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October 2, 2012

I’ve been at a loss this week on exactly what to blog, so it’s one of those cluster posts where anything goes…I’m sorry, forgive me in advance please!

1. Ever have a random product that changes your life in a weird way? Glad Press and Seal Wrap, I bow down to you…you actually STICK to baking pans and Pyrex, making it easy peasy to transport homemade dishes and such-seriously, this has changed my life and if you don’t have a roll, stop drop, and roll to your local supermarket to pick some up!

2. Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are having 30% off site wide…if you’re on a spending hiatus, don’t venture to the website, but if you’re looking for fun fall pieces, hop on over ASAP! I bought a few fun pieces the other day for Caroline and myself and can’t wait for those boxes to arrive on my front door.

3. I had my first taste of Pinkberry on Sunday night…I headed to my favorite yogurt shop-Sweet CeCe’s-right after dinner, yet discovered it was closed early for the night=boo. So, I thought I would try something “new”. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan. A lot more pricey for a smaller cup, stingy on the topping portions, and I actually like fixing my treat myself. Sorry Pinkberry.

4. On Monday, it rained like cats and dogs, so CC and I decided to head out to Costco and do some bulk shopping…let’s be honest, as a family of three, we don’t buy in bulk for most items, yet when it comes to coffee beans, cheese, meat, and baked goodies, count us in! We did find the cutest foam alphabet activity mat and peanut was so excited to test it out as soon as we got home.

5. I’m heading to the salon today to get rid of these roots! I need to add in some extra color for fall, and I am thinking lowlights are just what the doctor ordered… I wish I had the guts to cut off the mane and do something fun for the fall/winter, yet it seems that I get nervous every time I think of trying a brand new ‘do.

6. Anybody finding any fun must-have nail polish colors for this season?? I am at a loss these days…I usually stick to my normal colors: Essie Chinchilly/Mink Muffs, OPI You Don’t Know Jacques/OPI Red, but I think I need to try something fun and fresh…shoot me your new hits if you have a winner!

  1. Coach Hayley says:

    I've been hesitating and trying to delay the inevitable buying at Gap and ON… must be done tonight! I'm getting my hair done Friday and NO CLUE on what to do with it!!! LOVE your nails! Super cute! 🙂

  2. She is such a cutie! We love Pinkberry! Thinking about taking Lainey there for her birthday today!

  3. Love the little activity mat and you're so right about Pinkberry. Except for the salted carmel fro yo…where they put some actual salt on top. It's REALLY good! 😉

  4. Natasha, I couldn't agree with you more about Pinkberry — every comment you made about it, I was like "Yes. Yess! YES!!!" Total agreement.

  5. She's such a big girl riding in the cart!! Getting fresh highlights is the absolute best! Enjoy

  6. melissa says:

    The big sale at Gap & Banana Republic sucked me right in. I couldn't resist that adorable polka dot dress either. And Piperlime has everything 20% off. I ordered some cute Pediped's for Blaire. I swear, she's far better dressed than I am these days!

    Enjoy your hair appointment. A few minutes alone is such a luxury, isn't it?

  7. I love these kinds of posts! Its the regular everyday stuff that can be so fun to read!

    I like the Essie Fall collection, specifically Skirting the Issue and Miss Fancy Pants.

    I've got OPI Brights Power on my toes right now and its a nice orange color for Fall.

    Happy Mon!

  8. Samma says:

    Such a big girl riding in the shopping cart! We are finally getting a Costco, and I am too thrilled! It's all the way in Farragut though- boo.

  9. Megan says:

    I ordered from GAP and ON last week and OH. MY. GOSH I went CRAZY!! Buying little girl stuff is TOO fun and I just LOVE dressing Olivia as my mini me!!

    I LOVE that nail polish look on the bottom! I am currently wearing Essie yogaga, LOVE the color!! SO neutral!

  10. rachel says:

    Just went crazy at Gap ordering for my little man! Love the alphabet mat and have been in the market for one. We are in Nashville too…which Costco has it?? Nashville West? Oh and you have the BEST hair! 🙂

  11. Brooke says:

    Just made a few GREAT baby purchases at Gap today! Such cute baby girl stuff! CC looking gorgeous as always! xo


  12. Layercake says:

    Great Shopping finds! Some of my favorite colors for fall are Essie's
    for neutrals Mochacino & mink muffs, Plums- Recessonista, Angora cardi & skirting the issue !

  13. Lindsay says:

    Ugh I got those emails from GAP and Old Navy the other day and I'm trying to stay away from the website because I know it will only end in disaster if I even sneak a peek!

    For fall nail colors I'm LOVING the new Essie collection – I'm currently wearing Recessionista (a deep burgandy-ish) and last week I had Miss Fancy Pants which is a fantastic neutral! Stylenomics is a fun one too… if you want to be bold and wear a really dark green!

  14. Amanda says:

    I'm wearing Essie Go Overboard right now and love it! I wore Essie Midnight Cami last week. It's a great dark blue.

  15. Anne says:

    Your little peanut is just TOO cute!

    And that manicure, LOVE IT. That may be my next "must do" this fall.

    Thanks for sharing!

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