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Five on Friday…Easter Rewind and Such


April 25, 2014

One. Easter 2014 Edition
I’m sure you’re sick of seeing Easter recaps by now, but I have to include mine just because if I don’t put it on the blog, it’s like it never happened, right? The weather was perfect, we made it to church service EARLY (yes, that was a proud moment), the girls made it almost all the way through before visiting the nursery for a bit, and then we headed to Aunt Denise’s house for brunch and a fun egg hunt. I may not have gotten a picture of the four of us together, but we managed to squeeze in a couple of shots of the girls and they looked adorable.

Easter baskets from the bunny himself !
 Mimi and Gran…role models and the best ladies I know
 Me and My Gran
 Rather than hunt the eggs, Carson preferred to sit and watch

 Sadly, this is the best we could do…for you moms out there with perfectly posed pics, I’m impressed

Two. Mother/Daughter Bucket List
I found these fun bucket lists on a website the other day, and bookmarked to share. They are fantastic…they include one for everyone: Mother/DaughterFather/DaughterMother/SonFather/Son, and one for Marriage, too. So when you’re racking your brain of things to do, you can check these out for fun, imaginative ways to engage with the kids and with your spouse!

Three. Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers
I made something new this week…I know, it’s been awhile and I was growing sick of the same repetitive dinner menu too, so I went through the fridge and pantry and found some ingredients I already had to make stuffed bell peppers. I used this recipe as a guide, but changed a few things to save some unnecessary calories, like switching to ground turkey, and using lowfat cheese. All in all, we rated it a strong B…easy to prepare with simple ingredients, and something Jeff and I both enjoyed!

Four. Tanning Bed/Sun Soapbox
It’s time for my annual “say no to the harsh sun” soapbox chat. Last year, I told you all about how I had to have spots removed, and just this past week I had to do it again. I had a normal biopsy done, then had to go back to my dermatologist to have additional skin removed, complete with inside and outside stitches on a very sensitive area. Not fun I tell you, not fun. Please learn from my mistakes and don’t use the tanning bed!!! They are horrible, and I can tell you from experience they cause premature aging…yes, I have wrinkles and that’s my fault, but I have learned my lesson and am trying to do better to encourage others as well. If you need to look like you have had some sun, get a spray tan or use a sunless spray/lotion/etc!!! (we all know I do)

Five. Country Music Marathon Weekend
We’ve got friends coming to visit this weekend and I am counting down the hours, trying to be patient! Bev and Christian are coming to watch Christian and Aaron tackle the Country Music 1/2 Marathon, and we will be there on the sidelines cheering them (and everyone else) on to cross the finish line. So proud of their training, and I know they will do great…such an adrenaline rush and we’re crossing fingers for great weather. Then, Jamie is coming down from Indiana to play with us girls and we can’t wait to love on her and that growing baby bump. Saturday afternoon, Jeff and I are taking the girls to Emory’s 1st birthday party, too. Exciting, fun-filled weekend indeed!! TGIF friends.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love those Easter buckets!! Adorable pink dresses, too~
    Happy Springtime!


  2. Brownie says:

    Great pics! I am also loving those links for lists. Finally, I'm with you on the anti tanning. I am a porcelain belle and the sun and I hate each other. So I do "lotion tanning" and it works wonderfully! Happy weekending! abrownieworld.blogspot.com

  3. Jen says:

    Darling Easter baskets!!! The girls look oh so precious in their matching dresses! Have a FUN weekend!

  4. Hannah says:

    Those Easter dresses! How adorable!

  5. Meredith says:

    love their sweet smiles.. if you see someone bust crossing the finish line, that's probably me.. to say I'm freaking out is an understatement. CC & Carson's dresses are too cute.

  6. my co-worker is running the half marathon in nashville this weekend!! fun 🙂
    xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. Meghan says:

    I'm having a hard time getting one kid to look and smile at the camera so I can only imagine it with two kids!

  8. Love that website for the bucket list! Definitely going to keep that as a reference 🙂

  9. Such a fun Easter, your girls looked precious!!! Happy Weekend, sweets! Xx.

  10. I love the parent bucket lists. Thanks so much for sharing! Xoxo

  11. i melt over those matching bows for the girls every time.

  12. April says:

    Your girls and their dresses are just darling! So sorry you have to have skin removed. 🙁 I did my fair share of tanning (although not as hard-core as a lot of my friends) and I just hope and pray that nothing bad comes from it. It's so dangerous now that I know the truth.

  13. Awww….the Easter pics are just presh! The buckets lists are awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO!

  14. Kristen says:

    those matching dresses are gorgeous! and that bucket list.. awwww 🙂 such a great idea!

  15. melissa says:

    Your girls are too precious in their matching dresses! Melts my heart! Love their baskets too! And preach on about the sun, friend! So dangerous and in the end makes you look worse not better. As a FL girl, I learned my lesson a little later than I should have too but it's never too late! Glad our girls will grow up knowing better and covered in sunscreen!

  16. melissa says:

    The number of exclamation points in that comment makes me roll my eyes. Apparently I got over excited. Apologies. 🙂

  17. Rebecca Jo says:

    Every year the Nashville race is the same as the Ky Derby Marathon… this was the first year it was different but I didn't think I could do 2 in a week. OUCH.
    Your girls are adorable! 🙂

  18. Sara Y says:

    Your girls looked adorable as always 🙂 Happy belated easter to you. I am addicted to stuffed peppers and make them in crock pot. Have a great weekend 🙂

  19. jayme says:

    look how long your mamas hair is! so pretty! and i love the girls dresses! XOXO

  20. The parent bucket lists are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

    Heartbreaking that you had to have spots removed. I used to work in a tanning salon — and am so upset that I used to tan the way I did. Am getting my first spray tan today. Praying that I don't turn out orange!

  21. Morgan says:

    May I ask what sunless tanner you use? I'm trying to break the tanning habit, and need some recommendations — and your skin always looks nice and tan, not orangey!

  22. You are so right about the perils of the rays (real and artificial) … wish I'd had a little more sense back as a teen, slathering myself with vegetable oil and also making trips in college to the cheapest (and therefore shadiest) tanning bed I could find.

  23. Lana L. says:

    This is my first time linking up with you all. Your daughters are adorable! Love the pink dresses. Have a great weekend 🙂

  24. Dawn says:

    Love those cute girls! 🙂 The Easter bunny has great taste! 🙂

  25. Oh honey I'm right there with you — totally regretting all that time I spent laying out and tanning in the beds. So terrible for us and or skin. Your girls are the cutest! And can I just say that your mom has beautiful skin! Seriously, that picture of her makes me want all of her skin care routine in detail!!

  26. Hannah says:

    Love that first picture of your little girls. Their faces are too cute! I'd say it was a successful picture if I were you 🙂 Looks like you had a fun Easter and the girls got some fun treats!

  27. Nicole-Lynn says:

    The pics of the girls on Easter are precious! Carson's face in that first pic of them both cracks me up! So sweet!

  28. Heather says:

    Mexican Stuffed Peppers are a favorite at our house, but we use a little different recipe. Just thought I'd share as I'm making them for dinner tonight! (we use ground turkey instead of beef as well). Maybe you'll like this one a little better 🙂 http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Stuffed-Mexican-Peppers/Detail.aspx?event8=1&prop24=SR_Thumb&e11=stuffed%20mexican%20peppers&e8=Quick%20Search&event10=1&soid=sr_results_p1i1

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