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The Dreaded Diet


April 12, 2011

Normally, I pretty much eat what I want…in moderation. Coupled with 3 to 4 days of exercise and portion control, I’m on a fairly routine food plan, but can incorporate a few indulgences every now and then since I know what my “happy weight” fluctuates around. 
However, 2 weeks from today=bridal portraits, which means this girl is going on a very strict… dare I say d-i-e-t

Please tell me there are others of you out there who despise that word…ugh, such a nasty connotation. We’ll just say I want to look my best for the pictures and that we’re “cutting back a bit”. So needless to say, I have to watch myself and this is “the plan” I came up with:


  • 9 to 12 miles per week on the treadmill/outside running/arc trainer
  • 2 to 3 days of strength training and weights
  • Cocktails: only one day per week {2 drinks}
  • 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to keep hydrated and skin looking refreshed
  • No eating after 7:30PM
  • No dessert {and yes, fro-yo counts as dessert–boo}
Beauty Regime
  • Tanning bed: first let me say I cannot wait to go back to spray tanning after the wedding…but this needs to happen to make sure I am not a casper bride
  • Whitestrips: yes, I will be using these to keep my pearly whites bright!
  • Nightly: using moisturizer and eye cream every night to reduce wrinkles and keep skin clean and breakout free
So tell me, what did you do to get glam and gorgeous for your big wedding extravaganza?? If there is anything I am missing or not thinking about, by all means let me know!
And one other question–I have had people look at me crazy when I told them about bridal portraits…is this just a southern thing? I have friends all over and in talking to them about having them taken so we can display a portrait at the wedding, it was almost as though I was speaking another language…
  1. Jamie says:

    Sounds like a great plan! I'm also trying to get in wedding shape although I have never heard of bridal portraits either! So I'm guessing it's a Southern thing! They aren't the same as engagement photos?

  2. MarshMellow says:

    Hey girl! New blogger/follower here!! No, bridal portraits are not just a southern thing (as far as I know). As for dieting before my wedding, I didn't intentionally diet but the stress of it all allowed me to be a skinny mini! BUT as I look back at it all I could've afforded to be a little heavier/healthier. Even the hubs says so. I think when us ladies are in wedding mode, we tend to think are best isn't good enough. But I understand the whole wanting to be "perfect" thing. But remember your hubby-to-be loves you for every inch and imperfection that you are :)…(plus I think you gorgeous as is, not that my opinion means much). So, long story short the only tidbit I could give you is to remember what your wedding truly is, its about joining lives with the one you love and its not a runway show. Trust me you will be a knock-out that day. It's a bride thing 🙂 Have fun with it and don't stress too much (stress shows all over).

  3. Candice Lynn says:

    you do NOT need to diet you silly girl

  4. carrie1 says:

    I did Bridal Portraits for my wedding. I thought it was a pretty common thing, so I thought it was weird when you said people were looking at you like you were crazy.

    Good luck with the healthy eating.. I too am on the dreaded diet… BLAH!

  5. Jennie says:

    I'm from Texas – and we love our bridal portraits!

  6. Julia says:

    so, not to sound all preachy, but i did the big diet too before my big day….and…i lost way too much weight. i guess i didn't plan it properly with my last dress fitting. but my dress did NOT fit on my wedding day. so just be careful. i say this because you look fabulous already and surely you don't want to lose too much 😉 it's easy to get so wrapped up in needing to look the absolute best you ever have. it was big motivation for me– too much motivation. the diet worked better than i thought it would! 😉

  7. Katie says:

    I didn't diet before my wedding, but just ate healthy and cut out alcohol about 3 weeks before. Honestly, with the excitement of it I ended up dropping some lbs anyways. I felt the prettiest I'd ever been that day. So excited for you!

  8. Sounds like a FABULOUS plan girl, you can do it!

  9. Heather says:

    Good luck with your plan! I definitely did a bridal portrait. I'm from NC.

  10. Best of luck with your d-i-e-t. Yes, I too hate that word! Can't wait to see your gorgeous photos!

  11. haha us southern girls do love the bridal portraits! Don't forget the mani and pedi as well 🙂 Especially the mani since that will show more! Which white strips do you use? I need to start back on those but there are sooo many options now

  12. Nicole says:

    uh…hello….where can I get a butt like the one in the picture? I would kill for that!

  13. Ashley says:

    good luck sweet girl! you are so beautiful and don't need to go into a 'diet' thing BUT you want to feel and look your best which I can completely understand =)

    Bridal portraits ARE a Southern thing — don't worry about it =) I wish I would have take some but my dress wasn't ready and I ran out of time =/

  14. I'm from the midwest and had never heard of bridal portraits so I was assuming it was a southern thing. You look great without dieting, I'm with the other girls in be careful of not losing too much weight so your dress will fit perfectly!

  15. Chiara says:

    I've honestly never heard of Bridal portraits, are they like engagement pictures? or do you wear your wedding dress?!
    I'm curious!

  16. No matter what your pre-pic routine is…you're going to look gorgeous!

    I did bridal portraits and it was SO much fun!

  17. Oh my goodness, I thought everybody did bridal portraits…I just figured it was part of the wedding process…guess not…Good luck with everything!

  18. Mrs. S says:

    You are in great shape as is– I did cut out bread, potatoes, and alcohol about 2 weeks weeks before my wedding and it really helped!

  19. I went all out on bridal pictures! It may be a southern thing;) I do a really cheap beauty trick almost everynight… I also use under eye treatment but approx. 4 times a week I put jojoba oil under my eyes and on my neck (sounds crazy I know) Also, about twice a week, before bed, I put sweet almond oil on the tips of my hair (just keeps it looking shiny). Of course, don't put the oil in your hair unless you are going to wash it in the morning! 😉 One more thing and I will shut up, (I love beauty tips) You can mix the jojoba oil and sweet almond oil into your daily lotion to add a little glow to your skin… I know these sound crazy, tips from one of my favorite beauty books! 😉 Anyway, their cheap tricks, you can buy them at any health food store (Organic Harvest, if yall have one)… give 'em a try!! 😉

  20. Melissa says:

    Love it! I believe bridal portraits are a southern tradition, as I'd never heard of them before I moved to Kentucky 🙂

  21. Sounds like a plan!!

    I had people look at me kinda funny too when I talked about bridal portraits…but then I just laughed at them and told them how silly they were for not taking them themselves!

    Taking bridal portraits was one of the MOST FUN parts of the entire wedding process. It's a day all about you – photos all about you – makeup, hair – all about you!!! ENJOY!

  22. Mindy says:

    I always thought everybody did bridal portraits?? I guess it must just be a southern thing? I'll definitely do them when I get married!

  23. Hannah says:

    I just found it, and I love your blog! Super cute!

    Bridal portraits just a Southern thing? Not a clue, but I wouldn't think so! Just eating healthy and not a diet is my kind of thinking. 😉

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  24. Kayln says:

    You already look great! But that is a great plan too, maybe I should start lol. I can't wait to see all the wedding pics!!!

  25. Jesica says:

    Good luck with everything! I definitely did the diet and teeth whitening just before my wedding, the stress of it all makes dieting easy 😉 And yes Bridal Portraits are a Southern thing, I only know what they are from Weddingbee!

  26. Kit says:

    Sounds like a good plan! I took bridal portraits…I assumed everyone did as well!

  27. B says:

    I've never heard of anyone NOT doing bridal portraits. I loved getting mine done and had a blast.

    You look GREAT already, but I would be the same way. It's SO close! 🙂

  28. melissa says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous already and do not need to diet! That said, your plan sounds very sensible and not at all crazy bridal diet so no harm in being healthy. It will make you feel gorgeous while you're taking your bridal portraits.

    I didn't do bridal portraits but many brides I know do. I think maybe you're right – they could be a southern thing. I just hate having my picture taken and never like pictures of myself so bridal portraits didn't sound fun to me. I know yours will be beautiful!!!

  29. Kelly says:

    It's definitely a southern thing! You look great – but your plan sounds healthy, so yay!

  30. LC says:

    I'm a wedding photographer in the south & surprisingly I have a lot of brides that don't want bridal portraits!

  31. Every bride I know gets bridal portraits! I live in the South so I think it is a Southern thing! I'm about to ask my friend in AK just to see. 🙂

  32. Hailey says:

    Haha I thought every bride get bridal portraits? I know I can't wait to have mine done 🙂

  33. Tiff says:

    I saw on the Today show, yesterday, that drinking hot water is actually better and helps you shed pounds faster.. Not sure if it works or not, but I thougt I'd pass it along to you!! 🙂

  34. TayFrizz says:

    Definitely be careful with the dieting. You're absolutely gorgeous and definitely don't need to, but I totally understand! Drinking room temp water is suppose to be better than cold because it absorbs in your system faster (at least that's what I've heard). And if there are so many southern bridal traditions, are there any northern traditions that we've never heard of?

  35. In Oklahoma we do Bridal Portraits! They are always one of my favorite things to look at at a wedding!

  36. I have never heard of bridal portraits before, but the idea sounds absolutely amazing! I just came across your blog and absolutely love it and am your newest follower. Since you are "dieting" and seem girly I just wanted to tell you about a book my book club just finished. It's called "The Food That Fits" and it relates fashion theory to food. It's actually pretty brilliant!


  37. My bridal portraits are in 3 weeks and while I haven't been "dieting" per se, I have been more conscious about my portions and snacks. I also love a glass of wine or two most nights of the week (if I'm being perfectly honest here) so I'm cutting down on that. I've also made more of a valiant effort to attend my workout classes! 🙂 And while I'm being completely honest, I hate to admit it, but I have switched from spray-tan/can-tan back to the old school tanning bed. Only for a more realistic tan and no streakage! I've already put in a reminder on my calendar to CANCEL that membership 3 days prior to our wedding. Oh! And I got a glaze done on my hair to make it more shiny. 🙂

  38. just about everyone i know has a wedding portrait and it's on display in their formal living or dining room! i'm shocked people have been surprised when you mention it!

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