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Southern Girls…Winning!


March 15, 2011

Were yall on pins and needles last night too? I could hardly contain my excitement when the finale of The Bachelor finally came in…and yes, even though it was Jeff’s birthday, he let me watch it and didn’t complain once–secretly I think he likes it, too.

However, I could tell all through his date with Chantal it just wasn’t going to be her. That man has wanted Emily from Day 1. And then obviously his family felt the exact same way which was no surprise that he asked her to marry him and she said yes…and I know, as cheesy as the Bachelor engagements are, was it not the sweetest thing you have ever heard? I most certainly got a little choked up over the whole scenario about how he wanted to protect her and provide for her and her little girl…so stinking sweet Brad Womack and this just goes to show people can change!

Now fast forward to the “After the Final Rose” show…did anyone else look around and say “where did sweet Emily go?” I can’t say I wasn’t bummed when they spoke about just how many ups and downs they’ve already had to go through and they’ve broken up…boo! I’m invested in this season friends and I hope they can work it out–not sure what’s going on, but it sounds to me like Bradley has a bit of a temper and Emily likes to get her way…someone call the love doctor ASAP!

So are they going to make it? I sure hope so! For once, I actually liked what Roberto had to say when Ali would get down in the dumps about people talking about them and their relationship and he said he has to remind her “it’s just us…just me and you.” Amen mister–great advice to which we can all use in our daily lives! Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now…at least we get to wait in anticipation for Ms. Ashley H’s debut as the next Bachelorette–woo hoo!!  
  1. CMae says:

    I just have this feeling they won't make it…That it will be Jake and Vienna all over again…which totally sucks…

  2. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I spoiled the ending for myself and found out who was winning through some blog spoilers a couple weeks out. I am so so happy he picked Emily!

    Now, the after the final rose show really confused me. How can they already have so many complications? I was not expecting that! I read in a magazine he asked another girl to marry him right before he did the show or something; who knows what happened. I hope they work it out though!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I was so happy he chose Emily, and I really hope they work out. I hate that they are having problems, but I think they also have very different circumstances than most people in relationships! I mean, the whole gossip world was spreading rumors about them before they could even make their relationship public! I was also very relived on the after show when he gave her the engagement ring back and said the only reason she wasn't wearing it was so that it could be fitted! Yay!

  4. I feel like Brad did a horrible job of tricking us in the finale. From the start you could tell he absolutely loved Emily and was going to pick her. I love Emily but was a little disappointed that she did not shed a single tear during the engagement! She just didn't seem very excited. Still, I hope things work out for them!

  5. Sarah Wyland says:

    I was thrilled he picked Emily! I knew Emily's story before the show started so she's been my girl from day one. I'm like you – totally invested in this couple. I could see where Emily was coming from with being a little jealous, but hopefully it works out for the best! And as a side note, I think her hair looks better all blonde than her current darker blonde!

  6. LB says:

    It does seem like Brad actually really wants to be with her while I couldn't really tell if Emily ever had much emotion when it came to Brad. Suckssss, but I do loveee her new hair color!

  7. Ashley says:

    OOoh, I didn't end up watching the after the rose part – I recorded it though. Too bad to hear that they are having some trouble, so sad. So happy Ashley is going to be the next bachelorette, hopefully she's a litte more secure with herself for that.

  8. Tickled Pink says:

    I was so happy he picked Emily, and then came "After the Rose". I agree- where did Sweet Emily go?? She was like a different person!!

  9. Mommy, Esq. says:

    I was so moved by his proposal to Emily last night….and then so bummed to see that they've been having trouble! I really, really hope they make it. I want to see another Bachelor wedding! And I just love that girl!

  10. MLD says:

    I blogged about this as well! She did not cry one bit and I think that is so telling. I really don't think she cares about him near as much as he about her.

  11. jayme says:

    i felt uncomfortable during the whole atfr because emily was a totally different person!

    and it made me angry that she wasn't wearing that gorgeous diamond until the end. so weird! i thought a lot of it was really uncomfortable.

    on a super happy note.. um, how stinkin cute was ryan sutter?! his advice and everything was just to die for, what a nice guy. ha, i act like i know him…

    anyways, i'm all for them working things out, i just feel like she's not as into it as he is…am i wrong?


  12. Jacqueline says:

    Yes Emily acted totally different. She acted kinda snobby & like it's all been going to her head. "Reality tv star syndrom"? I was not a fan.

    And I'm actually not excited about the new Bachelorette. I was hoping for the funeral director!

  13. Shannon says:

    I was so nervous last night but who can compete with Emily! and then they had to go and play Marry Me by Train which really pushed me over the edge. Best proposal to date! I think it was good to see Emily being so real- and more sassy! Fingers crossed they can be one for the 5 couples out of 25 to make it work!

  14. Meredith says:

    I was so happy he picked Emily, but her attitude last night, it was BAD!! I can't believe they were suppose to get married last night originally. I'll be so sad if they don't make it. I really was a little disappointed that Ashley is the new bachelorette.

  15. I'm really still pulling for them, even after what was said last night. I think this is all just a big shock..and I think that we got to see the real Emily, who is a real girl with feelings. I just think people think it's so easy and forget that being in her shoes has to be difficult. I know I would not want to see my significant other with 24 other girls..and I am sure that was the bulk of their problem. Hopefully now that the season is over..they will fix things.

  16. Heather says:

    I hope they make it, but I really worry that in addition to concerns about publicity, watching the show as it airs, etc. they seem to be having some communication problems too, which may be harder to fix.

  17. Melissa says:

    great post! I agree with EVERYTHING you said abt. Brad and Emily!

  18. Inna xoxo says:

    Originally i was rooting for Emily, cuz i think shes the cutest, and i liked her classy self the most! But when i thought about who i thought reallly would be better for Brad, putting aside my thoughts about what i thought about the girl herself, i thought Chantel would be better. She was expressive about her feelings, she adored him, and etc. While Emily never seemed that into him. He always seemed to like her much mor than she liked him, and thats just not good! I agree its nice that shes opening up and being real, but dont you think its a lil late for that? She should have done that before he proposed to her?
    I wish theyd work out, but i really dont think they will.
    I also liked her blonder!!
    xoxo Inna 🙂

  19. Tiffany says:

    I completely agree! I was Team Emily all the way, but she was like a different person on the after show. She seemed sort of snobby and spoiled. I hope that she wasn't just faking it on the show and that she doesn't leave poor Brad high and dry!


  20. Is Ashley the next Bachelorette …. How in the world DID I MISS THAT!!!!

  21. I knew it would be Emily. I think she has every right to hold things off for now. They need time as a real couple. Being a parent is a big deal, so she needs to make sure this is the best decision for her daughter, too.

    I was really disappointed how they were with each other on the After show, though. Hoping they make it, but I don't get good vibes. 🙁

    Apparently, I have been living in a cave. I didn't know Ashley is the next Bachelorette. Think she'll still be sporting the brunette look? 😉 (I think I liked her better as a blonde. Maybe it was just her makeup that night???)

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