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Dear Carson… 4 Months Old!


October 24, 2013

Hi Pumpkin!! It’s time to give you a little update on your monthly progress and show off just how fabulous you are…
Growing, Growing, Growing. As of your checkup last week, you weigh 14 pounds, 2 ounces (55%), are 25 inches long (50%), and your head is 17cm (95%)…I knew you had a big head, but Dr. Barrow assured me it’s because you’re so smart ;). You eat every 2-2.5 hours and we have officially started formula in your bottles…as of now, you get about 2/3 breast milk a day with 1/3 formula. You have taken to it pretty well, and mama is thankful for some help because my supply wasn’t keeping up with your milk needs. I thought Caroline loved to eat, but you drink her under the table. You rarely want to nurse anymore because you have figured out the bottle gets to your belly way faster, but sometimes you’ll humor me. You are working your way into the 3-6 month clothes now and are still in size 1 diapers. This week we tried rice cereal and you didn’t seem to mind it so far…just a few spoonfuls here and there! I cannot wait to dive head first into the land of baby food!! I am ECSTATIC for this because it breaks up always having to fill you up on milk and makes meal time WAY more fun…and messy, too.

 that precious smile melts my heart

Sleep My Little One. In the sleep department, you’re amazing when it comes to nighttime habits. I give you your last bottle about 8:30PM and then wrap you up oh so tight in the swaddle and off to bed you go. We transitioned you to your crib in your nursery this month and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. You sleep from 9PM to 7AM everyday and it has made a world of difference for all of us. Of course you still make funny noises in your sleep some nights and I can’t help but watch you on the monitor, but I don’t mind. One day I will look back on all this and know it was a fleeting moment and I’ll miss it wholeheartedly so I’m soaking it up! You also nap 3 more times throughout the day-once around 9:30, then down for a long mid-day nap at 12PM, and then a catnap around dinnertime. You finally enjoy naps in the swing, too!

 What Keeps You Occupied. You still can’t get enough of your hands. You slurp on them all day, everyday and who needs a paci when you have a built in soother right at your fingertips? (literally) You have also taken to Sophie the Giraffe, and love to give her sugar too. Just this past week you decided you’d give it another go on the pacifier so the Wubbanub has made a reappearance…at least for now.

It’s amazing to see you interact with your big sister. You giggle and smile at her all the time, especially in the car, and it makes all of the crazy circus parade worth it. You still love your activity mat, sitting up in your snug seat, and lounging in the bouncy. I’ve also realized the TV is a great distraction for you when you get fussy in the evenings so a lot of times you and I will sit on the floor and watch it together. You enjoy being outside, but random places aren’t your favorite…it seems whenever we go to someone’s house you decide that’s the ideal time to have a major meltdown-it makes dining out and having fun with friends REALLY enjoyable for everyone (sarcasm at its finest).
 first time eating rice cereal!!! 

 Major Milestones. I have to admit, at first I was nervous milestones wouldn’t be as exciting for #2 since I had gone through this before, but low and behold, it’s almost better because I don’t feel so much pressure to ensure you does everything “on schedule” like I did with CC. Just last week, you rolled over for the first time (stomach to back) and you’ve been doing it everyday since. It’s so much fun to watch!! Your head control has gotten much better this month, too and you love to look around and see the world around you.  I heart you Carson.

As for what’s ahead, we have your baptism scheduled next weekend with a brunch at Mimi and Pappy’s to follow. Your gown is all ready to go and I am excited to show you off to everyone at church with a special celebration. Then it’ll be time to dress you up in your Halloween costume…I CANNOT WAIT. You and Caroline have costumes that go together so I’m sorry ahead of time for the embarrassment, but mommy and daddy can’t help it.
You are amazing my little bit. You make everyday better by being in our world and we love you to the moon and back button… OXOX
sister shots…and yes, miss caroline needed to wear a sticker, too
  1. shelbie muse says:

    You have two gorgeous little ones on your hands! I bet they will enjoy looking back and reading these updates one day!

  2. She is so beautiful. Both of them. Love the updates because my little one is the same age (he'll be 4 months on Sunday)! I have got to get our Baptism scheduled soon too! That and Halloween will be so much fun!

  3. Sara says:

    Good gracious, they are both so cute. I can't believe how much Carson looks like Caroline did when she was little! You'll have to do some comparison photos sometime. I love that she's such a great sleeper (and I'm so jealous).

  4. Love the photos of C and C together – so sweet!

  5. little b says:

    That smile is killer!

  6. I really do think they look alike, beauties! 🙂

  7. Jess Norden says:

    Oh my gosh, they are both so beautiful! I am glad to hear that milestones the second time around are just as exciting!!

  8. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, those last pictures just made my heart flutter! I cannot wait to see Elise as a big sister!! 🙂

  9. {Jessica} says:

    They are both adorable! I think Caroline looks like Daddy, and little Miss Carson resembles Mommy:)

  10. Cara Howard says:

    OMG her BEAUTIFUL smile!!! SO precious!!!

  11. Oh my goodness they are so cute together!

  12. cami fields says:

    Carson is adorable Natasha! I see so much of you in her facial expressions. I remember around 4 months was when P started not caring so much about nursing and my supply couldn't keep up with how much he wanted to eat. Glad she is a healthy, growing girl!

  13. Aww such sweet sisters 🙂 Crason is getting so big, and that's awesome that she is such a good sleeper! xoxo

  14. Nat says:

    She is so so precious!! The two of them togethter are so cute. Sisters are the best. That's great that she's such a good sleeper!

  15. Oh man, I die over their cuteness together. Big sis & little sis – melts my heart. I can't believe Carson is 4 months! All that milk is making her grow so fast! 🙂

  16. Just love seeing all the sister shots…such a special bond! Can't believe how quickly time is flying for you and your fam!! xo

  17. so sweet!! My baby boy just turned 4 months too and was only 11.8 pints, he is a small guy! 🙂

  18. what a precious doll baby! so darn sweet.

  19. Jacque Pinol says:

    such a cutie!!!!!


  20. What sweet little sisters they are! I love reading about how Carson is doing — she seems like such a spunky little one!

  21. Laura Graham says:

    I love reading your update since Sister is the same age as Carson! I think CC looks just like Jeff and Carson is your baby! ha precious girls!

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