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Hello! Caroline…You’re ONE!


April 23, 2013

Yeah, someone thought they posted this a few weeks ago and then when “that person” went to find it, she might have noticed it was still sitting in her draft post folder. Oops! 

My last monthly post for Miss CC…say it isn’t so. I already wrote her a letter on her first year, which you can read here.
I’m looking back and reminiscing on month one and just how much has changed this past year…
You have gone from this wee tiny newborn who just stared at me into a sweet, rambunctious, and happy little (dare I say) toddler. You have WAY too much personality my sweet pea and it shows in everything you do. Rarely are you calm, quiet, and collected, but you’ve got loads of spunk and our family tells me more and more each day just how much you remind them of me when I was that age-this means we’re in for a world of TROUBLE!

Recent Shenanigans
Within the past month, you discovered how to shake your head “no” and you LOVE to do it…we will ask you questions and you’ll immediately shake your head like you know exactly what we are asking you. It’s hilarious. You are still crawling anywhere and everywhere, pulling up, standing on your own, and clapping in celebration. On your birthday, you took your first two steps, as you were reaching for some jewelry-good taste my dear! It was crazy to witness and others were around to watch and reassure me that it did indeed happen! And in just these past few weeks, we have all been watching you take step after step and pick yourself back up, only to fall down again. We are now at 10 steps at one time, which is HUGE! I’ve been putting your “big girl” shoes on you a lot so they can help you out with learning balance and such. You say “mama” all the time and reach for me, so it’s hard not to pick you up every chance I get, though my belly is getting bigger everyday and it’s making it harder to have you hanging out on my hip. Bath time is still a fun nightly ritual, splishing and splashing water all over the bathroom while we play with you and your bath toys…one of my favorite things the three of us do together. You are little miss mischief recently, opening and closing any door and drawer you can, though your favorite seems to be my bathroom makeup drawer. You will take EVERY.SINGLE.THING out one at a time and then hand them to me-this takes up a good part of our day I assure you. You have started throwing “fits” when you don’t get your way, but you quickly realize sometimes we have to tell you no for a good reason and then you’re on your merry way again.

 The Specific Stats and Details
As of your 1 year checkup two weeks ago (more shots=break my heart), you weigh right at 21 pounds, and you are 29.5 inches tall (this puts you in the 50th percentile for both areas). You are a teething monster again and you have 8 total: 4 on top, and 4 on bottom. Well, we can clarify and make that 7.5 teeth since you chipped a tooth my daredevil…and I thought since I had a girl we wouldn’t face these types of problems-that’s where I was wrong. No worries though, after a quick visit to the dentist, they assured us you’re OK and didn’t have any major nerve damage…just may be something we have to fix in the future.
You are still in size 3 diapers, are wearing clothes in the 12-18 month range, and your feet measure for size 3.5 shoes.
When it comes to sleep, we are still chugging right along…you go to bed at 8PM each night and sleep until 6:30AM. Your morning nap usually lasts from 8:30-10AM and then your afternoon nap is from 1:30-3PM (P.S. please keep 2 naps for as long as possible!)
Eating time otherwise known as my least favorite activity (because I’m always on the floor picking up all the “leftovers”) is still constantly amusing. Sometimes I have a hard time trying to find variety in your meals because I feel as though I am always giving you the same things over and over again. Your menu looks a bit like this:
Breakfast: Oatmeal/waffle/pancakes/Cheerios/toast with jelly and some type of fruit (blueberries, grapes, cuties, or part of a banana)
Lunch: deli lunch meat (which is a total hit or miss), leftovers from the dinner the night before, cheese slices/cubes, goldfish crackers/puffs/rice chex, and some type of yogurt/fruit and veggie pouch
Dinner: you are REALLY good in this department and you usually eat what we’re having for dinner (I’m trying to make you a not-so-picky eater, can you tell?) This is normally pasta, casserole, pot roast, enchiladas/fajitas, grilled cheese and soup, or something we can throw on the grill…favorites are hot dogs, any type of red meat, and anything other than chicken
Snacks: You have a few snacks throughout the day, whether it be some type of Mum Mum/Gerber cookie/cracker, puffs/cheerios, yogurt melt bites, berries, etc.
You still take 2 big formula bottles during the day (breakfast and right before bedtime), but the rest have been switched over to organic whole milk–yay!! We are a work-in-progress in the sippy cup department…you’ll drink juice and water in them, but not your milk…oh well, one thing at a time.

Everything Else 
Your vocabulary grows each day my dear, and you never cease to amaze all of us with just how intuitive you are with your surroundings.
Words: mama, dada, dog, nana (bottle), and bir (bird)-apparently, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to words from what the doctor says…that’s our girl!
Favorite Activities: dancing is still your most favorite thing to do, though it’s a must to have your arm raised above your head to do so? Random, but hilarious, and I am always trying to sneak a video in of this because I know it’ll be blackmail one day. You love to play on my phone and act like you’re talking on it-you’ll hold it behind your head (thinking you’re doing what I do) and it’s too funny. What’s not so adorable are the mini-temper tantrums you throw when you don’t get your way. You do this awful, whiny fake cry and then “waaa”…sometimes I have to turn away because I can’t help but laugh at you.
We still watch a few shows on the TV, Mickey Mouse being the favorite. I find myself following the story lines WAY too closely sometimes…great job networks for peaking this adult’s interest, as well.
You have also started to want to cuddle a lot more lately…I know, melt my heart. I can sit and hold you on the couch and you will just lay there with me-these make for the best PJ days! Daddy’s favorite thing to do with you is act like he is the Tickle Monster and make you giggle…it’s SO sweet seeing that grin and you totally know what’s coming when he gets you all excited for tickle time.
Just recently, you have FINALLY started to take an interest in books-I know, it took awhile! You will sit with me and flip through the pages while I read, and sometimes we have to read the same ones over and over again until you’re satisfied–that’s OK with me!
Other favorite activities include riding around in your Cozy Coupe, going on neighborhood walks in your Radio Flyer pink tricycle, sitting outside and swinging, and watching me blow bubbles so you can “catch” them.

Every day is filled with fun and happy times because of you my sweet Caroline. I am so glad I did these monthly stat “reports” this past year so we can always look back and show you just how much can change in a year. On to more shenanigans in year #2 with my darling girl!!

  1. P!nky says:

    She is so stinkin' cute I can't even stand it!!!


  2. Gosh, she sounds like my Waverly – spunky & so much fun! 🙂


  3. She is adorable, can't wait to see her as a big sister!

  4. Kate says:

    I love how you make her tantrums and big personality sound so beautiful and easy, when I'm sure it gets tough for you at times.. lots and lots of times. Haha!! She's just beautiful (you know this) and I bet her dance moves are to die for.. she's ready for the club with her hand above her head 😉 I don't know what I'll do if I have a busy body b/c I'm so totally the opposite!

  5. Awww I will miss her updates! Can't believe what a little young lady she's become!

  6. Jess Norden says:

    I cannot believe she's ONE!! WHERE did the time go? No worries, though…you'll have more monthly updates to do soon enough. 😉 I am so glad that she is JUST getting into reading…Cameron couldn't care unless about books unless he can eat them!!!!

  7. Shari says:

    She is growing up so fast! Such a cutie!

  8. Samma says:

    So precious! I am so excited to see her person- I am leaving Saturday, and am coming back on the 18th, I think.

  9. Nat says:

    She is such a little lady! She just looks like she is so much fun and full of personality!

  10. Emily says:

    Such a cutie pie! I have loved watching her grow this past year! Also, fun to see all the similarities in her and my little guy!

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