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The Flavor of the Day


April 18, 2012

Happy Hump day my dears! It’s Wednesday, and I’ve got quite a fun little morning planned…off to lunch with two of my best friends at The Puffy Muffin…yippee. Nothing like some chicken salad and poppyseed bread to put a little pep in your step on an otherwise “normal” day.

Before I forget, I did want to announce the winner of the Gigi Collection Leather Clutch Giveaway:
a big congratulations goes out to Allyson at Cupcakes and Candy Canes! I’ll be sending your information along shortly so you can claim your gorgeous new handbag. And a big thank you to everyone who participated…yall make it so much fun to host giveaways and I love having the opportunity to surprise someone with a little gift every now and then.

In other random news, I FINALLY got my Zulily order the other day. I had bought this dress and bloomer set way back in February and it arrived at my door…talk about cute and affordable-I love a good steal of a deal and this was only $10.

I miss my weekly manicures and pedicures. And no, I don’t mean fancy sessions spent at the nail salon, yet me alone in my bathroom doing them all by myself…last night I bought some fabulous new polish {OPI Big Apple Red to be exact} so maybe I can try to juggle things a bit better so I can have pretty nails again. There is something so classic and stylish about the perfect red polish, don’t you think?

And because no post is complete without a little tidbit of helpful information, have any of you tried the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches? Holy bananas they are amazing. I may be trying to shed some pounds, but I cannot for the life of me give up sweets completely. And at a mere 140 calories with 1.5 grams of fat, I don’t have to feel too guilty for having one little temptation every now and then! Any other special {tasty, yet not too bad for you} treats I need to know about??

  1. Jenny says:

    First off you do an amazing manicure! I wish I could be that neat and clean with red polish! love that color too! Also I'm obsessed with the skinny cow brand ice cream sandwiches- they totally don't taste low fat! YUM!

  2. Arielle says:

    That little outfit is cute! And I LOVE the skinny cow mint ones!!! So good!: ) And only like 3 WW points!

  3. jayme says:

    oh my goodness, that little outfit is well worth the wait! too cute! and that lunch sounds amazing, have so much fun! xo

  4. love your red polish! You should also try Dole Whole Fruit Bars…they are super sweet, all natural, and very low cal!

  5. I love skinny cow ice cream sandwiches!! The cookies and cream flavor is my favorite! 🙂

  6. LOVE the Puffy Muffin – have fun!! And yes, Skinny Cows are totally amazing – try the strawberry shortcake flavor too!

  7. Heather KA says:

    i LOVE the weight watchers raspberry dark chocolate pops…literally have one every single night…only 80 cals each, and so much flavor!

  8. Mindy says:

    The "no sugar added" fugsicles ar emy new obsession! They're only 40 calories as well as 1.5 g of fat and taste just like the original fudgsicles! 🙂


  9. melissa says:

    I love that outfit from Zulily! You're so right about their terrible shipping though. I won't order from them unless I desperately want the item because the wait is crazy long!

    I miss regular manicures & pedicures too. I'm terrible at painting my nails but I finally bought some new polish and a 3 in 1 base coat/top coat (and something else…not sure what the third is! ha!) Here's hoping I can make my nails look decent between my rare trips to the nail place.

    One of my favorite healthy-ish sweets are the Klondike Slim-A-Bear bars. They're vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate, and half of the box is toffee and chocolate. YUM! 100 calories and 3.5 grams of fat, I think.

  10. little b says:

    Edy's makes a light ice cream cookie sandwich that you may want to check out – they are AMAZING and also low-fat.

  11. Pamela says:

    Love the nail polish! Skinny Cow is so yummy 🙂

  12. Laura J says:

    I recently started buying Stonyfield Oikos greek yogurt ice cream and I'm OBSESSED. I've had the chocolate, honey, and blueberry flavors and still can't pick a favorite. My favorite part about this "ice cream" is that its 100% nonfat greek yogurt, for 100 calories per half cup (1/4 of the container) with zero fat, low carb, low sugar, 6g of protein and 15% calcium. What a treat to have something sweet, good for you, and without the funky preservatives and chemicals often found in diet foods. Did I mention this means you can have ice cream for breakfast?

  13. Have fun at lunch today with your bests! 🙂 And I love the Skinny Cow sandwiches…the mint ones are my favorite!

  14. Caroline says:

    I love that polish. It's my favorite red.

  15. my sweet treat is surprisingly the small ice cream cone at McDonalds. It's only 150 calories!!!!!

  16. I am still so so so excited about winning – thank you so much for hosting! You are so right about the perfect shade of red polish (I call it my signature color), aaaand that outfit is adorable. My sister has found some adorable stuff on Zulily.


  17. Love those skinny cows… PS. just read your one month post about Caroline… what a doll – you and Jeff are so fabulous, and love hearing about how well she's doing! She's perfect!

  18. LOVE skinny cow!!! not even a guilty pleasure because they are so low cal/ low fat 🙂 hope you had fun with your girlfriends at lunch- super jealous 😉 XO

  19. Meredith says:

    love the nail polish and I love skinny cow ice cream sandwiches they're soo yummy!

  20. Mrs. W says:

    Sounds like a lovely day! Big Red Apple is my go to color, love it!

  21. Shari says:

    Lately I've been doing a bit of fat free cool whip, some mini chocolate chips, and a little bit of graham cracker. It tastes very pie-esque and is low on the calories side of things. Btw, that new outfit is too cute!

  22. Whitney says:

    Hi, I am a new follower and adore your blog! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! What a fun dress and bloomer set for Caroline – I love the polka dots and color combo! Have you tried Fiber One brownies yet? 90 calories, lots of fiber and they taste like the real deal! I was skeptical at first too, but they are perfect for satisfying a chocolate craving 🙂

  23. Angie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that little outfit! $10.00, what a deal!

  24. Mmmm! Love skinny cow!! My mom introduced me to them! Yummy!!

    LOVE that red!! I just bought some new polishes at ulta so I can do a little mani/pedi bathroom session as well! lol

  25. Martha says:

    Ohmyword, that outfit is to die for! How cute!

    Have you tried all the Skinny Cow flavors??? Mint chocolate is amazing!!!

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