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My Random Day Post…Hola Hump Day


June 6, 2012

I had a few of you ask where I got the dress I had on at the wedding…I bought it at a store called DejaVu in Seaside, but couldn’t find it on their website so check the Red Dress Boutique to buy it-it’s by Judith March!
Speaking of shopping, thank you Old Navy for having an AMAZING sale last weekend…I scored majorly! 3 dresses + 1 workout tank + 1 pair of running shorts + 1 embroidered shirt for less than $100-I am definitely a savvy shopper these days!
There are so many fun parties and showers coming up for weddings and babies…I cannot help but get excited for so many of my girlfriend’s and celebrating these next chapters in each of their lives!
I am FINALLY making progress on losing the weight…I hit a plateau a few weeks ago and though I was doing great with my workouts and eating, I wasn’t losing an ounce! Obviously I know it takes awhile for my metabolism to catch back up after pregnancy, but I am not the most patient person so I was getting frustrated. So, this week, I have officially stepped up my game-I’m doing more circuit training, rotating days for incorporating arm/leg workouts, sticking to eating 5 small meals instead of 3 larger ones, and I have already seen results…2 pounds down, 3 more to go!
Just this week I have had to pay more than $1150 in EXTRA doctor’s bills regarding all things labor + delivery. As much as I love my peanut, I swear having a baby is just so expensive…yes, this is me forewarning all of you ahead of time to save your pennies now!!
And dealing with insurance companies-OI VEY!
Speaking of the little one, she is trying SO very hard to roll over…this past weekend, Jeff and I sat with her on the floor just waiting for her to push herself over, yet no luck. I know she’ll do it when she is ready, but I sure don’t want to miss this milestone!
P.S. a HUGE thanks to a successful blog sale friends! I cannot believe you snatched up the goodies so quickly…I promise not to wait too long until I do this again-it was too much fun!

  1. i hear you on the medical bills!! That dress is super cute and look at you sale shopper scores at Old Navy! Happy Hump Day!

  2. keep it up! That is amazing that you have 3 pounds to go!

  3. Erin says:

    Your blog sale went WAY too fast!! lol, I just about missed everything 😉

    I'm excited for lots of fun parties and showers coming up for my friends and family too! Life should be one big celebration I think!!

    C is looking so darn cute– stinks about those bills though, yikes!!

  4. I, too, am really turning up the heat on getting in shape! I have been exercising more frequently and for a longer duration, and getting in more fruits/veggies. OH, and reducing my wine intake during the workweek. 🙂 Funny how much of a difference that makes.

  5. Gosh, the hospital bills already scare me! That should be fun! 😉 And good luck with the last couple pounds…I'm sure you'll lose them in no time!!

  6. Amanda says:

    The idea of more hospital bills scare me. You seem to be doing a great job on losing the weight though. Keep it up. You look great!

  7. Lauren says:

    I keep waiting anxiously for ou doctors bill to arrIve. I feel you. And the weight thing…couldn't come any sooner and I'm only 2 weeks out. Patience! Keep uP the good work and thanks forthe fun sale!


  8. Meredith says:

    Love the dress! Yes, I'm not looking forward to Millie's doctor bill, but I am looking forward to her birth and the rest will work itself out over time.

  9. Shari says:

    Don't be so hard on yourself about the weight. You WILL get there! 🙂 You have already done great!

  10. You always look so cute!! Can't believe the peanut is already starting to try and roll over… where has the time gone!?

  11. Laura says:

    ugh…I dread all the doctor bills this time! It literally cost me $300 on my old insurance to have Grayson. Now we are on my husband's and I swear we get bills every. single. week. It's a good thing these babies are so cute!

  12. Just out of curiosity- how much do you think it has cost you total for having the baby? I have no idea what to expect and it makes me so nervous!

  13. That dress is too cute, and you are so right – your blog sale did go by so so fast!

  14. Nicole says:

    Warn us before your next blog sale!!! I was knee deep in preschoolers all yesterday morning and didn't get a chance to snag something until it was too late! 😉

  15. Angie says:

    That dress is so flipping adorable!!! I'm a savvy shopper too but I refuse to buy anything until after this baby is born. Maternity clothes are NOT cute!!!

  16. Samma says:

    I am on a plateau too! And I have been totally slacking on working out, because I have been so worn out. Vicious cycle- no energy to work out, no energy because I'm not working out!

    I was so worried about Dell Harper rolling over fo rthe first time for the nanny instead of me- we had a pact that if she did, the nanny wouldn't tell me! Hahaah! Instead it happened at 15 weeks, on Mother's Day!

  17. Kayln says:

    totally obsessed with your orange dress, i found one on ebay yesterday and purchased immediately! hopefully it fits 🙂

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