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Some Days You Gotta Dance


March 8, 2011

I think I am in the mood to hit up a major dance class after watching the series premiere of All About Aubrey last night…please tell me others of you remember this woman? {Meg, I know you are dying right now because we have been uber pumped for this debut}
Was anyone a Making the Band junkie like we were in college? Umm yes, I am talking about Danity Kane my dears and Diddy’s creation himself…well after he fired the little pop diva, she’s now out on her own trying to get a record deal and get back to her “old self”. Of course, I gave in last night and watched and to tell you the truth, it was kinda sad. Everyone around her–choreographers, managers, vocal coaches–all telling her she needs to lose weight and bring her “good image” back to life again… this could be a trainwreck waiting to happen, but we’ll add it to Monday’s lineup until I decide that my braincells need more stimulation…you know, like as in The Bachelor.

Yes, after watching “The Women Tell All” special last night, please tell me it is obvious to you as well that is TOTALLY picks Emily…hello, ABC had to edit his facial expressions when he talks about her–I swear I will never watch again if he picks Crazy Chantal over the sweetest woman known to the reality TV world {yes I want to be BFF with her!} Now the waiting game starts… 6 days until the big finale–woo hoo!!

Now back to regularly scheduled blogging…  way more important things!
Today may be known as Fat Tuesday, but it’s also a dear friend’s 27th birthday!! Cami is celebrating so many things this year, especially with the arrival of little Preston who I canot wait to meet–happy birthday Cami!! Love you and so happy for all your blessings…I hope it’s a very special birthday 😉

If you have big King Cake plans this evening, have loads of fun! For me, I’ll be running around Nashville working on errands and then taking it easy for the night…yay for a night of nothingness!

  1. Beth McC. says:

    h my goodness after last night I think for sure Emily! I will admit I went snooping on the blogs and everyone is saying he picked Chantel!! There was even one blog that had pictures of them at the beach on Thanksgiving!!! I am with you I wont watch anymore if he picks Chantel!!

  2. jayme says:


    i was obsessed with danity kane back in my college days because lets face it, the drunk dances to those songs were just as great at m.jackson's dirty diana and sir mix a lot's baby got back.

    geez, i'm such a loser.

    TEAM EMILY. if he doesn't marry her, i will!

    xo and happy nothingness night!

  3. Becca says:

    I really don't think he ends up picking Emily :/ .. I was shocked when others said it too, but then a coworker of mine found some juicy details stating that lil Miss Emily isn't as sweet as she seems. (Rumors of her sleeping with Dale Earnhart Jr., etc.) She's hot and sweet, but Brad's a big dork anyways so I'm sure Chantel and him will get along just fine 🙂

  4. He is definitely going to pick Emily. It was SOO obvious!

  5. What channel is Aubrey on? What time?
    I was definitely a Making the Band and Danity Kane fan!

  6. Britt says:

    A friend of mine worked on Aubrey's new show. She is such a mess but I still like her. She was my favorite from DK.

    Team Emily!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I just started singing "live it up when you get the chance cause when the world doesn't make much since and you're feeling just a little to tense gotta loosen up those chains and dance." Gotta love being a reality show junkie!

  8. I live in Charlotte, and we're all pulling for our local gal Emily!

  9. I really am hoping for him to pick Emily. But I am sorta thinking they did that to make you think it's her when it's not.. I hope that's not the case, but you never know. 6 more days and counting! 🙂

  10. M.O.T.B says:

    I want to be bff with her too!!!! I can't believe how sweet she is!

  11. Mandy says:

    I would diiiiee if he didn't pick Emily.. It would be the worst. I feel like they have an amazing connection.

  12. Brad kept saying "mercy" last night which was something she would say! have you checked reality steve??

  13. CMae says:

    I watched Aubrey from the very first making the band. I LOVED HER. she was like super tiny great voice humble. And what a disappointment she is now. Harsh words I don't know her of course as a person, but what they show of her on TV and such she totally ruined DK. First came her way bigger than life big boobies ha…then a super ego about her fame. It just wrecked her. As for her weight, I don't think it's any secret she fell off the dance my ass off work out routine, but showbiz is harsh and they have expectations too…

    I hope and pray he picks Emily (Brad from the Bachelor) but Bachelor totally has a history of the guy never picking the ones that all the viewers hope for (look back and Jake and Vienna and Tenley boooo what a disappointment there!)

  14. Tiffany says:

    Oh my gosh, I feel you…..I swear if he doesn't pick Emily I am going to swear off the show forever! I am convinced that they are just editing things funny and leaking wrong rumors to throw us off…..right!?!?


  15. Sarah Wyland says:

    I'm hoping it's Amy, but it's the Bachelor so you never know!

  16. Oh he better pick Emily! I just love her and if he doesn't then obviously we know who is going to be the next bachelorette? Love the pics, you look so cute in that one with your friends! XO

  17. Sara says:

    I was obsessed with Danity Kane in college! I didn't know Aubrey had her own show–she was always my fave. I'll be watching now!!

  18. Inna xoxo says:

    Omg im so glad you noticed too! Theyd never show his face when they discussed her in particular, and the one shot we did see of her name Being said, his face lit up BIG! But to be honest, i think they may just be setting us up. So when the finale comes wer hit with a big bang! chantal! I love Emily, and want her to win. But then again, i want to see more of her. and if she doesnt win, she might get to be the next bachelorette! So i dunno! Plus, did anyone else notice the bloopers they were showin, the silly funny brad we never get to see on the show! wtf? They make him out to be this serious calm guy when in reality im sure hes alot funner and goofier and etc. We are thinking he should be with Emily cuz of his mature serious side wer led to believe he is, which he might not be at all. Therefor prob better w chantal. Shes alot more outgoing. I wish we got to see more of Emily, her personality. I feel like we didnt get to see deeper into who she really is. Not this timid quiet girl. Sorry for this paragraph! haha! Last thing, did you notice that when he came out he said "i promised babe i wouldnt have fun at this" that totally gives it away its Chantal. she was the insecure one, shes the only one whod say something like that. I cant see Emily making a remark like that. Shes too confident. k, promise im done! haha

    xoxo Inna

    My bloggie!

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