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Wednesday’s Lovable Tidbits


April 20, 2011

oh le tired…but oh so worth it! though i am pooped beyond measure–wow we are getting old–however, i am thankful and loving lots of stuff today…

i’m LOVING lady gaga even more than i already did–the concert last night was hands down the best live performance i have ever seen…the costumes, the dancing, the production–oh, and don’t even miss the fact that she sang EVERY single word–no lip syncing from that woman!! if you get a chance to see her, DO IT. i promise you will not be let down.

Me, Candice, and Meg at the concert!!

i’m loving that i finished reading water for elephants monday night and i am seeing the previews plastered all over TV…i cannot wait to see this movie this weekend!

i’m loving the fact that mom is emailing me our updated guest list with RSVPs daily and it’s making my heart happy because it’s getting super close
i’m loving loving today because i get to spend a relaxing night at home with the beau cooking dinner 
i’m loving that i was able to purchase the VERY last size 7 of this shoe in the country {yes, here, there, and everywhere was checked}…to wear for my bachelorette party in chicago–whoever said shoes don’t buy happiness didn’t have these in her closet i tell you!
Vince Camuto Maria Sandals via Dillards
and finally, i am loving that i get to celebrate Easter with my family on Sunday {and FINALLY get to eat some chocolate again…and yes, very small sacrifice, but still exciting nonetheless}
hop on over to jamie’s blog to tell her what you’re loving today! happy hump day!
  1. Beth McC. says:

    I wanted to go to the GaGa concert so bad!!!!

  2. LC says:

    I want to see Lady Gaga too!! Jealous!!!

  3. Brittany says:

    Looks like you had fun at the concert! I have always wanted to go see her!


  4. Caroline says:

    I am so jealous of you going to the Lady GaGa concert. I loved WFE, but I'm scared to see the movie because I know I won't like it as much!

  5. Looks like y'all had fun at the concert! I am dying to see her. But I guess I'll settle for NKOTB in June. I mean, I do have to expose my unborn child to the best music possible…

  6. Sarah says:

    Oh, I loved getting those e-mails from my mom with the most recent RSVPs!! It totally gets you pumped up! 🙂

  7. I'm so glad you had such a great time at Gaga. I'm headed home tonight for Easter, so I can definitely relate, I'm so excited for some family time!

  8. First things first, those shoes are HAWT girl! Love them! 🙂 Also, I gave up chocolate for Lent too — in addition to fries. Can't wait for my first piece of dark chocolate and also some sweet potato fries!

  9. Jamie says:

    Thanks for playing along!

    I can't wait to see Water for Elephants either!

  10. kebowman says:

    i want to see water For Elephants SO BAD!!!! I can't hardly wait!!!!

    and, i'm having a giveaway on my blog! The enter is SUPER easy! Nothing complicated! if you're interested in checking it out here is the link:

  11. Jenny DB says:

    The previews look amazing, that is the next book on my list to read, I'm really excited to start it! Love the shoes, btw!

  12. Cait says:

    ahhh cant wait for the movie too girl! eeks! the book is super good 🙂

  13. so excited to see WFE. Looks amazing. wonderful post love. don't forget to swing by today to see 3 new post on all the latest celebrity fashion news.


  14. i'm loving you and this blog!

  15. Previews look amazing! Happy Wednesday!

  16. Kelly says:

    hello fellow DG!! i just saw your post from a few days back with "do good" on it and was like umm hey wait, she's a deegee! im the notsoactivealum from texas a&m. i just got married in december so im enjoying reading about your plans knowing its not me thats stressed anymore! congrats on sending out the invites. i felt like once i did that the stress went down dramatically. how come no one tells you how hard the damn guest list is?!

  17. Kayln says:

    So jeal you went to Gaga, how fun!!! You should email me when you come to Chicago, I have a lot of ideas for what you all could do =)

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2024 favs

where I shop

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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