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Little Miss…32 Week Bumpdate!


January 25, 2012

How Far Along? 32 weeks, 4 days…52 days to go–check out this fav pregnancy website that shows you days and such and how baby progresses each week!
Size of Baby Caroline? A large jicama-can someone explain to me what in the world a jicama is? She is 16.7 inches long and weighs about 3.75 pounds
Maternity Clothes? I’m tired of maternity clothes…there is nothing else to say. I’ve been lucky in that the majority of items I’ve purchased aren’t maternity (just one size up), but I am ready to be sporting cute outfits again. I bought my first post-baby top last week in the hopes that shopping incentives will make me lose that weight FAST!
Weight Gain? 25 pounds…I look like I totally have a basketball in my belly these days.
Stretch Marks? No, and I am thanking the Good Lord.
Gender? If you could see the nursery, you’d know there is no denying a little princess is coming to our house VERY soon!
Sleep? Oi vey. It’s getting worse, yet I know I’m only going to get more uncomfortable as the final few weeks come my way. The pillow helps, yet I toss and turn because I can’t get my mind to stop thinking about the whats/ifs/buts, get up to potty, and then the vicious cycle starts all over again.
Food Cravings? Fruit, cereal, and powdered doughnuts…thank gosh Krispy Kreme isn’t too close to my house or we’d be in trouble.
What I Miss? Blatant honesty here-I want a gin and tonic more than you can imagine.
Symptoms? Restless leg syndrome, tiredness/lack of energy, bloating of the hands/feet
Belly Button? It’s now half in, half out 
Best Moment of the Week? The nursery progress…I am in love with it. I came home last night to find the painters had finished and the soft, pale pink color is just perfect. Our contractor is finishing the new lighting and bookcase this week, the rocker/glider was delivered, and pretty soon I can finish everything else-assembling the crib bedding, hanging art on the walls, and then Caroline’s room will be all ready!

  1. Liesl says:

    You just get cute and cuter and are oh so fashionable! Yay for no stretch marks too and go ahead, indulge in a few Krispy Kremes! 😉 Hope all continues to go smoothly for you, but I'm sure it will!

    Liesl 🙂

  2. K says:

    I hope I will be as fashionable and cute as your are in your pregnancy.

    Can't wait to see the nursery!!! : )

  3. You look adorable! And I cannot wait to see the nursery!

  4. Lindsay says:

    you look absolutely adorable! 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Girl you look too cute! I cant wait for you to post all the sweet pictures of that little girls room. You're in the home stretch… she'll be here before you even know it

  6. How adorable are you!!!????

  7. You're such a pretty prego! I love that you dress so fashionable while being pregnant, I plan on doing the same thing in the future. 52 more days! Oh my gosh it's going to go by so fast! I bet you're super excited to meet baby Caroline <33 I know us bloggers are.

  8. Sarah says:

    That website is awesome!!

    And you look fabulous, hope I look that good at 32 weeks! 🙂

  9. Oh you look darling!! And I LOVE that website…thanks for the link! Can't wait to see the nursery…you're getting SO close!

  10. Erin says:

    Cuter and cuter every week I tell ya! 🙂 You look radiant! I'm so excited to see the nursery once it's all finished– sounds like its close! 🙂

  11. Brekke says:

    How is it possible that you get cuter and cuter with every week?! You are simply a precious pregnant mommy! I saw a lot of them, I was an L&D nurse for 3 years before we moved so I know 🙂

    You're almost there!! So excited for you!

  12. jayme says:

    you look too stinkin cute!

  13. Kristen says:

    you look adorable! almost there, mama!

  14. Emily says:

    Wow if you're not the cutest person I've seen pregnant! Darling 🙂 Anyways, congrats to both of you, definitely going to be an adventurous new chapter to open in your life!

  15. Allyson says:

    What a sweet post. Could you be any more adorable?!


  16. You look great! I'm tired of mat clothes too. Getting dressed in the morning requires so much trial and error. Tried messaging u on twitter but I can't because u don't follow me 🙁

  17. Wow, your bump is so cute!

    P.S. I tagged you in a post, if you want to play along! 🙂

  18. You look so chic, no matter how pregnant you are! I have no doubt you'll lose that baby weight super quick and be one hot, happenin' mama!

  19. Sherrie says:

    Jicama is a very yummy veggie. It sort of has the texture of maybe like a soft apple. I like to eat it with lime juice and chili powder sprinkled on it. My grocery store sells it cut up with a lime wedge and chili powder packet and I've bought it twice this week! 🙂

  20. lori says:

    you are quite possibly the cutest pregnant lady i have ever seen… congrats on your princess!! the nursery sounds precious.

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