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Dear Carson…7 Months Old!


January 29, 2014

The Overarching Plot. Oh heavens, we have entered a tricky time for you this month my little button babe. You’ve been fussy as of late so that it’s been a bit of a struggle for all of us to manage. Through the constant early AM wakeup calls (5AM really is WAY too early and dark outside) and the teething, this mama is waving a white flag in the air for someone to rescue us and bring back “easy baby”.

Facts and Details. This past month was tricky in that you’ve had RSV, got your first two bottom teeth, and we have been regressing in the sleep department. When it rains, it pours Carson and you’ve had a hard few weeks to say the least. I am hoping we are coming out of this “stage” soon, but just trying to cuddle and hold you as much as possible considering it’s the only time you’re happy. However, on the good side, you’re growing, and never turning down a time to eat. You are wearing some 3-6 month clothes, but we have moved you into 6-9/12 month outfits, too. In the diapering department, you’re still in size 2 Huggies Pure and Natural diapers because you have oh so sensitive skin.

showing off that you have your first tooth (actually, you have two)
 and how you can sit up!

Chow Time. Rarely is there a time when you’re not itching to get something good in that fat little tummy!! You still love green beans the most, and other favorites include squash, sweet potatoes, oatmeal with cinnamon, and applesauce. You’re definitely more of a veggie lover! You’ve also had a few handfuls of puffs, and mum mums which are a lifesaver when we are out and about and you need a little snack. I love how messy you are when you eat, and you constantly are blowing bubbles so food goes EVERYWHERE. We have given you watered down juice a few times, especially when you were sick, and you liked that a lot as well. This month, we are going to dive into the world of finger foods and I am ecstatic to have you try “real food” AKA mommy cuts everything into mini portions and doesn’t have to fix separate meals!!! This is huge news in our world I assure you.

Exercise is Good for the Soul. It took me a bit to realize this game changer, but when I put a pillow under your jumper you go nuts…my little petite peanut, you still can’t reach the floor so you need a little assistance, but now you jump like crazy!! And you absolutely love it when big sister Caroline pushes it so you go higher. You are also starting to get up on your hands and knees and I think you are inching closer to crawling… you get up on your hands and then slide around on the floor trying to figure it out. You love to slide backwards, but we are working on forward motion ;).

I am still amazed to see you interact with your big sister each and everyday. You look at her with so much wonder and amazement that it fills my heart with love and admiration and I feel so fortunate that both of you will have a lifelong best friend. She loves you Carson and is constantly asking about her “seester” in the mornings, is always wanting to help give you a bottle, hold you (with adult supervision of course), and loves giving you hugs and kisses. Nothing in the world is better than spending my days and nights with my two girls…until next month my little bit!! OXOX

  1. Charla Lee says:

    Oh Natasha, she is just too cute for words. The pictures could certainly fool me into thinking it was an easy month since she looks so happy. 🙂 Prayers for sleep for momma and baby and a little break from the teething!

  2. melissa says:

    She's so precious, Natasha! Love that sweet two-teeth grin!

  3. She is adorable!! Happy 7 months!!

  4. Michele says:

    Have you looked into an amber necklace…the amber is a healing stone that helps reduce inflamation. Out little girl has worn one since she was 6 months old (she's now 1 1/2) and has had little to no teething issues. I know because there was a time where we forgot to put it back on after a bath and she was just being crabby and chewing on everything. I realized she didn't have it on, once we put it back on, within a day she was back to her chipper self. They run about $20 at most local baby boutiques and totally worth it!

  5. Jess Norden says:

    She's too cute to be difficult!! 🙂 I hear ya…when it rains, it pours!! I hope it gets easier…you know it's worth it. 🙂

  6. JLPS says:

    She's so darn cute–I'm sure that at least HELPS in times like this! Hang in there, momma–it'll get better. My daughter (Adrienne) also has major disruptions when teeth are coming in…and it's not fun. Happy 7 months!!

  7. Anna Nguyen says:

    7 months already?!! I love that you have stickers for her milestones! Where did you get them?


  8. She is seriously the CUTEST thig Natasha!!

  9. Oh my gosh Natasha, she looks just like you! Love this post! -Lauren

  10. Carson is absolutely beautiful!! Those teething months can be tough but I promise a break is coming!

  11. Jo says:

    Oh she's so precious! Adorable post!

  12. Carson is the cutest! I can't believe she is already 7 months!!

  13. I love her little stickers! The "I can sit up" sticker is just too cute! Hope you can get some sleep soon!!

    Mary marygoround4@blogspot.com

  14. little b says:

    You wouldn't know she's been a little fussbudget from these pictures….the first two especially just kill me!

  15. Meredith says:

    She's adorable, Natasha! How in the world is Carson 7 months already, really!!! Wow, it goes too too fast!!

  16. Laura says:

    Carson is adorable!! I can't wait for my little one to start having these exciting milestones (not that I"m rushing annnything). That bow in the first picture – to die for!

  17. Ashley P says:

    I just love these letters/updates!! And the photos are so sweet!!

    Check out my blog: atparsons.blogspot.com

  18. Carolyn says:

    She is so adorable!! 🙂

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