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{My First Wedding Wednesday of 2011}


January 5, 2011

Not that I have to remind my blog friends, but yes, indeed–it’s 2011 which means WEDDING YEAR. Not that there are not plenty of other noteworthy events to share, but this blog chronicles my life and this is the year I have been waiting ever-so-long for. This is the year I become a Mrs.
Forgive me Jeff, for he is well aware that I had a teeny tiny meltdown this morning as I was getting ready where I said “I wish we had just eloped.” I know in my heart of hearts that I don’t mean that, but with so much consuming life these days–wedding, career, personal–it just got to be a little overwhelming and that was the first thing to pop into my head. Everyone that knows me knows I am not the bride that can fly away to some remote island to get married with just the two of us, but at the time it seemed like a much  better idea than this constant planning that has been taking up mucho amounts of time for almost a year now. {P.S. I’ll shutup now and move on because we all know I said it in haste}
These past few days, I have made a true effort to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on everything I have going on and I am going to stick to that mantra–whoever is happy will make others happy too. I intend on taking deep breaths, staying calm, and keeping a smile on my face in 2011 and hopefully a bit of that will rub off on others. With that, back to the issue at hand… wedding talk.
With 157 days to go… this is what I have left to accomplish in January:
*Order wedding invitations… currently working on text and ready to get down to business with Joni at Chocolate Butterbean–hello inspiration!
*Select formalwear for Groom, Groomsmen, FOB, and Ring Bearer…taking care of that this weekend…something debonnaire like this classic bowtie tuxedo:
*Reserve all reception rentals…this comes next week! We’ve got a tentative floorplan and ideas down, but I need clarification on a few items for this to be checked off the list 
*Choose and order our darling flower girl’s dress… check out this cutie…
is Miss Madeline not a doll?
 *And finally, as I was working on ceremony music the other day, I started getting a tad bit sad as I am picking out all these {what I think to be} important details, though I won’t get to see my Mom walk down the aisle, or won’t have the chance to see reactions from friends and loved ones, to which I am now rethinking my decision about hiring a videographer…I know some of you told me this before, and now that I have heard regret from friends about not having one, I have to find a way to make this happen–I’m reaching out to local vendors and crossing my fingers we can find a way to add this one final detail to our wedding.
Let me know if you have any great advice or know of someone please!
 Happy Wednesday friends!! Have a wonderful and blessed afternoon 😉
  1. MJ says:

    I can only imagine the stress of planning a wedding…I know you'll make it!! 🙂 I think a videographer is a great idea so you can see it all!

  2. Mav's Mom says:

    Weddings are sooo stessful but wonderful! BEST OF LUCK planning..

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I think Paul Wharton does videography and he's super talented!

  4. Ohh yess the crazines of wedding planning. I did so love our wedding but I do not miss what you are going through! It will be worth it in the end I promise 🙂 And I'm sure yours will be amazing!

  5. Caroline says:

    We just had a videographer for our ceremony and I am so glad we did. Not that we watch our wedding video over and over (my MIL does, but she's nuts), but it's great to have on hand to show the kids one day. 🙂

  6. Caroline says:

    We just had a videographer for our ceremony and I am so glad we did. Not that we watch our wedding video over and over (my MIL does, but she's nuts), but it's great to have on hand to show the kids one day. 🙂

  7. OMW it's getting SO close! I am so excited for you! A videographer is worth it but I can't watch my video yet bc he added cheesy music to slow-mo with me walking down the aisle, which to me is kind of end of the world. Make sure you tell them your vision!

  8. It's all going to be beautiful! Believe me, the stress is completely worth it!

    We did hire a videographer…or a cinematographer as he refers to himself as and I am SO happy that we did. I really wanted to be able to look back at that day and she how we interacted and moved and how all of our guests looked throughout the day — something that pictures can't always convey and sometimes, if the photo wasn't captured, the video might make up for it! 🙂

  9. Ally says:

    Youre going to have SO much fun wedding planning this year!!

  10. Christina says:

    Well girl, it must be the week for that, because that was my thoughts today too..elope! yes, please. Of course, I too would regret it later. Sometimes it can be stressful, but I think (hope) all the work will be worth it!! 🙂 Happy Wedding Year!!

  11. I understand your feeling and we just set a date! I know everything will go smoothly and will be worth it! Enjoy your wedding year!!

  12. Kelly says:

    I used Tim Akin. He was amazing. He is based out of Dyersburg, TN. He shoots all HD footage and his editing skills are amazing. I was not a hundred percent satisfied with my photographer after all was said and done but I am so thankful that I had my Wedding DVD. I can forward you his information if you are interested. I am friends with your bridesmaid Candice and he did one of her friends from High School wedding; Brett Crouch.

  13. Enjoy your year and let the stress of planning melt away. We have seen wedding videos that literally made us cry… we say do it!

  14. Kristen says:

    I'm pretty sure I made that "…wish we would've eloped!" comment like, 100 times! Trust me it will all be worth it 🙂

  15. Sarah says:

    Oh I so wish I had a videographer! I had the ceremony filmed, which was awesome, but it wasn't professional and when I watch videos of others from FocalPoint, I wish I had, with the venue, the getting ready, the reception……it's like their own movie!! Good luck with all the final planning, good news it will fly by!!! 🙂

  16. Sara says:

    I made the same "elope" comment several times during the planning process! I highly recommend having a videographer. It was so nice to be able to watch the day from a completely different perspective. I was able to see fun things happen at the reception that I was completely unaware of at the time. I can't wait to hear more about your plans!

  17. I love your wedding posts! I got engaged the day after christmas and also live in Nashville. I'm having so much fun already 🙂

  18. jacquelyn says:

    you're doing great!!! you seem so very organized– and i totally regretted not getting a videographer, but in the end EVERYONE there just wants to see you walk down the isle, but i totally understand wanting to see your girls 🙂 goodluck finding one!!!!

  19. Ashley says:

    You are so right. Planning a wedding is very stressful! I was one of those brides that did go away with a small group of family members, got married, then came back and had a big party! It was fun and still was a TON of work BUTTT you will get it done and it will turn out beautifully!

  20. Marian says:

    Natasha, truth be told, we didn't have a videographer at our wedding. I thought it was a waste of money. We'd watch it a few times after the wedding and then probably never look at it that often after. But after the wedding was over, I totally regretted that situation. Who cares if we only watched it a few times. It would capture everything you personally didn't. Seeing how far these wedding videos have come, some are so amazing, its like you are really there. If there is a way to make it work, I say go for it!!

  21. Miss V says:

    YOU MUST check out this site, this was a friends wedding here in San Fran but I'm not sure if they have people who make these videos all over the us. It makes me tear up every time! Check out the video and their site!! xoxo


  22. Mrs. SE says:

    DO hire a videographer! Our trailer was 100% amazing, and I can't imagine how fantastic the whole film is going to be. Focal Point saiad we're their first film to edit in 2011 so we're looking for it any day now. Head to my blog to see the teaser!

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