 🙂

  17. vickdn says:

    Your color-coded bookshelf is gorgeous! A sight to my eyes! I love books and they all look so nicely organized! Good luck with all of your resolutions!

  18. Hello Natasha, nice to meet you. You CAN master copperplate calligraphy, but I think dancing with it sounds much more fun. 🙂 That's the spirit in which the Annette Bening envelope was done – fun and flirty. I used an oblique pen holder (even though the slant is upright) with a Nikko 3G nib.

    This was my 2011 resolution. 🙂


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