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the final hoorah…girls gone charleston


September 28, 2012

As promised, a fun look back at this past weekend in the gorgeous city of Charleston…one of my favorite southern cities!! Warning, picture overload ahead, and this is after I edited since we are older and way more mature now 😉 (FYI: I am being so sarcastic)

Thursday afternoon, some of us hopped on planes and met up as soon as we arrived in Charleston! We made our way to the hotel and immediately through on some dresses and headed out for a late night dinner and cocktails. We began our night munching on seafood from Coast, which was great…incredible fish tacos and sangria, too! And award winning MO-JI-TOS…haha!
Then we were off to find some fun and stumbled upon the coolest bar called The Cocktail Club, recommended by our server-great find indeed! It was almost like an old speakeasy inside and then a rooftop patio perfect for relaxing and taking in all the “interesting” people there for the night.

Whitney, Lauren, and Ashley at Coast
Jenny and Me at Dinner
 Cocktail Club Time!
 My Twin for the Weekend… Natalie and I Outside the Rooftop Bar

The next morning, we waited for more of our girls to arrive and indulged in breakfast, complete with belgian waffles…YUMMO! We spent the day taking in the city, shopping up and down Market and King Streets, and then walked to a fun lunch at Fuel. Probably the best nachos I’ve had in a really long time and outdoor seating for us to relax and spend a few hours drinking some cervezas.
Later that afternoon, we decided to head back to the hotel for some pool time and a fun game of “never have I ever”. Jenny bought a book that had all the questions you could ever think of, so it was perfect!

Me with Our Girl Lauren!
 Me, Jenny, and Joanna at Lunch
 See Julie in the backgound?? Working while on vacay–dedicated I tell you!
 Outside Fuel

Friday night, we got cabs to take us to the infamous Taco Boy for mexican and margaritas…we closed the place down and then went back out to take on more of the town. Back to Cocktail Club we went because we had too much fun the night before!

Lauren and Whitney…Woo Hoo for Sisters!
 Jules, Lisa, and Pam
 Beautiful Ladies!
 Me and The Gorgeous Guest of Honor
 Let’s Just Call This “Mean Mug”  (AKA the face that started it all)
 Kisses for the Bride
 The Infamous Circle of Friends Picture

Saturday morning, we got up and decided to head to Folly Beach for the afternoon…what trip isn’t complete with a trip to the beach afterall! We ate lunch at a beachside grill, and then spread out our towels on the sand for a few hours and definitely got a bit of sun. Honestly, I could’ve stayed there and people watched ALL.DAY.LONG. After this trip, I think I have seen it all ladies and gentlemen!
We then walked over to a rooftop bar and had a cocktail before heading back to the hotel…it was too pretty not to take in every ounce of sunshine!

 Group Shot!

Fast forward to Saturday night and we got all dolled up in our black dresses, headed down to the outdoor area for a lingerie shower, and then made our way to Poogan’s Porch for dinner. P.S. if you’re visiting Charleston for any amount of time, you’re crazy if you don’t eat here. Best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had and every single one of us loved our meal…incredible I promise!
That night, it was time to hit up the town one last time and toast to our Lauren! We danced, we drank, and I think we made a heck of a lot of friends thanks in part to our friend “Perry”. Everyone wanted to know all about him and everyone wanted a picture with him. He was Lauren’s better half that night and we all had a BLAST! I think it’s safe to say it was a successful night, topped off with late night munchies of course.

 Pinning the banner time!
 Lots of presents to open!!!
 Yes, there he is…Perry, our mascot!
 We had to write on Perry in remembrance of an incredible weekend!
 Kappa Delta Ladies
 All of us ready to take on the town
 I decided I needed red, white, champagne, and water! Gotta keep hydrated
 Perry had to get a wristband, too
 Jessica and Lauren…Fayettevegas Girls!
 Mean Mugging Bride-to-Be!

So, can you tell we might have had just a tiny bit of fun while we were away???
Sadly, Sunday it was time to head home…I think all of us had our fair share of fun, but were ready to get back to our “normal hours” considering we lived it up the entire time we were gone. An incredible weekend as we toasted best wishes to our best friend Lauren-love you Broadway and I am counting down the days until you’re officially Mrs. Lawson!! OXOX

  1. I die! Looks like you girls had an insanely fun weekend. I'm a little mad I wasn't invited…. I mean, we are blog-world bff's…your friend wouldn't have cared if I tagged along for her bach. party! 😉 GAhhhh!

    And, as always, you my dear are gorgeous! GORGEOUS!

  2. Mindy says:

    What a fun looking bachelorette weekend!! That Perry mascot is hilarious! I got stuck carrying our "mascot" through the lobby the morning after my girlfriend's bachelorette party a few weeks ago…they definitely gave me the side eye as a fast-walked to the garage elevators. 😉

  3. Sooo much fun!!! Looks like you girls had a blast and what a great way to celebrate before the big day

  4. Amanda says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast in Charleston! You should let me know next time you are in town…I live here 🙂

  5. capperson says:

    Hahaha, it looks like y'all had a blast!!

  6. P*P*P says:

    Looks like a blast!! Love all the photos – so much fun!

  7. R says:

    I was just in Charleston over Labor Day (got engaged!) and we were told to go to Poogans Porch. it was FANTASTIC!

  8. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Looked like you girls had an awesome time! The bride to be looked beautiful in her white dress! 🙂

  9. Melissa W. says:

    SO much fun! I just enjoyed your weekend fun while living in the same city realizing I need to eat dinner at Fuel a.s.a.p.! I have eaten many times at all of your other places and I love all of them! Glad you had a great weekend in good ol' Charleston!

  10. Meghan says:

    Looks like a blast was had!! (On a side note, did I miss the announcement from the winner of the purse give away?)

  11. What a fun girls' weekend! Charleston and Folly are two of my very favorite places. I just went to Cocktail Club for the first time ever this past summer, and I loved it too! I heard Charlotte is getting one — I would be over the moon excited.

  12. Heather says:

    I grew up in Charleston and I miss it everyday! I always love to see other people enjoying my favorite city. Poogan's Porch is my absolute favorite restaurant. I had my bridal luncheon there!

  13. Brooke says:

    Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I love all the pictures! Memories!



  14. Thanks for sharing your weekend of fun Natasha – it sounds like you ladies had a blast! I am planning a bachelorette weekend in Charleston and would LOVE your recommendation for a hotel – perhaps where you stayed if you loved it?

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