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Girl for All Seasons


January 10, 2012

Do any of you remember that song, “Girl for All Seasons” from Grease 2? For some reason, it got into my head when I started working on this post so I apologize if you suffer because of it.
My friend Brooke asked if I would devote a post to showcasing some of my favorite nail polish colors, so I thought it would be fun to look through shades to get you through any and all seasons…some are worthy year-round, yet others should only be brought out during a certain time of the year.

Yes, I am a nail polish junkie and I am somewhat of a snob when it comes to certain brands–I used to be a “generic” user, until I gave in and forked over the money for OPI and Essie, but you get what you pay for and these beauties do last a great deal longer than other brands.
Winter Time Fancies
You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI

Mink Muffs by Essie

Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees by OPI

In Stitches by Essie

Spring Forward

Big Hair, Big Nails by OPI

Chocolate Moose by OPI

Mimosas for Mr and Mrs by OPI

{great wedding day color, too!}

Geranium by Essie

In the Summertime
Elephantastic Pink by OPI

Ballet Slippers by Essie

{the color I used on my wedding day}

Dutch Tulips by OPI

Sand Tropez by Essie

Watermelon by Essie

Fall into Fun
Lincoln Park at Midnight by OPI
Chinchilly by Essie

Chick Flick Cherry by OPI

Carry On by Essie
What are some of your go-to/favorite shades of nail polish?
  1. Lauren says:

    Lately I've been really into painting my nails too. I used to just buy the cheap ones, but I too, spluged on OPI and I don't think I'll go back to drugstore nail polish again – it chips so much quicker.

    The "You Don't Know Jacques" is a really pretty color. I've never used it before. Is it more of a grey or brown?



  2. Leigh says:

    OMG now I have that Grease song stuck in my head.. I feel like I'm the only one who LOVES Grease 2 haha!

    I wear Fiji by Essie but I want to get ballet slippers.. it's so pretty and simple!

  3. OPI & Essie ALL THE WAY.

    In the Winter, "You Don't Know Jacques" by OPI, doesn't leave my fingers! LOVE IT.

    And in the Spring – "Dutch Tulips"!

  4. Mrs. Lovely says:

    I've stuck to soft pinks FOREVER and just started getting into the dark colors. I love Gucci Mucci Pucci by Essie year round and then my sister bought me OPI Best of the Best for Christmas. It's mini nail polishes of their most popular colors. I did a post about it:

    It's a fun way to try out new colors inexpensively!

  5. 1. Thanks a lot, now I have that song stuck in my head! haha!
    2. I love that first Essie color

  6. Sarah says:

    Love these! I tagged you in a post if you want to play along 🙂

  7. Erin says:

    I have just recentely stopped buying the cheapies and spent a little more on a few shades I love and use all the time of OPI and Essie. It truly makes the difference!

    Right now I'm obsessed with You Don't Know Jacques too!!

  8. Great colors! And I love Grease 2 🙂

  9. This post makes me want to go get another manicure!

    I love OPI and its pretty much all I use. I'm a total pink girl: used Got a Date To-Night (pink) on my wedding day and I often get Italian Love Affair or Its All Greek to Me.

    Love love love this post! So fun

  10. I have Chinchilly on my toes right now!! 🙂

  11. Mommy, Esq. says:

    I am a nailpolish junkie! I love OPI and Essie as well, but a great drugstore option is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. It really is fantastic…won't chip for at least a week! I just did my nails last night in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cafe Au Lait. It a great "mannequin hands" color.

  12. Sarah says:

    Oh my god, I loooooved Grease 2!! I could probably sing every word to that song! 🙂

    And I too am a nail polish junkie! OPI's new Wocka Wocka from the Muppet collection is a fabulous winter add! I just found it! 🙂

  13. Shari says:

    I'm loving those first two colors for right now. Gorgeous. 🙂

  14. These are all great colors! I love Essie's Ballet slippers!

  15. Kristin says:

    Lunch at the Delhi by OPI!

  16. Charity says:

    I love nail polishes of all kinds. but i have a problem. i keep my nails short and when i paint them i always paint the tip so it's not bare white and tacky. well the darn things ALWAYS chip and look disgusting. i've tried top coats and protectors and nothing seems to work. I LOVE having painted nails but don't know what to do to fix it.. HELP PLEASE!!

  17. Caroline says:

    I'm loving all of these winter colors. So fun!

  18. I love Essie's ballet slippers – it is my standby color and I go through it like crazy!

  19. jayme says:

    i'm the same type of polish snob. my favorite right now is power clutch by essie. it goes with everything.

  20. Beautiful colors! I too am a nail polish junkie, and you picked some of my favorites! I'm so excited to try out Essie's new spring collection, they have some bright colors that look really fun. Also, you should totally try out Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes. They cost about the same as Essie and OPI (usually around $8 a bottle) but they are amazing! Completely different than other Sally Hansen Polishes, and as good or better than OPI or Essie. The colors are great and go on really evenly, they stay on a long time, and the brush makes perfect application easy…I'm telling you give them a try, you'll love them! 🙂

  21. Chrissy says:

    Hi Natasha,
    I am pregnant and love to see all your baby posts. Would you do a post showing us some of your big items (car seat, stroller, furniture) and tell us why you picke your items and how you like them. Can't wait to see your shower post!

  22. Kristi says:

    Loved this! I am a major nail polish snob too. You are right they really do last so much longer. May have to try some of these colors out.

  23. Amy says:

    Lincoln Park After Dark and You Don't Know Jacques are two of my favourites. I have Lincoln Park on my toes right now! For summer my favourite colour is Essie's California Coral. OPI Hollywood Blonde is another great one – it's light so it doesn't show chips much (great for busy mamas who don't have time for manicures) but shimmery and pretty.

  24. I love OPI Nail Envy. I have really thin nails and it keeps them hard for awhile.

  25. Bailey says:

    Lincoln park at midnight is my favorite color!

  26. Mrs. SE says:

    Lincoln Park After Dark
    Lucern-tainly look Marvelous
    Bubble Bath
    Cajun Shrimp
    It's All Greek To Me
    Russian Navy
    (all opi)

  27. i am an OPI person myself but i have been meaning to try Essie for a while!

  28. Sarah Mina says:

    Oh dear, I have too many to keep track!

    I am a huge Essie fan:

    Turqoise and Caicos (fun bluish/green shade)
    Flirt (bright orange/coral)
    Fiji (opaque pale pink)
    Ballet Slippers (sheer pale pink)
    Midnight cami (shimmery navy blue)
    Power Clutch (slate gray)


  29. CMae says:

    Um hello!!!! Michelle Pfieffer is in that movie!! Practically a hidden secret till you watch it and realize she can sing!!! 🙂

  30. Katie says:

    I am obsessed with OPI! My staple colors are Bubble Bath and Siberian Nights.

  31. be still my heart, I could look at nail polish all day. These are great colors! xoxo

  32. p.s. I am a junkie and a bit of a "snob" myself….OPI and Essie all the way. You cant beat the Seche Vite topcoat either. Best stuff ever!

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