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Do Good…And Other Nonsense


April 14, 2011

My sorority’s creed–haha. Random, I know. And other nonsense…this is Thursday’s topic of delight. For some reason, this morning I woke up and must have felt patriotic because I am most certainly sporting a navy striped skirt and a tomato red springtime sweater…God Bless America, right? 

On another fashion note, I finally did it–I broke down and purchased my very first romper the other day. I almost walked away with one last year, but couldn’t give in to spending $100 on what I thought would be a one-season trend. Well, they’re back this year, though I only shelled out $20 at Le Target and I am impressed by my budget-savvyness–it’s really cute on, too! {no picture though, I can’t seem to find it online}
So, we finished our first book club ready “Crazy Love” the other night–1 down, bunches to go. I think overall we all enjoyed the book, though we definitely needed some reflection time to deal with the themes and key takeaways from the book. Next on our plate? “Same Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall and Denver Moore–I can’t wait to get started on this. The reviews sound really good and this should take us in a different direction this go-around.
Do any of you collect cookbooks? I am becoming obsessed with these lovely reads {yes I consider them to be reading books} and cannot wait to add more to my collection. Some recent gifts include Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Comfort Foods, 101 Things to Do with a Cake Mix, and a Gourmet Cupcake Cookbook–look out, these people know I love a good sweet, or two.
The Lady Gaga concert is here in Nashville next Tuesday and I’m going with 2 of my best friends…we cannot wait!!! I know it is going to be quite the spectacle and so much fun to sing along to each and every song…yes, we’ll be acting like teeny boppers, too 😉
Need a good excuse to treat yourself to a night out to dinner? I found this event at Nashville Scene and it’s a WONDERFUL cause going on throughout the nation in major cities. It’s called “Dining Out for Life” and its an annual fundraising event involving local restaurants. More than 3,500 restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds from this one night of dining to the licensed agency in their city. Nashville is participating on Tuesday, April 26th and I was happy to see so many restaurants are joining in to raise money for such a worthy event…here is the lineup!
Alright, it’s official–I am ready for the weekend…wedding crafting, shopping around town, and then celebrating my friend Leslie’s birthday with good friends at Arrington Vineyards Saturday night–cannot wait for some much needed downtime!! Happy Thursday
  1. Caroline says:

    I cannot collect books about sweets because I would make them and eat them all. I am jealous that you're seeing Lady GaGa. I can't wait to hear about all of the wackiness!!!

  2. TheGlamtrak says:

    I read Same Kind of Different as Me…it was great!!! I cried, I laughed and then I cried again. Happy Reading!

  3. TheGlamtrak says:

    I read Same Kind of Different as Me…it was great!!! I cried, I laughed and then I cried again. Happy Reading!

  4. Same kind of different as me is EXCELLENT! I bawled like a baby. Also, you need to get Cake Mix Dr – it shows you how to tweek cake mixes to taste homemade. Wonderful!!!

  5. Cynthia says:

    I definitely collect cookbooks! My most recent additions have been one from the 1940's and one from the 1950's. They were my grandmothers and they are so awesome! You should get one of Alton Brown's if you like to know the why behind cooking. It's pretty neat!

  6. I.Love. cookbooks. My collection is continuously growing.

    And I'm intrigued in your book club reads! I'll have to check em out 🙂

  7. I love cookbooks!!

    If you are starting a collection, you should think about ordering our Junior League of Galveston County cookbook. If you're interested, shoot me an email and I would be happy to mail one to you. It is $32.42 but it has a TON of recipes in it and gorgeous photography!

  8. Taylor B. says:

    Junior League cookbooks are the best! The best part is that you can pick them up in any town where there is a league and they're all different.
    I still haven't been able to buy a romper. I was with you in thinking that they'd be a one season wonder.

  9. Carroll says:

    What fun plans for the weekend! You will love Same Kind of Different as Me. It is a fabulous read!!

  10. Ashley says:

    I am dying to get Gwenth Paltrows new cookbook!

  11. Three cheers for rompers girl 🙂 And Target. Amen to that!

  12. Andrea says:

    I am going to have to try on a romper this year. I used to think they were hideous, but they're growing on me!

  13. Shannon says:

    Not gonna lie-I got really excited when I I read the DG sorority creed! I always love finding another DG girl!

  14. MC says:

    You should get Mary Mac's Tea Room Cookbook, absolutely the best Southern cookbook. Everything I have made from this book has been simple and so good. It also tells the whole story of the restaurant and long-time employees and patrons.

  15. Saying I do says:

    wow that concert is going to be awesome! so jealous!!! I want to check out that book too..sounds interesting!

  16. thanks for the target romper tip! i like the look of rompers, but am not sure if i could pull them off…if i can find a cheap one i like though, i might take the plunge! have a great weekend! and lady gaga–she came to Cville in the fall and so many people went and got all dressed up crazy for it!

  17. ABRK says:

    "Same kind of different as me" is one of my favorite books! It is a feel good book that will change anyones attitude for the better!

  18. Mrs. SE says:

    Hey Lady! How did you find out about this book club? I'd love to get together for a book club in Nashville.

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