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2011…A Hello Happiness Year in Review


December 30, 2011

At the end of every year, I like to look back at all of the exciting events that have taken place over the past 12 months just as a little highlight of monumentous occasions and such…some may have little to no relevance to others, yet played a big role in my life.
Here we go:

Rang in the New Year with friends in the mountains
 Played in loads of snow in and around Nashville…it was a gorgeous winter!
 Flew to Los Angeles to celebrate Jeff’s grandmother’s 95th birthday!
 Traveled to ATL to stock up for the wedding and spend a little r&r together!
 Canoe…my fav restaurant in ATL
 Had a fun family night on the town to toast
my Uncle Robert as he turned the big 50!
 Threw my birthday boy a big “gourmet hot dog” theme party for his 27th year
 Oh my March birthdays…the next week, we had another
fun birthday celebration for Lauren–love that woman!
 Spent time with the family for Easter
Celebrated our upcoming wedding with fun showers thrown by family and friends
Welcomed another UT graduate into the family when my cousin Lauren graduated
 Attended one big party of a wedding for Joanna and Rhett
Ventured to the Windy City with my best friends to
celebrate my last days as a single lady!!
 Hosted all my favorite ladies to a bridal
luncheon to kick-off wedding weekend festivities
Practiced saying our vows in preparation for our big day

 Celebrated with fun, food, and drink with our
dearest at our rehearsal dinner
 Spent the happiest day of my life–June 11, 2011–surrounded by family,
friends, and finally getting to marry my prince charming
Hopped on a plane the next morning en route to
Antigua to spend a week with just the two of us

 Said goodbye to my former ride and hello to Annie the Acura!

 Spent the 4th of July relaxing by the pool

  Then found out the very next week that we were in for a
big {and yes I mean BIG!} change

But our little secret didn’t last too long…we just had to tell
Mimi and Pappy they were going to be grandparents!
Sipped on a few virgin margaritas to celebrate my 28th birthday!
Made our little announcement official
Travelled to Seaside to help ring in Andy’s 30th birthday
Then met up with Mom and Dad to have a few relaxing days in Destin
Ventured to Knoxville for a few football games with our wondeful friends!
Did our annual Bell Buckle craft fair visit
Hosted a Gender Reveal Party to FINALLY spill the beans on Little Miss
Attended a fabulous fall engagement party for Jules and Jon

Spent time at my Aunt Michele’s house for their Fall Fest/Chili Party

 Hopped on a plane to spend Thanksgiving with Jeff’s family in Hilton Head

 Decorated the house for my favorite time of the year!

Sent out our very first Christmas cards as Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking

 Bombarded the Big Apple right before Christmas


 Got to paint the town in celebration of Lauren and Andy FINALLY getting engaged!

 And the very next week we got to celebrate as another BFF Candice and
Adam got engaged…it’s officially the season of love!

 Then spent a relaxing Christmas holiday with my family here in Nashville

What’s on our plate for the big New Year’s Eve celebration this weekend? An evening at our house with my parents…this year, we decided we wanted to take it easy and spend time in our “yummies”, cooking dinner, playing games, and watching the ball drop. Hope you all have a fantastic time ringing in 2012 and to celebrate everything new that’s to come.
As bittersweet as it is to say goodbye to a year that I consider to be the best thus far, I know 2012 can only top these past 12 months, and I can’t wait to savor each and every moment in anticipation of the arrival of the biggest blessing of all.
From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for my blogging friends and this opportunity–your genuineness and thoughtful comments make life even better and I only hope to be able to continue to share a little bit of my life with you in 2012.
Cheers to you with all my love!! OXOX
  1. Ashley says:

    you have had such an amazing year! I can't believe how close the big day is getting – March will be here before you know it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year!

  2. Brekke says:

    What a great year for you! I know 2012 will be even more exciting!

  3. Tricia says:

    What a fun year! 🙂 Cheers to a fabulous 2012!

  4. What a huge and exciting 2011! I can only imagine how much better it's going to get in 2012!!! Happy New Year!!! xo

  5. Raquel says:

    What an exciting year! Hope 2012 will be even better! 🙂

  6. KY says:

    What an EXCITING year you had!!!!!!!! I am giddy over this post 🙂 I am getting married in July and if I do not make a the DCC in May, our plan is to start trying to get pregnant right away. Watching your photos one after the other after the other put the biggest smile on my face – isn't it wild how many changes can come in a matter of 365 days? Think back on the news, excitement, growths that 2011 brought, and how exciting 2012 will be!! I wish you the best!!!! xoxo

  7. What a fantastic year but honey, you just wait until that sweet little girl gets here! You are in for the best time of your life!

    I'm hosting another giveaway and you and Miss Caroline will love this one! 🙂

  8. kate funk says:

    What a HUGE year for you!!!! 2012 will only bring more amazing things your way! Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your life with us!

  9. Oh my goodness!! 2011 was SUCH a big year for you two! And 2012 will be just as exciting {if not more so!}. So glad to have found your blog and can't wait for all the fun adventures ahead! xo

  10. Desi says:

    You seriously are THE cutest thing ever! You live the best life!! Oh and I love all of your outfits. Adorable!

  11. Faith says:

    What an incredible year for you! WOW!!!

    You def. looked fabulous all throughout!

    here's to 2012 being even more incredible … i have a feeling it will be 🙂

  12. What a great year! You are the cutest pregnant woman I've EVER seen! 🙂 Love your blog! & thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on mine!

  13. Cait says:

    wow and i thought i had a big year girl 🙂 good for you! can't wait to meet your beautiful babygirl when she comes in march 🙂 xo

  14. You have had quite the year–tons of traveling and very momentous occasions! Happy New Year! I'll be headed to the country tomorrow with my boyfriend to ring in the new year with lots of friends!

  15. AllyceR says:

    What an amazing year you have had! 2012 can only bring more good things–enjoy your relaxing New Year's celebration!

  16. Cat Simmonds says:

    Congrats on your fabulous year, wish you the best of luck in 2012!

  17. What a wonderful year you had! And it looks like 2012 will be just as good with a new baby girl on the way!

    Happy Almost New Year!

  18. p.V.e says:

    Love all the pictures!! Looks like you had a great year! I can't wait to keep reading next year, especially on the new arrival of your beautiful daughter!

  19. Erin says:

    As a new(er) follower of only a few months, I enjoyed getting to look back at earlier things this year! Best wishes in 2012!!


  20. Lindsay says:

    What an amazing year you guys had! Happy New Year!!

  21. Claire xx says:

    A massive hello from a follower in the UK! I love your blog….It always brings a smile to my face. I also got married this year and have loved every second. If you want to become pen pals or want any UK items give me a shout! Congratulations on a fab year and lots of love and best wishes for the 2012!!
    Claire xxx

  22. Jamie says:

    What a wonderful year you've had! I know this next year will be even better 🙂

  23. Megan says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful year. Wishing you an even better new year! PS. Love your teal dress you wore for Easter 🙂

    Happy New Year!


  24. sSe says:

    It's been such a pleasure to read your blog and follow your adventures throughout all of 2011. Everytime I click on your blog I know that I am in store for a wonderful post, so thank you! Here's to a wonderful 2012!

  25. Amber says:

    What an incredible year you've had!!!! As much as I hate to be genuinely "jealous" of people, I am absolutely jealous of your 2011!!!!!! Happy 2012!!! You have even more excitement to look forward to!! Congrats!!!

  26. Now this was a year! Happy New Year!

  27. Hi! My name is Concepcion, I;m from Panama, and I just get to read your blog. I really love it, since I'm specting my first baby too. My due date is for May.

    Happy New year!

  28. Kristin says:

    LOVED reading this!! cant wait for march!!

  29. Jaime says:

    I am new to the blogging world, but just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your recap of your exciting year! Many blessings to you and your growing family in the new year!

  30. Tess says:

    Could you have a more amazing and life changing year? I really don't think so!!! So happy that 2011 treated you so very well and I wish the same continues on for a very prosperous 2012. All the best!

  31. Monika Kanon says:


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  32. I'm your newest follower! You are absolutely stunning!

  33. You've had an amazing year. Best wishes for a wonderful 2012! I'm a long-time reader and first time commenter, won't you check out my blog?



  34. jess says:

    What an eventful and amazing year for you! I loved reading about it and seeing your pictures. BTW, you have the cutest wardrobe! Looking forward to more great posts in 2012!


  35. Shari says:

    You definitely have had quite the year. Can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2012..and of course the arrival of little Caroline. Yay! 🙂

  36. Caroline says:

    Love this! You've had one amazing year! Hoping 2012 is just as wonderful!

  37. a' la mode says:

    Cute blog doll! And you and I are local, how fun! I have a sweet little girl, Kendall, she's just under 2, and man are you gonna have a ball with yours!!! So sweet! We are in Brentwood, are you nearby? xoxo Shelli from a' la mode

  38. Amy says:

    Looks like you had a great year filled with lots of love and blessings! I hope this next year holds even more of both for you and yours…esp. with the arrival of your sweet Caroline!!!

  39. Kate says:

    Tat! I have to know – where in the world did you find the one shoulder white dress you are wearing in the bridal brunch photos? I am desperate need of a version of that for some of my wedding festivities! Thanks lady!

  40. Megan says:

    A great year! My family and I were in New York right before Christmas as well. My brother proposed to his girlfriend there! Small world.

  41. Tammy says:

    Great year! Loved the pix!

    Honeymoon baby?

    So sweet!

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