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Wedding Wedding… All Things Wedding

wedding festivities

March 2, 2011

We are officially coming into the home stretch friends… no, really, I’m serious. Since last January, I have been pain-stakingly agonizing about each and every detail of this whole shebang and as of tomorrow, we will be at the 100 day countdown–holy moly now I need to zip it and finish what I’ve started!
This afternoon, the fiance and I are heading to our beloved rehearsal dinner venue to confirm the details for the night-before-dinner that will be spent with our bridal party and closest friends and family…small and intimate {well, if you call 65 people small}. I cannot wait to finalize the decor, work on the seating chart, select our menu, and talk about the finishing details. This is where my DIY skills will–hopefully–come into play!

In the next week or two, I will be ordering our rehearsal dinner invitations from my go-to online invitation website Minted. Here are some of my favorite designs…though you already know none of these are “the one”…I know, I am no fun ;).

Air Mail Invitation
Midnight Vineyard Invitation
Just My Type Invitation
Country Flair Invitation
Float + Dotted Delight Invitation
Another fun wedding rendezvous later this week is my official hair trial/tun-through… Mom is accompanying me to make sure we’re all in agreement for how I want the mane to look for both my bridal portraits as well as the big day! {I know, I am keeping you all in suspense, right?}
I’m also in the midst of ordering all kinds of hostess/bridesmaid gifts and this is where it gets tricky–I have seen it all and received all sorts of presents through my “bridesmaid reign” in hosting parties for others…we’ll see what I come up with, but advice–what’s the best gift you’ve received for being a bridesmaid/hostess/etc?
And in proper blonde fashion, I absolutely forgot to post the winner of the Apothica gift card yesterday…a big shoutout goes and congrats to Deanna from Deanna in Pajamas!! She’s the winner of the $50 worth of free money…enjoy and thanks for playing friends 🙂
  1. LB says:

    I love the invitations, minted is the best!

  2. Best bridesmaid gift I ever received was a small Waterford crystal bowl. It is gorgeous, and it's something that will live in my home forever. Every time I use it or move it to a new location in the house I think of my friend's wedding and how much fun we had.

  3. Mindy says:

    One of the gifts my SIL gave all of the bridesmaids were matching earrings to wear for the big day. She did a good job because I still wear the earrings quite often 🙂

  4. My best bridesmaid gift I got was a tiffany necklace with my initials and her wedding date engraved on the back. We all were them for the wedding

  5. Ashley says:

    cute invitations!
    We probably had close to 60 at our rehearsal dinner — but we invited EVERYONE who was in from out of town. =) It was so much fun!
    I am actually getting ready to be a bridesmaid for the very first time at the end of the month…well I guess technically I have been one since August haha but I haven't been a BM In a wedding yet! SO I have NO advice for you lol =) I can let you know after Saturday as I think that is when she is giving us our gifts =)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Best bridesmaid gift is jewelry to wear the day of your wedding that can be reworn again, or custom purses to coordinate with your wedding. I was in a wedding and we all got 1154 Lill purses, and each had a different inside so you could quickly tell by opening it who's was who's!

  7. Taylor B. says:

    Best bridesmaids gifts: wraps that coordinated with our dresses to wear after the ceremony, clutch, Tory Burch flip flops to wear at the reception so we could take off our heels and not have to be barefoot
    Worst bridesmaid gift: tacky jewelry that I will NEVER wear again! ever! but you have good taste so I wouldn't worry

  8. Sara says:

    I loved working with Minted for our Christmas cards 🙂 I am sure your invites will look great!! We gave our girls hair and makeup services the day of the wedding- we all got glam'd together and they looked/felt like a million bucks. At the last min a bought pashminas too and gave them to wear with their dresses since we got married in the fall by the water. I just went out with two of them last week and saw the pashminas living on as the perfect spring(ish) scarf.

  9. It's going to be here before you know it!! SO SO SO exciting. Our rehearsal dinner was about 80 people, but it still felt so intimate compared to our wedding! You will love that night, too!

  10. Kim and Josh says:

    We also sprung for our girls to have their hair and make-up done… our treat! Being a bridesmaid adds up quickly and I know they enjoyed being pampered (and all looked fabulous). I gave them all plush pink robes and we all wore them while getting ready… I go visit and they still wear them and I wear mine all the time. You're great at this so I'm sure you'll blow us all away with your ideas. I'm loving hearing about all these details by the way… so fun!

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2024 favs

where I shop

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