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The Grand Old South…Travel Time!


March 29, 2011

Alright blogging friends…I need help!! Jeff and I are scheduling a little weekend trip to the grandest city in the south–also known as Atlanta–the last weekend of April…to have a little quality one-on-one time and to knockout some wedding shopping while we’re at it.
With that in mind, this is where I need your skills/input/advice:

1. Where should we stay? Hotels/bed and breakfasts/etc???

2. Where should we eat? We’re both all about savoring the local flavor, so please no chains…it’s just not our style when we travel. If it was up to me, I would eat at The Varsity for every meal {pathetic I know} but I need to venture out and try something else–other than hamburgers and milkshakes, haha.

3. Where should we shop? I’m aware of some great shops in and around Atlanta, and of course Lenox and Phipps, but I need other boutiques I may be unaware of for rehearsal dinner dresses, bachelorette party {white of course!}, and other little places here and there.

We’re planning on visiting the aquarium as well as the famous Coca-Cola museum so our touristy attractions are all set, too! Alright now, pretty please–send me anything and everything you’ve got!!

  1. Jamie says:

    I just got back from a weekend with my fiance in Atlanta : ) We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead which was amazing and perfect for Buckhead shopping!!! We also enjoyed the brewery which was within walking distance. Might be a Georgia chain but it was new to us. Nightlife was also within walking distance which was really nice. We visited the Coca Cola Museum- I would recommend arriving early. I couldn't believe the lines there and at the aquarium by 1pm on Saturday! Have fun!

  2. Ashley says:

    I've never really been — I WANT to go to the aquarium there so I would suggest that =) otherwise, the last time I went it was mostly to go to the Stone Mountain =)
    Can't wait to here about your getaway!

  3. I'm going to Atlanta in just a few weeks to visit some of my college girlfriends. The only thing I could recommend, if you are in to Top Chef is that Richard Blais has a restaurant there that we are definitely hitting up, because I love doing that sort of thing. I actually think there may be more than one..but the one I'm going to is called Flip, a burger joint. You said you wanted more burgers, right? 🙂

  4. Cynthia says:

    Eat at the Colonial. It's amazing!

  5. Courtney says:

    If you want to try some good bbq, go to Fox Bros. Bbq! 🙂

  6. Beth says:

    you must stay in buckhead and the JW Marriott. It's CONNECTED to the Lenox Square Mall which is a fancy smanchy high end mall…i mean it has stores of us ballin' on a budget, but you can get rooms with a city view. Another great choice is the Marriott Downtown. It is within walking distance of the Coca-Cola museum and Georgia Aquarium (biggest in the US).

    hope you have a great stay! you're gonna love it!

  7. I wish I could help but I've never been. Have fun!!

  8. Mere says:

    My parents live just outside of ATL, and I went down to visit the took me to t his wonderful resturant called Canoe, I would highly recommend it for a a nice dinner or lunch or even happy hour. They have outside seating too, Enjoy!

    Heres the link :http://www.canoeatl.com/

  9. LC says:

    I love going to the SunDial to eat!

  10. Jocelyn says:

    Ahh, jealous! Have so much fun! Nick and I toured the Coca Cola museum and thought it was neat. I hear Capital Grille is amazing and very nice! 🙂

  11. Betsy says:

    We went last summer and stayed at The Ellis Hotel, right downtown. It was a small boutique hotel that was cute and modern, but not too pricey. We were able to walk to the aquarium and the Coca-Cola museum, so it might just be perfect for you!

  12. Cambron says:

    You may want to go to Decatur (a small shopping area) about ten minutes from downtown. There seemed to be a lot of neat shopping and restaurants. If you are looking for a cool pub for your beau to enjoy, stop by Brick Store Pub in Decatur. It is the sixth best beer bar in the country. I planned a surprise birthday gathering there for my bf and he was FLOORED! He just loved it. I think y'all will too!

  13. I also recommend the Ellis Hotel. There are a few good boutique hotels in town, but you can't go wrong with the W hotels either.

    Fox Bros is great barbeque
    Other great local dining options – Local Three, Miller Union, Empire State South – all are very well reviewed and are southern at its finest.

    If you want a break the bank meal try Bacchanalia (my favorite in town) or Quinones.

  14. Britt says:

    I grew up in Alpharetta, about 30 minutes away from Buckhead. When I come home to visit the two places I must go to are Dante's Down the Hatch across from Lenox. Think of a huge pirate ship with 13 levels that serves fondue. When making your reservation ask to sit on the ship. It is a little bit more expensive but worth it. They also have live jazz almost every night. I also love Everybody's Pizza in Highlands. This would be a great spot for lunch. There are a few boutiques in that area as well. Have fun!

  15. Shannon says:

    Hey, Natasha! Living in Atlanta, I'd have to recommend the Georgian Terrace. It's a quintessential hotel right in downtown, on Peachtree, across from the Fox. It's always fun, and the restaurant there is yummy! Verde and Kaleidoscope in Brookhaven are both delicious (Verde has a bbq taco that is to die for!), and if you're looking for shopping away from Lenox and Phipps (but really, why would you? 🙂 ), try Virginia Highlands. You'll have a blast! We've got a great city 🙂

  16. Stacie Jean says:

    Lover! I also live in Atlanta and I have to agree Georgian Terrace & the Ellis hotel are both fab chocies!! I second Verde for tacos – and your man would probably love Tap downtown! They brew their own beer and it's got some pretty good munchies. I say visit the Red Brick Brewing Company on Saturday afternoon and pick up some authentic souvenir glasses from Atlanta. I think the tasting & tour is $10. OR go to Sweetwater Brewery. For shopping with a unique twist you have to check out the boutiques in Virginia Highlands area. YOU will love them, I think they would totally be your style!! Chicago Cuisine Critique is coming to visit me and yes we are totally going to Flip burger boutique!! It's supposedly very very tasty!! Also, if you're like to treat yourself to an AMAZING dinner out you have to check out Two Urban Licks, you won't regret it I promise. Just make sure to make reservations!! Oh! Might I suggest The Peasant Bistro near the aquarium/Coca-Cola museum if you need a lunch spot? They have divine fried green tomato BLTs and shrimp & grits. Yummmmy!!! Email me if you need more advice! xoxo

  17. If you are in to sushi, Genki is amazing. The tuna symphony platter is my very favorite!

  18. Kelly says:

    Sweetwater Brewery is a great time. I also love Stone Mountain. Atlanta is definitely a foodie town, so there are way too many options!! You'll find something you all love 🙂

  19. meghan says:

    I went to college in Atlanta. Definitely go to Sweetwater. They open up their doors on Friday afternoons and you can get in and pay for a pint glass and try the different beers and listen to live music. So fun. Eating: one midtown kitchen is so yummy. It's in a dining group with a restaurant called two urban licks that is also delicious. Trois is the third in that group and is french inspired. It's yum, but a little more high end and expensive. Noche is in the Virginia Highlands and is my favorite Tapas place. It's quaint and a lot of fun. Also try brunch at murphy's. It was my "sorority family"'s traditional brunch spot for special occasions. Also try atlanta fish market for delicious fish. Willy's is like a Moe's, but it's only in Atlanta. I would eat there 2-3 times per week in college. It's delicious…morimoto's has great sushi, and they're in a fun area of town and also have a fun drag show on Monday nights. The Vortex is a fun burger place where man vs. food showed some of the great burgers. Go to the one in little give points for the skeleton where you walk through the mouth. You can also then shop at junkman's daughter. It's a kitschy and random shop that has the most ridiculous and fun stuff. For fun boutiques, try Decatur. There are a few there (along with a yummy brunch place I can't remember the name of and taco place called taqueria del sol). Let me know if you want other suggestions. I LOVE Atlanta and have so many great recommendations. If you're looking for certain types of food or other areas just let me know. I can give better direction if you want specific areas!!

  20. meghan says:

    sushi restaurant i mentioned above is called nikimotos, not morimotos

  21. Elizabeth says:

    The JW Marriott is nice, and I have heard the Grand Hyatt is as well!

    As far as food is concerned, you should definitely try: Flip Burger Boutique, The Vortex, The Atlanta Fish Market, The Orient Express (in Vinings, but worth the drive!), The Flying Biscuit Cafe (for breakfast/brunch), CamiCakes Cupcakes, and Cafe Intermezzo (best for a late night coffee treat one night).

    For shopping, check out: Festivity, Luna, and Peridot (more of a gift shop rather than clothes but still adorable!)

  22. Hi there! I live in Atlanta and have since college. Here are the best boutiques- Sage; and Fab'rik. They have very cute dresses and clothes, that are very unique! Flip Burger is a fun restaurant, Fellini's is a great pizza joint (ATL staple), and there are just all kinds of other great places. Let me know if you need more info!

    Such a cute blog!


  23. Jennifer says:

    The Masion on Peachtree is an awesome place to stay in Buckhead. If you love sushi you have to try MF Sushi Buckhead. It is around from the Masion and also Phillips and Lenox are right there. Some boutique shop I like to go to are in the Virginia Highlands area. VH area also has some good resturants but mostly chains I believe.

  24. Without a doubt, you've GOT to check out Seasons 52! Every entree on the menu is delicous AND under 475 calories (perfect with a wedding approaching, I know – ours is in May!) The bite-sized desserts are amazing.


  25. Hey girl! Ok here are some other choices from an Atlanta native as well. By far the two best hotels in Atlanta are located in Buckhead. The first hotel is the st. Regis. It is located on west paces ferry road which is the most prestigious street in ATL. Then your second choice is the intercontinental hotel. This hotel is a five minute walk from Lenox mall and very high end. There are tons of amazing restaurants but Pricci is absolutely wonderful. It's an Italian restaurant but not a heavy one like normal. It's a must! Oh it's on Phar road in Buckhead. If you want to go somewhere fun for lunch there is this little authentic Greek restaurant that is directly across the street from Capital Grill. I completely forget the name but it's great! The owner will feed you if he knows its your first visit. Haha. Hope this helps.

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