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five on friday…


October 4, 2013


ONE. Bring on Fall Hues
I am SO happy that the colored jean/corduroy/pant trend is still on for this year…I bought a few last fall and am already bringing them back into my regular rotation. I have been scouring the stores for some fun new bottoms to add to my collection, and my favorites are the dark, rich fall tones perfect for this season. My favorites come from Gap and they’ve got a great sale going on right now!

fall jeans

TWO. TV is Back in Session
I for one am SO thankful that the fall line-up is back and better than ever…summer has its benefits, but television isn’t one of them. I think our DVR is filling up quickly with all these must-see shows. Sunday nights are a staple at our place with Revenge, Homeland, and Boardwalk Empire all on one night. And of course other favs coming back are Nashville, Modern Family, Shark Tank, Shahs of Sunset, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!! I need one of those alarms that only gives us so much time to watch TV once the girls go to bed each night.

THREE. Festive Halloween Treats

It’s coming quickly…and I have to start thinking of cute little gifts for the teachers and classmates at Caroline’s MDO. So many options, but let’s face it–I want something simple, easy, and still oh so cute. Here are some front runners:

FOUR. Shop My Closet…Fall Edition
Stay tuned, next Tuesday I will be hosting another fall edition blog sale/shop my closet. Apparently some of you thought my closet looked cluttered (DUH!) so I thought this was as good a time as any. Dresses, skirts, jackets, and tops are the focus this time and I am pricing everything to sell. Post will go live at 9AM CST!

FIVE. Pregnancy Announcements Everywhere
Is it just me, or has there been an influx of pregnancy/we’re expecting announcements as of late?? I feel like I am seeing it all over…Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and “real life” as well. It makes me so happy for these “friends” (real and online) getting to experience pregnancy and the joy of bringing a child into this world. And NO, you won’t be seeing any kind of announcement like this from me, I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!!! Although I can’t lie, totally gives me baby fever again…

You know the drill by now…make sure to check out my other ladies’ posts: April, Christina, and Darci of course and then link-up with us below!! We love reading your five on friday posts so keep them coming 🙂

  1. love!!!! EVERYTHING! dying to hear how the pumpkin rice krispie treats turn out!!


  2. I'm thrilled to have fall tv back! Summer is all about reality and re-runs. I'm so going to attempt to make the Trick-or-Treat Kabobs for the kiddies.

  3. {Jessica} says:

    Totally feel the same way about the pregnancy announcements! They are all over the place:) I feel like you and I were part of one wave of them last fall (my son was born just a couple of weeks before Carson), and now there's a whole new one. Babies and preggos everywhere!!! Love it:)

  4. Yep! I've noticed an influx of pregnancy announcements lately too! It's so exciting and now I'm on the look out for who's next! Hahah

  5. Those rice krispie treats look amazing! And those colored cords are darling!

    Happy weekend!

  6. I can't get enough of colored denim/cords…the rice krispies make my mouth water!

  7. Tess says:

    I am totally with you on the colored jean trend. I pulled mine out this week and will be wearing again today – thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Jill Esteban says:

    Excellent taste in TV! Did you get into Breaking Bad? If you like Homeland, Revenge and Boardwalk Empire I think it might have been be up your alley 😉 I agree with the baby news! I have a baby announcement on my blog today.. it's not my baby.. But isn't it so fun to get the news from your close ones? Have a great weekend!

  9. How cute are all those Halloween treats! I love the kabobs. That's a great idea!

  10. Ang Samp says:

    I'm so glad colored jeans and corduroy are still in style as well. I've already ordered a few more colors for this year. There's something about corduroy that is cozy to me.

    Loving that fall tv is back too!!!! I spend way too much time watching my shows thanks to DVR. I didn't watch nearly as much tv until that was invented.

  11. Chandler says:

    I love all those colored pants!! I'm always so happy to see them come back! But I am still not sure which colors I can pull off. For now, I'll stick to the darker hues because they seem to be more flattering haha.

  12. LOVE those pants, and the treats! Happy Friday!

  13. Rebecca Jo says:

    WHAT? RHOBH is coming back?!?!? I love my Lisa & English accent!

  14. Rebecca Jo says:

    WHAT? RHOBH is coming back?!?!? I love my Lisa & English accent!

  15. I love everything about your 5 today!….I've been dying to get some Fall colored pants, I'm so happy to have new shows to watch because I was totally sick of reruns, those treats look delicious, EVERYONE is pregnant, and I can't wait to shop your closet!

    Have a great weekend!!

  16. Ashley says:

    We LOVE Shark Tank! I'm so glad Fall TV has returned 🙂

  17. Aaaaaahh!!! I'm soooo excited for Shah's and RHOBH to come back!

  18. Haha. I made a pregnancy announcement just last week! I NEED to make those rice krispie treats. I feel a major pregnancy craving coming on… 🙂
    The Grass Skirt

  19. Ohh fun!! Pregnancy announcements galore, yes! I wonder who is next?!? 😉

  20. those kabobs are adorable! The new tv shows are so good so far, I'm in trouble w my DVR! Just got into modern family, love it!

  21. everyone seems to love those gap skinnies- might have to try them out! Hope you have a fab weekend!

  22. Jacque Pinol says:

    LOVE your blog! So happy I came across it!!


  23. those trick or treat kebobs are awesome!

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