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Bye Bye Brain Cells


May 24, 2011

Tell me you got suckered in to this season’s of The Bachelorette just like I did so I can avoid the embarrassment of being a total love sap? Yep, it happened again… OK so I was in the middle of whether I liked Ashley H. during Brad’s season, but I think she is adorable with her new darker hue and I think she learned a thing or two from her first stint on TV. She’s got some {what seem to be} great guys vying for her attention, and some initial frontrunners in my book are: 

Ryan P–AKA Solar Man
{hot, sweet, successful, ready for commitment–sounds like a winner to me!}

William–AKA The Man Who Sells

{total hottie with an infectious smile…he’s going to woo her I do believe}

Then there is weirdo Jeff {AKA Mask Man}, Bentley {sounds like a dog’s name which is good because it looks like he is one}, and then Ames {AKA Overachiever/Weirdo}…yes, I’ll be tuning in each and every week to see the cards unfold.

In other news, while I was perusing for fun honeymoon necessities at Victoria’s Secret yesterday, I was trying on some items to which the helpful associate inquired to whether or not I had been measured recently…since losing weight I hadn’t thought my bra size had changed at all, but after a little consult in the fitting room, this girl has been wearing the wrong bra size like the other 70% of women in America…oops. Today, I am all smiles in some new skivies and know I am wearing something that fits, doesn’t ride up, and is actually comfortable and cute–what are the odds? Lesson here–get measured!
What’s on for tonight? We’re having our pastor over for dinner so we can have our last pre-wedding counseling session and then relaxing for the rest of the evening…I need to finish reading for book club, work on the endless amounts of laundry {how can 2 people rack up so much?}, watch the season finale of Pregnant in Heels, and then hit the sack early!
  1. Nicole Marie says:

    there were so many cute boys!!! i want them!

  2. During brads season i thought she said the word "like" waaaay too much but shes improved on that front. I love William… such a cutie

  3. meghan says:

    I swore I wasn't going to watch, but I couldn't help it. William and Ryan are my favorites too – so many nice, sweet guys this time!

  4. Mrs. SE says:

    Getting correctly measured is basically life changing! I was always wearing a 34 B, turns out I'm a 32C and life has never been better. The only problem is that it's kind of hard to find 32 size bras.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I haven't watched the Bachelorette yet, but you better believe it's in my DVR! 🙂 I was on the fence about Ashley too… but hopefully I will like her this time around. haha

  6. Shana says:

    It was quite the episode! I like her new do to though 🙂

  7. CMae says:

    OH MY WORD LOL your top 2 picks are mine as well!!!!!

    I think Bentley is a CREEP and worse than the wrestler guy that was on Ali's season!

  8. I got suckered in as well!

  9. Of course I tuned in…I just love that show. Guess I'm a sap too 🙂 Ryan, William, West, and both Ben's are my favorite!

  10. Virginia says:

    Each season I tell myself it's time to stop watching but I get sucked in, in no time!! William, Lucas, and Ryan are my top three, I actually thought Ames was pretty cute, though a little weird no doubt. I'd like West if it werent for his sad/scary background with his wife, his inlaws have accused him of killing his wife and his life just seems too complicated! Yay for Viccy's, love it! Have a good week!! Virginia

  11. This show is my guilty pleasure..love it!! Lots of cuties this season.

  12. Loving your "Bachelorette" run down…I happen to agree and love your nicknames for some of the no-go guys! Good Victoria's Secret tips and that is so true! When I lost just 15-20 lbs, awhile back, my bra size when down too…so it is so true! Oh and I have been watching "Pregnant in Heels too"…look forward to the finale!

    Liesl 🙂

  13. I totally got sucked in as well! lol! I was cracking up at the drunk snoring guy!

  14. I think this may be one of the best sets of guy they've had on the Bahcelorette in a while!! And I love getting new undergarments–having on a pretty bra or panties just makes you feel more confident even though no one can see them, ha!

  15. Kate says:

    I love your non-existant transition bewteen Victoria Secret bra talk to having the Pastor over. DYING laughing!!

  16. LuLu says:

    Weird… those were my two top runners too!!! I've always been Bachelor junkie so end up watching every season despite if I like the main person….

    A Candid Life

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2024 favs

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