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Comparison…It Happens To Us All


September 24, 2013

This past week we had our bi-weekly MOPS meeting and two women came to speak to us about comparison and being content, and for some reason, I felt my heart telling me I needed to do a little talk-about here on the old blog. Paying it forward in a sense…
In this day and age of social media (blogging, Twitter, IG, Pinterest, FB, etc, etc, etc) it is SO DANG EASY to get caught up in the hullabaloo of trying to keep up and attempt to “have it all”. Is that even possible? I’m not sure I think so.
I, for one, fall short in a lot of areas…never will I know how to sew my girls’ clothes (I can’t even sew a button on a shirt), never will I be the mom who can cut coupons and only spend $5 at the grocery store (because I buy what I want us to eat, not what necessarily is on sale), and I know that I will never ever be the one with the perfect pictures (because I am too lazy to learn how to use all the gadgets on my camera). I could go on and on about things I’m not so good at, but I think you get the idea. In telling about my shortcomings, I have grown to realize I am who I am and I don’t need to change… and I’m OK with that.
I am certainly guilty of comparing myself to others…what I wear, how my marriage is, what I buy, how I look, what my kids do, bla bla bla bla bla. You catch my drift.
At the end of the day, it’s OK to just be YOU! God made each of us unique for a reason and learning to accept myself just the way I am (flaws and all) has made a lot of difference in my attitude and how I react to things going on in my life.
Sometimes I sit back and wonder what keeps me blogging and honestly, it’s you…the people who read what I have to say, the ladies who email me telling me I made a difference and helped them grow in their relationship with God, and others who tell me they are happier because of what I write. Then I know this platform can be a good thing and that I should keep on keeping on.
I’ve seen this quote all over, but sometimes we need to be reminded because this is the truth:

Don’t give in to this!! There is no reason to compare OUR situations with other people. And yes, I know that is easy to say, and hard to live by, but let’s at least try, right?? 
Then there is the talk of contentment and being happy with what you have, and not coveting what others have that you may not. 
As a blogger, I see these people who wear expensive clothes all the time, or ones who decorate their home with expensive art/furniture, and there are bloggers who go on all these exotic trips, and naturally we wonder, “how do they afford that?” but who are we to judge. We don’t know them personally, we don’t know their financial situation, and so on and so forth… 
Just remember to be you, be happy with the talents and gifts God gave you because we are all incredible in what we bring to the table. I love you friends!! OXOX
  1. P!nky says:

    What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

    The green eyed monster is already good at stealing our joy, we shouldn't feed it more 'food'.

    ps.com I think your pictures are great 🙂

  2. {Jessica} says:

    I just read a similar post on Julie's blog today over at The Girl in the Red Shoes. I think this topic is something that a lot of us bloggers – and fellow mamas – are struggling with lately! It's hard not to compare when it's so easy to find things to compare to all the time. Reading your post today made me smile:) And helped remind me that everyone has their own struggles – no matter how perfect things look on the outside, no one is perfect. Perfection is best left up to God! If we all spent more time investing in positive thinking and uplifting others, the world would be a happier place:)

  3. Amy says:

    I adore this post! It is the truth that I needed for my day and this season in my life. Thank you for "paying it forward" and sharing this much needed message. There's a reason your blog is number one on my list. Thanks again!

  4. lsadler says:

    Just what I needed to hear today! Thanks!

  5. my girlfriends and I were just having this conversation last night! I think facebook is the devil, I long for the days when you had to have a .edu email address to even have access to it. Thanks for sharing and we should all be content and grateful for what we have because chances are its more than most.

  6. Courtney W. says:

    Such a perfect post for today! I will be taking a moment to be thankful for what I have today, not for what I want. I need to remember to be grateful for my life as it is…thank you for the reminder!

  7. Such a great reminder this morning. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Definitely resonated with me!

  8. Stephanie says:

    As others have said, so perfect for today – especially as I feel overwhelmed with life in general and feel like I am failing at everything! Thank you for the reminder.

  9. Christy says:

    Perfect post!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great post! It's so true. I know I certainly struggle with comparing myself to others at times, but this is such a good reminder!

  11. You speak truth friend! It's hard not to get wrapped up in what others have. If you always do so you will never be content with what you have!

  12. love this! comparing myself to others is definitely something i fall victim too all too often. definitely needed this lovely little reminder 🙂

  13. Kassi says:

    Love! Contentment is something I am constantly having to pray for and check myself with. So important to remember the truth in these words!

  14. Emily Powell says:

    Second post I've read about this TODAY! Maybe God is trying to tell me something 🙂 Thanks for the sweet post!

  15. Natalie says:

    Thanks for posting this! I am constantly comparing myself to other moms who can seem to do it all! Dress great, be in fantastic shape, all while juggling being a mom! I also compare my sons milestones to other. I am worried all the time about why i didny breastfeed loger, why he isn't trying to walk at 11 mos, whether he is being fed the right foods, or why he doesn't try to say words or wave goodbye yet. Your post helps put it all in perspective that it doesn't matter and to
    It ourselves some slack

  16. This is a post that needs to be read on a weekly basis! Love it. I sometimes feel that need to compare and "have it all" and those times need a step back and just a thank you for what we are already blessed with.

  17. What a wonderful post!! I was just having a conversation about this exact topic with my husband over the weekend…I'm a confidant individual, and I hold high standards for myself and my family. This has caused a lot of my friends to have issues with me for being a "perfectionist."

    The notion that I'm a perfectionist drives me insane because it's always said in a negative way. Yes, my house is always clean, but that's how we like to live. I'm not a Stepford mom, we eat off paper plates, and sometimes the laundry room sits folded on the dryer a lot longer than it should. I cook some dinners out of a box, and sometimes stick my child in front of the tv so I can have some "me" time.

    But I love my life, and I don't look to others for comparison….I'm content with my successes and cut myself some slack on my shortcomings. I wish more people (especially women) were with theirs.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  18. I just posted this exact same thing on my blog today! Great minds think alike?

  19. Samma says:

    We were just talking about the same thing in Bible study last week! And I texted a pic of the comparison quote to my leader last Wednesday, because it was so apropos to what we talked about. I think young women have an especial comparison problem. It is tough!

  20. Thank you for posting this Natasha!! I needed this!


  21. I love this saying. It is so true! Thanks for posting this!


  22. I have the same thoughts all the time, great post!

    -random internet follower Eileen

  23. Jessica says:

    Yes! Couldn't agree more with all of this!! 🙂 Love the part about sewing, I feel the same way & have been beating myself up about not being able to make Harper a halloween costume. So silly!
    PS. love all the pics of your girls, you all are the cutest!!!

  24. Kelly-Belly says:

    Thank you for posting this. I love posts like this, and we all need a gentle reminder sometimes. : )

  25. Lauren says:

    great post! Thanks for posting this…comparison is such an evil thing, and it can certainly steal my joy if I let it!

  26. Ashley says:

    This post came at just the right time–thank you!!

  27. Why are women so hard on themselves? I'm right there with you wanting to do things that I can't: sew, save more money, and learn how to use my camera. The truth is, other, more important things get in the way. We are all good at something, we are all strong mothers, wives, sisters, and friends. We shouldn't be comparing one another, but supporting and celebrating each other!

  28. Lea says:

    Very well said and so, so true!

  29. Absolutely one of the best reminders- I need to tell myself every day! I cannot fathom Stephen and I saving up for a big vacation and I am in awe of those that do it all the time, and yes, jealous! Thanks for the cheer friend 🙂

  30. Nicole Shea says:

    That quote is so true and this is a great reminder!!! I was looking at how cute another blogger's fall decorations were and actually got frustrated with my hubby that he hadn't taken our decorations out yet! Poor guy works so hard !! Thank you!

  31. I love this post and it could not have come at a more appropriate time for me in my life. It is amazing how we know we are so blessed in our own lives, but how quickly we lose sight of that when we start comparing our lives to others.

  32. Tess says:

    I am in the THROWS of comparison right now in my real life! I am just newly married and I'm struggling to just enjoy this stage of my life, because I'm looking at others (pregnant or with new babies) wanting that life. I HATE that I do that to myself and it really is a constant battle to sit down, look around, be thankful and enjoy each season of life as it comes.

    Thanks for the reminder friend.

  33. so well said!! Such a great reminder for all of us 🙂

  34. Thank you for sharing this today! So often we ALL get lost in the game of comparison and miss this beautiful life around us!

  35. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is really very inspirational and it motivates me to continue seeking what makes me happy. Life is indeed short and we must take every opportunity that comes by.


  36. Lizzie Roles says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I think this is a topic we all are thinking about at the mo, I posted about this just last week! Being content with who we are is a gift we can all pray for. Blessings to you. Lizzie x

  37. Lizzie Roles says:


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