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Fantabulous Friday


May 25, 2012

Hola friends! It’s Friday, which means it is time for a mindless brain dump…too much to discuss I tell ya.

1. Anyone watching the Bachelorette this season? I was intrigued to see Emily do her thing, although I have to admit, this season seems ultra cheesy…with the “egg man”, the date to see the Muppets, dancing on a stage with Ryan surrounded by hoards of people, and Stevie the DJ among the other “interesting” individuals, does it seem like the guys are a little less than wonderful this go around? I’m telling myself I will not look at Reality Steve to see who gets the final rose, but I hope it gets better-I want some drama people!

2. We bought an Angelcare monitor this week, and its getting delivered today…which means this weekend starts sleep training in the nursery. I am so nervous and have decided I want my baby in our room permanently instead, but I know it’s for the best. Where is the time going? She seems too little to be in her room all by herself.

3. I am SO excited for a 3-day weekend! Cooking out with the Grunkes, pool day at my parents, and time to get some stuff done around the house=happy days are here again! And Memorial Day marks the official start of summertime-YIPPEE!! So many exciting events coming up I can hardly stand it.

4. Baby Caroline has been under the weather the past few days due to her 2 month shots…heartwrenching to see her not feeling well, so we have spent lots of time with me holding her and letting her sleep in my arms. Poor thing, I want to avoid sickness at all costs because seeing her not be her normal happy self is just too much for this momma.

5. I am depserately wanting to make my own herb garden…let’s be honest, I dont have the greenest thumb around, but surely I can keep some herbs alive long enough to use them on summer dishes and such. There is nothing better than fresh garnish to complement some of my favorite meals!

That’s all I’ve got for today my friends…make sure to remember to enter the PrintRunner giveaway that ends on Monday if you’re in the market for fun business cards! Hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!!

  1. Kimberly says:

    LOVE the Angelcare monitor – I truly don't know how I would have gotten any sleep without it! Just a warning, though – the alarm will occasionally go off (if they move off the pad, etc.) I remember the first time it did, I jumped out of bed so fast!
    Good luck, can't wait to hear all about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. happy friday to you, lady ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ugh i agree- emily's guys are definitely not as good as past seasons- i feel like even ashley's guys were better than this!! i follow reality steve via fb, and it takes ALL my willpower in the world not to read his spoiler. i hope i can stay strong through the season- HAHA!

    hope baby C starts to feel a bit better.. enjoy your wknd! XO

  3. Totally agree with your Bachelorette recap! Hope it gets better! And good luck with the sleep training…will be thinking of you and hoping C feels better soon!

  4. Lauren says:

    I've been watching the bachelorette, and it's just kinda boring this time it seems. Plus, the contestants are kinda lame. I mean, dressing like an old woman, and egg man? What the heck!

    Don't forget to check out my shabby apple giveaway I'm hosting right now!


  5. Amanda says:

    I couldnโ€™t agree more about this season of Bachelorette. Unfortunately I wasnโ€™t that impressed after this last episode and have already gone to Reality Steveโ€ฆ
    Feel better baby C!

  6. Cassie says:

    So I have never ever ever watched any of these Bachelorette seasons, but I promised one of my best friend's that I would watch this season. I watched the first night but missed last week's.

    The guy with the egg lives in the city 30 minutes from me. I have already vowed to meet him when he gets back to Madison. I love ridiculous people.

    Hope baby C gets to feeling better!! Happy 3 day weekend to yall!


  7. Poor baby girl!! I hope she feels better soon…. it's never easy when they're sick, but it's especially hard when they're still teeny tiny and just should NOT have to ever feel bad! ๐Ÿ™

    As for the Angelcare… hands down, the very best baby item we purchased / received (shower gift!). Seriously — if I could only pick one thing I truly would say we HAD TO HAVE…. that would be it.

    Word to the wise though…. save yourself a lot of false alarms ahead (I don't know about C, but J tends to curl up in the corners of his crib) and order two pads! I think it's only $30ish and IS SO WORTH IT! Jackson's alarm never goes off falsely anymore when he's wedged himself into a corner because there are two pads covering the crib instead of one, so it's always picking up his movement.

    I pinky promise you'll be glad to know about this in coming months!

    And her nursery — goodness gracious – it's absolutely perfect!!!

    Okay, off to read about the Seaside vacay!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I'm feeling the same about the Bachelorette. I hope she finds a good guy from all of this, but there are some characters to choose from this season.

    Hope your precious girl starts feeling better!

    Enjoy your weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. All At Once says:

    I cannot wait to grow my own little garden. I cannot wait to more out of San Francisco and head to the suburbs where my kids can have a yard, and I can have a garden! ah!! sounds so wonderful

  10. Anne says:

    I'm totally with you on the Bachelorette. I actually DOZED OFF on last Monday's episode.

    Please, give us some drama!

    Hope the little babe gets to feeling better soon!

  11. Hilldog says:

    I totally get the not wanting to put the baby in her room! We are going through the same thing! Good luck!!

  12. Julie says:

    I love that little garden in the pot—may have to do that:) Just started reading your blog found through another reader-super cute! Looking forward to reading more!

  13. Happy Friday! I'm right there with you on the green thumb…I wish I had one, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me!

  14. Liesl says:

    I am watching "The Bachelorette" and agree with you so far! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope Baby Caroline is feeling better and that you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hannah says:

    I hope C feels better soon! …her room is adorable by the way! I'm sure she'll do just fine in her big girl room ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi โ€“ Itโ€™s good to read such interesting stuff on the Internet as I have been able to discover here. I agree with much of what is written here and Iโ€™ll be coming back to this website again. Thanks again for posting such great reading material!!

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