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Wedding Wednesday…La Dee Dah!


February 16, 2011

It’s been a roller-coaster of weeks… for those of you that have in the past or are currently planning a wedding, did you ever want to throw your hands up and say “I’m done?”
It’s not that I am going to be a runaway bride and escape to some private island by myself by any means, but I feel as though some pulling of the hair is inevitable…I do keep reminding myself though, just as Jeff keeps telling me sweetly: this too shall pass.
I would very much like to be able to say “oh I don’t care about that detail” or “oh, I’ll love whatever you decide”...bless the Good Lord–please let me get through this without going cuckoo… I know Jeff would appreciate having “me” back again at the end of all this-ha! I know I’ll quit complaining…  this is all to say that everything isn’t always as it seems–not as glamorous, but still fun nonetheless!
So back to the issue at hand…115 more days–this week has more fun in store:
Thursday= Final Cake Design(S) and Tasting
This fat kid loves her cake, and definitely wants to eat it, too… we’ve got our tastebuds all ready to go tomorrow afternoon–Kellie from The Bake Shoppe is meeting with us at her studio/bakery/office for all things cake–I can hardly contain my excitement with all the fun flavors out there… it’s gotta be something original and ever-so-tasty…any suggestions??
Friday=Round 2 Dress Fitting
We’re going back for the 2nd time to Arzelle’s to meet with my alterations guru… this woman is incredible and I can’t wait to see the magic she has worked–a little taking in here and smotinh out there goes a long way and I am hoping we’ll be close to finished after this try-on…after Mom and Meg learn how to bustle my dress! 
Finalize Ceremony Music Selections with Trio
I am working with Wedding Musicians Company to select ceremony music… we’ll be incorporating woodwinds, a cello, organist, and piano player and we’re finalizing the music this week–think classic and very traditional wedding music–yay!!
This weekend, Jeff will be hanging out with his brother-in-law, which means more wedding stuff for me… picking up our stationery, working on gifts for party hostesses and wedding party, and collaborating with Mekala from The Tie That Binds for all things weddding-weekend paper-related… table cards, placecards, out-of-town gift bags and labels–oh I’m in heaven!

Check out some of her stuff–she is fantastic and uber creative:
  1. Christina says:

    I know how you feel! Daily I dream about eloping! It's not that a lot of it isn't fun if it were an event alone, but it's all of it, together at once that gets to you! Hang in there! It'll be worth it when the big day arrives! (I'm hoping haha) Only 38 more days for us…those next days can fly by if they want, I won't complain 🙂

  2. "The Mrs." says:

    Enjoy all this…you only do it once! It's going to be great I am sure! 😉

  3. Keri says:

    I need your wedding planning help! I recently got engaged and remember a few months back you posted about little gifts to officially ask your ladies to be in the bridal party…Can you tell me where you ordered those?

    I am just getting started in the whole process…I don't even have a date yet, but I'm sure it will be getting crazy very soon!

  4. Aww you poor thing. I think I had daily posts like this when we were starting to get close to our wedding day. I can say the day of was absolutely amazing but the prep of it all was absolutely crazy! good luck 🙂

  5. Try and keep your head up, i'm sure everything will turn out wonderful!

  6. jayme says:

    i may not be planning a wedding but i have found myself saying "this too shall pass" many times today and yesterday! i'm at the point that i despise my company and will be spending my weekend looking for a new job! grrr!!

    but happy planning and we both know your wedding is going to be incredible and perfect! you've worked very hard and your details and dedication will make it all worth while for the exciting day! getting so close!

    xo girl

  7. Caroline says:

    Enjoy the final touches!!! You'll remember all of this forever! 🙂

  8. Mandy says:

    Wedding cake tasting?? Yummy! I'm sure everything will be wonderful with all the work you're putting into it. I love the "do not disturb" sign. Very cute! Have fun with the dress fitting!!

  9. Kristen says:

    oh I've totally been there. and as stressful as it gets, you will miss it when it's over! I know it is hard to realize that in the moment, but try to just savor the planning…it's a once in a lifetime experience! it looks like you're in a great spot and I can't wait to see how everything turns out for you…no doubt, it will be perfect! 🙂

  10. melissa says:

    YES! I most definitely reached a point where I was over wedding planning. I just hit a point where I was ready to be married and the details became a chore, rather than fun. Don't stress too much and try to focus on what is necessary and what makes you happy. If it doesn't meet one of those criteria, you probably don't need it! I ended up without programs because I didn't give a hoot about them in the end. 🙂

    Your wedding will be gorgeous – just like you! I know you'll have so many special touches to make it a great day.

  11. {av} says:

    you are so on top of it, my dear. as much as it doesn't feel like it, you are totally rocking this…the stress stinks, there's no way around it though…just remember to take it all in and remind yourself that the big "mountains" will look like molehills in retrospect 😉 hang in there! xoxo {av}

  12. VICKYFF says:

    Scarves Scarves
    These pictures really beautiful, in which station to collect it?Oh darling,what happy images. loved them.
    :)I love these pictures and the header on your blog!

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