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five on friday


October 18, 2013

one. another fun blog milestone. 
as of this week, i am officially at more than 2300 followers here on the old bloggity blog. sometimes, it still baffles me that so many of you out there have continued to support me through the past 5+ years, and i am humbled by your kind words, affirmation, and coffee talk. i think life is only going to get better and i am ecstatic to share all kinds of goodies with you very soon!

two. holiday pictures and cards. 
do y’all ever start stressing out for what to wear for family holiday pictures?? ours are coming up in the next few weeks and of course i’m already starting to plan our coordinating (no, not matching) attire. it was one thing when it was just jeff and i, then another once we added in cc, and now with two minis in tow, it feels even harder to find card-worthy outfits…AHHHHH. i am hoping i can find some perfect pieces and then maybe give a little report back on how we i pick our ensembles. here are the past few years’ cards (all from my #1 go-to stationery shop, minted). 

three. bootie fascination. 
i so want to be able to pull off a cute pair of booties, but i am struggling to find something that doesn’t make my calves look large and in charge. (can you tell that’s one area of my body i’m not too fond of?) i found a few cute options and am patiently waiting for a coupon code to use!

four. i speak only the truth. 
i saw this quote and saved it immediately…this is the absolute truth. leopard can go with anything if you wear it correctly (not that i am the fashion guru by any means), but it’s one of those staple necessities everyone should have at least 1 item of in their closet. it’s perfect for fall, too! if you tend to only buy neutrals (black, white, taupe, grey, etc) add some of this to your wardrobe for a pop of print.

five. hasta la vista. 
as we speak, i am en route to ATL for the weekend with the hubs. working a little, and playing a lot, but excited to get to spend a few days away together. this is the first actual “trip” we have gone on together since we had carson, so i’m happy for no alarm clock and no baby wake-ups. i’m hoping to visit the varsity, among other fun destinations, and then come sunday morning i know i will be itching to get back home to the wee ones. hope yall have a great weekend, too!!

  1. Hi! You are your family are so beautiful – I love your Christmas card! I'm also loving those nine west shoes, great find! Have a super weekend!

  2. Jess Norden says:

    I hope you have so much fun in Atlanta!! We are trying to plan a trip away for a few days in December….no alarm clock sounds like heaven!

  3. little b says:

    YES leopard. I just bought a pair of leopard flats from Nine West and I'm wearing them with everything!

    Also – I have never sent holiday cards, but yours are so adorable you're making me think about starting….

  4. I love that you take holiday photos every year. What a lovely tradition! I already have the outfit my daughter will wear, as for us, I have no clue!

  5. Congrats on your blog followers! I also pinned that same quote and it could be more true, I am loving all things cheetah right now! Have a great time in Atlanta!

  6. Have fun in my neck of the woods this weekend! Apparel Mart is this weekend… if you can get a pass you should check it out for some fun clothes!

  7. Laura Graham says:

    YAY on 2300! that is huge! Have fun in ATL. I am actually having my college bestie from ATL come up here this weekend!

  8. I'm trying to jump on the bootie train too but just haven't found the right pair yet! Saw that 'leopard is a neutral' quote on Pinterest this morning and YES it is!! Happy Friday 🙂

  9. Puffy Paleo says:

    Congrats on the continued blog success! & your holiday cards are all super adorbs!! Thanks again for the link up!! 🙂

  10. Have a great time in ATL and a fun weekend away. We are leaving our little one for the first time this weekend too and are a bit nervous!!

  11. P!nky says:

    Yay booties, so fun!

    have a blast on your trip!

    I was scared of leopard but now I LOVE IT! so fun!

  12. Meredith says:

    Hmm I'll have to checkout minted for our cards this year! Have a great "adults only" weekend!

  13. I definitely already started thinking about what we'll be wearing – I love holiday cards!

  14. YAAY for a little get-away for you & Jeff! Hope y'all have fun!! We are doing our Christmas pictures in a few weeks also! I feel like there might be some outfit changes happening! HAHA!

  15. We're not doing a holiday photo shoot this year, it feels odd not to be styling everyone's coordinating outfits, but at the same time it's kinda nice.

    Have fun on your getaway!

  16. Chantel Ward says:

    Oh Missy, Congratulations on more fabulous readers! And you are absolutely right, life only gets better. Although sometimes it may be trying/challenging on my patients. I Love booties, on other ladies, Target has some taupe suade ones, but not sure if I'm ready to hop on the cute booties train, yet. 😉 Have so much fun in The ATL this weekend!

  17. "Well Shut My Mouth" TOO CUTE! Congrats on your big number milestone:) And, I totally agree, leopard is a great neutral in fashion & interiors!

  18. I can't wait to see your Christmas cards this year, I know the girls will look precious! Safe travels to ATL and if ya'll can squeeze in a dinner at Antico Pizza, it's sooo yummy – you sit in the kitchen and the pizza comes out lightening fast. Was some of the best I've ever tasted! PS: It's BYOB so pack a wine bottle 🙂

  19. OH my gosh Natasha I have the same stress about our family pictures that we're taking MONDAY! Eeekk. I have no idea what we'l be wearing and I need to do some major shopping. And I have the same feelings about "coordinating" but NEVER matching!

  20. WHAT cute cards!!!! you have done a great job so far, can't wait to see this years! leopard IS a neutral :p Have a fabulous weekend!

  21. Jessi Otey says:

    SO glad I found your blog- love it! I adore doing those Christmas cards but this year I think we're using a wedding photo since any other year would be weird doing that right? (We just got hitched last month) or do we stick to a cute stylized winter attire shoot?

    ps love the booties, I'm purchasing asap! Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Enjoy Atlanta with the hubs and congrats on reaching another bloging milestone!!

  23. Melissa says:

    I love those Christmas cards! I can't wait to see what you do this year! Congrats on reaching a blogging milestone! I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip to Atlanta. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  24. Paige says:

    I'm totally working on our Christmas card outfits too!!! I just thought to myself that it's only the middle of October, there's still time for the stores to come out with the cute festive outfits! Minted is the best!

  25. The Mrs. says:

    Totally agree about leopard!!

  26. Miranda says:

    I love the holiday cards 🙂 I feel so proud of myself for ordering mine this past week.. I am SO on top of things this year 😉

  27. So glad I'm not the only one stressing about holiday card outfits! Although, you have 3x the stress since you have to dress 3 others! ha!

    Hope you and Jeff are having a wonderful weekend in ATL! Enjoy!!

    Congrats on 2,300+ followers! I have no doubt you will be at 3,000 in no time!

  28. I just started planning our holiday cards this weekend. Husband thinks I'm crazy but I know the holidays are upon us!!

  29. Jodi says:

    I'm dealing with the same thing regarding Christmas cards. But I love it. Enjoy your kid-free weekend 🙂

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