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Dear Carson…5 Months Old!


November 25, 2013

My Little Bit,
We are 5 months into this crazy thing called life and time with you is getting sweeter and sweeter, though I am missing those newborn snuggles already…call me crazy, but you’re so cuddly and cute that I could just eat you up all day.
Growing Like a Weed. I SWEAR you seem so much bigger than your sister was at this age. You eat practically all the time and it’s showing with those cute dimples and pudgy little limbs. You drink 6 oz bottles every 3 hours, and then eat some type of grain with dinner most days (rice cereal and oatmeal are all we have tried so far). This week, we gave you squash to sample and you were a big fan, so it’s on to start tasting other veggies this next month. I forgot how much fun–and mess–come with starting to try big kid foods, but I love it because it’s so exciting to see you tasting new things for the first time. For inquiring minds that want to know, this was the last week you received breast milk, and honestly I’m a little sad about it, but happy too. Mommy seems to be all dried up, and Penny the Pump will be retired to her happy resting place. Full post on all that weird breastfeeding stuff to come soon, I assure you, because for some odd reason, everyone is always so interested in that aspect. As far as other goodies, you’re still in 3-6 month clothing and have inched up to size 2 diapers.


Go To Sleep Little One. In the sleep department, you have no complaints coming from me my dear one. You are a ROCK STAR when it comes to sleep, and you take 3 naps a day, with your longest at 2.5 during the afternoon, which you take in your crib. At night, we put you down around 8:30PM and you will normally sleep until 7:30AM the next morning…I know, lucky ducks we are this go around. You have started to wiggle around a lot in your crib at night, and it baffles us how you can twist and turn so much, but still end up on your back. You haven’t tried to turn over very much and I am thankful for that because that sleep regression stuff is for the birds. You still sleep in your Halo Swaddlesack, but now have your arms free to suck on 🙂

The Fun Stuff. It’s been a big month for you with you mastering the roll effect. You get so excited to roll over, but still aren’t much of a fan of being on your tummy for too long. Carson, you become fixated with anything and everything around you, including the television, music, sounds, sister, your stuffed animals, and chewtoys, and any type of light fixture. You are fantastic at making eye contact, smiling, making all sorts of funny noises (screaming in delight mostly), and love to look at yourself in the mirror. You still LOVE to be held as much as possible, and we are working on our sitting up skills as of late. You are starting to teeth, and drool, a lot and you will stick whatever is near you in your mouth…we always have to be on the lookout you little dare devil! Night time is fun because we usually play together with daddy and Caroline and you love to be in your exersaucer watching the lights, and bouncing a bit. I almost forgot how much I loved that toy…it’s a lifesaver! You are a true wiggle warm and can seem to get out of any type of chair, seat, etc.

We had your first Halloween and you were quite the spectacle dressed up as a banana…I LOVED it and it kept you warm as well, so it was a big win in my book. These next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun with all sorts of activities lined up, especially Thanksgiving!
Button, you bring so much joy to our lives and we thank God for you each and every day…you are amazing and we love you more than words!OXOX

  1. Allison says:

    I'm pretty sure you make the cutest babies ever. Just SO PRECIOUS!

  2. Ashley says:

    Agreed ^ You two definitely make adorable babies!!

  3. Lauren says:

    so precious! and how awesome that she's such a wonderful sleeper!

  4. Alexa says:

    Such a little cutie! Happy for you on the sleep!

  5. Natasha, she gets cuter and cuter —- how is it possible?!? And FIVE months already? What I would give to live closer. Rest assured that I'd try to snuggle this angel girl as much as possible!!

  6. She is a DOLL!!!


  7. Jamie Vespa says:

    Aww this is so sweet and she is just adorable! Both the girls are!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  8. Jodi says:

    How sweet! I like reading your updates. My little girl is a week younger than your's. Happy 1st Thanksgiving, Carson!

  9. Good gracious she is one BEAUTIFUL girl!

  10. Kristen says:

    She is your mini, so sweet!

  11. Britt R says:

    She's just the cutest!! Love all of her smiles! Glad she is doing so great!!

  12. Courtney says:

    She is absolutely precious!! What a sweet monthly post!

  13. Kristin says:

    She is so sweet. Happy 5 Months!

  14. Shadia Brown says:

    Oh.my.gosh. these pictures are precious! This little babe is so so cute!!!


  15. Andee Layne says:

    oh my goodness i don't know how i missed their Halloween costumes! So adorable!

  16. she is a total sweetheart – I miss that age so much!!

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