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Rise and Shine!


February 21, 2011

Hello lovelies! This quote says exactly how I am feeling about today:

I trust you all had a great weekend, as did I. I’ll try not to bore you with too many details, just hitting the high points…Friday afternoon–dress fitting went perfectly so Mom and I headed to Taco Mamacita and then spent the night catching up with Jeff’s bro-in-law Brian.
Saturday morning, we started the day by running errands all over town–I finally gave in to the iPhone phenom thanks to Verizon, and am in LOVE already! Then we picked up Jeff’s wedding ring, bought baby gifts, and grilled out blue cheese hamburgers and sweet potato fries with Brian and Jeff’s cousin Eddie. A fun night spent catching up with my soon-to-be fam! And they were so sweet to let me watch “Kennedy Home Movies”. Has anyone else seen this?? FANTASTIC documentary about America’s most beloved family. I also received our Couple’s Shower invitation in the mail which made me EVER SO HAPPY!!! This is a picture of what the invitation looks like… adorable and I am so excited–it’s on April 9th in Knoxville and is being hosted by my 2 bestest friends and their husbands, as well as Meg’s parents–YIPPEE!

Sunday, we went to church {and of course received another awe-inspiring message}, headed to Home Depot to pick-up everything we need to get our yard ready for spring planting, did the weekly grocery shopping, worked for a few hours, and then met Lauren and Andy to see “The Fighter”—and yes, another wonderful must-see movie! Christian Bale is so going to win the Oscar, and deservably so. Finally, we finished out our night by making chicken fajitas…one of our favorite and ever-so-simple meals!

So as we start another Monday, I feel rested and rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever this week throws at me. I finally broke out my new Asics this morning and took in 3.5 miles which felt GREAT! Ahhh…nothing like a new pair of tennis shoes I am telling you… small things really do make all the difference! Tonight is MY FAV night of The Bachelor–the hometown dates!! I know you’re all chomping at the bit just as I am. Have a great Monday friends! 😉

  1. Kate says:

    New follower here! I have to tell you that I've loved reading through your blogs and your page is gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing more!!

    Cupcakes and Conference Calls

  2. LB says:

    Yay for the bachelor tonight!!! I can't wait to see Emily's daughter meet Brad!

  3. I'm so happy your dress fitting went well! I also broke in my new running shoes this morning. I had no idea how worn out my old one's were until I ran in the comfort of fresh cushioning! I am beyond excited for the hometown dates tonight, I can't wait to see how they go 🙂

  4. I can't wait for tonight…it may be the ONLY thing getting me through today!! I am on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as you; I just want Monday to be over :/

    Sounds like a fun weekend!! I can't believe it's time to start working in the yard again…thank goodness!!


  5. meghan says:

    My parents live in Chattanooga, and whenever I go visit them we eat at Taco Mamacita. It's so yummy!

    I can't wait for tonight, too. The Bachelor makes Mondays bearable. 🙂

  6. What a nice weekend!
    I broke in my new Asics yesterday! I always loooove a new pair of running shoes!

  7. Baily Jones says:

    Where do you find these images? They are perfect journal inspirationals! 🙂


  8. Caroline says:

    Oh, I'm loving the shower invitation!! 🙂 So cute! Sounds like a great weekend!

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Glad your dress fitting went well! Can't wait to hear all about it!! miss you friend.

  10. Mandy says:

    The Bachelor will be awesome I'm sure. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Fajitas and blue cheese burgers? Yummy!

  11. Inna xoxo says:

    I get anxiety watching The Bachelor these last few episodes! haha! I love it tho!
    xoxo inna 🙂
    My Bloggie!

  12. Tess says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. Do you have a recipe for the Blue Cheese Burgers? Those sound amazing!

    Also – your couples shower invitation is fabulous. I've never been to a couple's shower so I can't wait to hear how yours goes.

    Enjoy the bachelor!

  13. Your blog layout is look so good girlie!!!

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2024 favs

where I shop

shop my instagram

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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