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Five on Friday…The Birthday Boy


March 14, 2014

Today, I’m taking my Five on Friday post to talk about the main squeeze in my life, my husband and partner-in-crime, Jeff. He may think I overlook him sometimes, but he’s always in the back of my head, guiding me and I think of him way more than he knows. He is everything I always imagined in a husband and more, and in celebration of his 30 years, I am listing 30 fun little facts about my best friend.

1. He is the hardest working person I know…he rarely sleeps and I’m pretty sure he dreams about work when he does sleep. I nag him all the time about this, but he genuinely loves his career, his bosses, and he has so many accomplishments. I’m proud of you, Jeff!!
2. Jeff loves to play golf, and he’s humble about it, but he’s really good. He was offered a scholarship to play in college, but ultimately chose to stay in TN and went to UT instead.
3. He watches the most random TV shows…from Ice Road Truckers to Suits to Ultimate Survival Alaska, our DVR is packed with non-stop reality TV. I guess this is his “outlet” once all his girls (including me) go to sleep.

4. His dad was his biggest role model. Jeff and his dad were extremely close growing up, and I love hearing stories about how he and his dad did EVERYTHING together. I so wish I could have known Jerry, as he died when Jeff was a senior in high school. I know he’s looking down on him and he has to be proud of the man he’s grown to be.

5. He may look like a suit and tie kind of guy, but the boy LOVES to hunt, fish, and do anything outside. He’s addicted to any and all sports.
6. In our family, we all have super powers…this is something Mimi and Pappy came up with long ago and once Jeff was inducted into our family, the search was on to find his unique ability. Finally, years later, Pappy told him he’s “making a deal” man. I promise you, Jeff can sell ANYTHING to anyone.
7. His favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.

8. His favorite meal I make is Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas (it’s what’s on the menu for tonight, too!)
9. He HATES to hold hands…he will give in, but only on special occasions πŸ™‚
10. He would give any of his friends the shirt off his back. He is always doing more for others than himself and it’s a value of his I so admire.
11. The boy loves to eat…my dad always jokes that it will catch up to him in his 30s so he better watch out. He is like a garbage disposal.
12. During college, he lived in Italy for the summer studying abroad and he and best friend Bev backpacked together all over Europe. He says it’s one of the best times he’s ever had and he cannot wait to go back.

13. He loves to do finances. Thank gosh I have a husband who enjoys talking about, investing, and watching our money because it’s not something I ever want to have to deal with. He gets so excited when we talk budgets…weirdo!!
14. He has the most colorful wardrobe of any guy I’ve ever seen. He definitely loves to wear bright colors and he is forever asking my opinion on how his outfit looks…he is going to kill me for telling y’all this.
15. The man loves to cook…it mostly involves grilling, smoking, and anything he can cook in the frying pan, but I can’t complain. He comes up with some amazing concoctions!
16. He hates to spend money on decorating, but then once a room is done, he always tells me he was wrong and how much he loves the finished product.

17. Jeff’s motto is “go big or go home”, but it’s gotten him into trouble once or twice.
18. We lovingly call him “Casper” because of his naturally fair complexion, but he gets really tan when he ventures out into the sun.
19. He cried during our wedding…and I have it on video to prove it!! Honestly though, I think it’s one of the few times I have ever seen him get emotional and he said it’s because he was so nervous and anxious to see me walk down the aisle. Sweet man indeed πŸ™‚
20. If I would let him, he would eat all the candy/sweets/junk we have in our house. He might be the pantry thief who is forever stealing the Girl Scout cookies, Caroline’s potty treat (AKA Skittles), and chips.

21. He didn’t inherit the engineering genes that run through his family…bless his heart, thank heavens we have friends and family who are great around the house because it’s not his best talent.
22. If he had a security blanket, it would be his iPhone. I’m surprised that device doesn’t have a pillow in our bed because he goes nuts without it.

23. He likes to indulge in one too many drinks on special occasions…i.e. our engagement night in Charleston (Meg and Aaron can vouch), our engagement party night, and my 30th birthday party. HAHAHA

24. He is a genius at MS Excel. Creating his own formulas and spreadsheets brings him so much joy.
25. He is the ONLY guy I dated that my family ever liked…truly. My Mom said she knew he was going to be the guy I would eventually marry. I think she actually knew before I did.

26. Jeff is a great public speaker…can’t say I haven’t asked for his advice once or twice before when I was in the corporate world. He makes talking to a large number of people look SO easy.
27. Jeff never had to wear braces growing up and has almost perfect teeth…I’m so jealous of this and hope both our girls inherit that from him!

28.  He has never been to Disney World and I know he is REALLY excited to take the girls in a few years…we will totally let him do the Tea Cup ride, I promise.
29. Jeff likes to think he knows the words to songs, and will TOTALLY belt out what he thinks is right…it’s hilarious, and he is going to pinch me for telling on him.
30. He is INCREDIBLE at playing cornhole. In college, he and Christian (Bev’s husband) would pair up together and I’m not sure anyone ever beat them.

Cheers to your first 30 years babe…I am so excited to spend the next 30 with you, living our life together, raising a family, and making the most of this wonderful, roller coaster experience. You make each day better and I hope you know just how much all three of your girls love you Jeff!! OXOX

  1. I was laughing and "aww"-ing over this, this morning!! My hubby to be has never been to disney either, crazy?! How special that he will get to experience for the first time with his babies. Happy Birthday to your main man!! Xx.

  2. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday to Jeff! It was fun learning a little bit more about your main man:)

  3. Caitlin says:

    This is so sweet! So fun learning a little more about Jeff. Happy birthday to him and have a fun weekend!! πŸ™‚

  4. I don't think I knew that he was a Tennessee grad – Jeff has so much in common with my husband, it must be the Rocky Top influence! GBO!

  5. Jess Norden says:

    So sweet!! It sounds like you have a good one on your hands! Happy Birthday to Jeff! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

  6. What a special post!! Happy Birthday to Jeff!!!! Enjoy this special weekend!

  7. Loved hearing more about Jeff. He seems like such a great guy.

  8. Sara Lumley says:

    GBO! Love fellow Rocky Top lovers!

  9. What an incredible tribute to your main man … happy birthday, Jeff!

  10. Ashley says:

    Such a sweet post! It sounds like you really hit the jackpot with Jeff – Happy Birthday to him!
    ps I picked up my clothes I bought from you at the parcel service yesterday – LOVE THEM! Can't wait until your next sale πŸ˜‰

  11. Awwwww…. so sweet of you to share this for his 30th birthday! Hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating him in a big way!!

    Ps – I'm laughing because Cason is exactly the same with random tv shows (I swear to you, Ice Road Truckers will be the death of me…. and some mining show! Ugh!). With that said, I watch Teen Mom and The Bachelor, so there's that!

    Anyway, isn't life so much sweeter with a good man by your side? You are blessed to have such an awesome hubby …. and even more so because you recognize it! Happy day to your hubs!

  12. LOVE THIS!!! So Sweet!! What a great husband! Happy Birthday Jeff…have fun celebrating!

  13. Lea says:

    What a sweet post and how amazing that you were able to come up with 30 things. That's a whole LOT! Great post!

  14. Awww! How sweet! Sounds like you've got a great guy! πŸ™‚

  15. Dakota Boyle says:

    You forgot to mention anything about how he is as a dad!!

  16. SO sweet.. I have to say I like the one about how he is the only boyfriend your family truly liked.. That's happening to me alot now!

  17. Nina says:

    Happy birthday to your main squeeze.

  18. Happy birthday to you wonderful husband! You have so many sweet things to say about him πŸ™‚ Our guys have quite a few things in common, but two really stood out to me! My husband lost his father, also named Jerry, when he was about the same age and they both have the same favorite movie! Luckily its a good movie, right? I've had to watch it maaaaaany times!

  19. now thats a fish!!! my hubs would love that.

  20. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  21. My husband shares many of those qualities with yours as well as a birthday! Happy birthday to our husbands!

  22. Tess says:

    This was so cute and I loved so many of these points. Jeff is a total keeper!

    p.s. He should compile a list of 30 things we don't know about you! πŸ˜‰

  23. Kate says:

    Aw so sweet! Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby! Happy Friday- enjoy the weekend celebrating!! xo

  24. I love your list….you and your hubs seem to have it all going for you and seem to have such fun and miles of smiles! I linked in but just realized I had to be doing 5 on Friday so feel free to delta me! πŸ™‚ Here's to your 30+ more!!!!!

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