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Curious Minds Would Like to Know


May 14, 2014

As a new small business owner, I am learning things left and right…some things that I should’ve figured out long before launching, some things I never knew I’d have to deal with, and some that I’ve had to tackle on the fly, but valuable lessons all the same. 
Ya’ll have been INCREDIBLE in helping get Sugar Bit off the ground and running and this past 1.5 months has been so much fun, doing something I love with my whole heart and getting back in the game with a career of my very own again, pursuing my passion that’s been there for so long. 
However, with that being said, I know there is always room for improvement and I am interested in hearing your feedback on a couple of items I’ve mentioned below. More than ever, your advice, constructive criticism, input, and thoughts are appreciated and I can’t thank you all enough. 

  1. I haven't bought anything yet, but love your store and plan to do so soon! I am a big online shopper, and something big for me is free shipping. Or discounted shipping, even if it requires a minimum purchase. I hate paying shipping, even though I know it's necessary, so I always take advantage of those deals. Also flash sales. Like use code XYZ for the next 5 hours to get X percent off your order. It makes me buckle down and order right away, as opposed to mulling over an item for days or weeks. Hope that helps!

  2. BeckyJo606 says:

    I agree about free shipping–if someone charges shipping that is enough for me to cancel an order. I do almost all of my browsing from my iphone, so it is awesome if a site has an app or a mobile version of their website. Hope this is helpful! 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    I kind of like instagram giveaways, the whole tag a friend and repost the image with a certain hashtag…I feel like it gives a lot of exposure for the shops!
    As for incentives, if there is a little bit going to charity, or a discount code, or when you can see the clothes on someone…instead of just hanging/laying on a display 🙂

  4. Meghan says:

    I agree with a good mobile site, free shipping, and make exchanges easy in case size isn't right. I'm sometimes hesitant to order things online when I'm not positive about sizing and no store to go try things on first.

  5. Busy Girl 1 says:

    I agree, discounted shipping is great – I always wait for J Crew to do a "25% off plus free shipping" – they had one last week that was only good for a few hours, but I definitely took advantage it!! Or even just free shipping when you purchase a certain $ amount. I'm always looking for those coupon codes in my inbox!

  6. shelbie muse says:

    I totally agree with the discount codes straight to your inbox! Or weekly updates on what is now on sale and new items that have arrived. If you are looking for examples, I think Victoria Secret and Old Navy are two of the best when it comes to email marketing. They never send you something that doesn't immediately grab your attention and draw you in…I appreciate that, and also despise it. :Either way, I'm buyin'! 🙂

  7. Tess says:

    I have to say, and you already know this, but there is a LOT of power in blog marketing. Having other bloggers wear it, talk about it, style it, recommend it, etc. is often what motivates me to go to the store and try it on myself. Obviously Sugar Bit has a different market, but maybe target bloggers with babies and have them host a giveaway in exchange….

  8. ginastorm says:

    I agree with free shipping. I rarely participate in giveaways on blogs because there are usually too many steps. First you have to comment, then share on FB, then like the shop in FB and well, then I stop caring. Also, sponsored posts after sponsored post [or giveaway after giveaway] reeks of insincerity to me, it makes me question why the person has a blog. Are they only into selling stuff?

    Finally, what makes the online store different? There are a million bloggers/online retailers selling knock-offs of the J Crew bubble necklace. Why should I buy it from one retailer versus another?

    • thank you thank you for all the wealth of information!!! this is great…and oh gosh if i see that necklace one more time i might scream!

    • Toni :O) says:

      Oh my goodness, Gina hit the nail on the head with blog giveaways and then you have to go through a million steps to do one entry and share, share, share..good grief makes me not care either nor do I enter. I also massively question the sincerity of the product and this person, especially when I see four (or sometimes more!) blogs promoting the same dang product and saying the same things-it's so wonderful, answered all my prayers for this that and the other thing! Very rarely do I ever see a negative response to a free product a blogger has been gifted. Excellent feedback Gina!! Best of luck Natasha on your new business, looks like a lot of people love that free shipping or order a certain amount and you get free shipping (which Vitacost is a draw for me as you spend $49 and receive free shipping). Too bad my babies are practically both teenagers now or I'd be ordering but if I ever get a Great Niece or Nephew someday, I know where to order really cute clothes!

  9. agreed about free shipping. and really having any kind of discount code will make me jump the gun 🙂 So many times I put a bunch of items in my shopping cart only to get there, with no discount code and see the shipping costs added on top of it and I get cold feet right there and close the page lol! But when I go to my shopping cart and either a discount code box appears for me or Free shipping is added I feel like I'll miss out on that if I don't hit submit. 🙂

  10. but on another note, I know you probably don't want to become only a "discount" boutique. so I do see some of the other boutiques doing flash sales via fb/instagram with only limited quanities per size and I always jump at those and QUICK because if not, you'll lose out on the outfit.

  11. Free shipping or free monogramming if applicable. I love to see promos on Facebook with a discount code, a blog discount code or emailed to me.

  12. Free shipping or 20% off (so then it feels like free shipping) 🙂

  13. i think free shipping and returns are a BIG help when it comes to online shopping! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  14. Jen B says:

    Free shipping and easy returns seals the deal for me! Love your adorable online shop!

  15. Clerance, free shipping, or simply just a discount! 🙂

  16. Lexy says:

    Shipping has been mentioned a lot so I won't say that again but I will say that seeing other kids wearing cute outfits always helps me decide what to buy. I like to see full outfits styled and in action. I hesitate to recommend doing this via bloggers because I am so frustrated by the number of disingenuous bloggers who do nothing but sponsored posts and talk about the things they got free to review. I do love seeing tags and reposts on Instagram though.

  17. First and foremost I LOVE your shop! The quality and cuteness of clothes, adorable packaging and handwritten notes keep me coming back for more! When I need a quick gift or something for my daughter I automatically think of your shop. As a fellow stay at home mom I love helping other moms reach their dreams! I'm also a frequent Nordstrom shopper and it's for the ease of (free!) shipping and returns!

  18. I love when brands share customer images on their Instagram accounts when people use their hashtags. It gets people wanting to promote their favorite things. Also, I have learned SO much about the importance of building your email lists and how beneficial it is your business! Also creating weekly newsletters. I'd be happy to chat with you about what I've learned. We're starting to implement it in my husband and my business and it's working!

    • yes!! email marketing is something i am slowly but surely trying to master (which takes a lot of time as you know)
      would love to talk to you about tips, tricks, and lessons learned because i know you should share a wealth of knowledge jenny!

  19. Becky M says:

    I am so glad you posted this! I am researching and planning my own shop opening and this was so helpful!! Such a great way to get valuable info!


  20. I love your store (but have yet to order)! I agree shipping or a sale is always great (I order a lot of gap/crewcuts/nordstrom for the free shipping), but I also LOVE giveaways.

  21. E Hayes says:

    I'm a sucker for Free Shipping. So many times I won't buy things because I don't want to pay shipping, even if I'm getting a % off, but rather I'll pay full price for an item if I can get free shipping. I also love searching for coupon codes, so if having a large promotion isn't feasible, like announcing through your shop site/IG/here, maybe do a promotion through other blogs to share a code and you get some extra traffic/purchases that way.

    • it's funny, but it is SO true…people will pay more for the item just to get free shipping. something to think about and i promise to offer it from time to time to drive more traffic and sales…thanks!

  22. Sarah says:

    I agree with the free shipping, I love free shipping, almost as much as getting actual percentage off of something. I actually just bought something from a small shop recently and in my package they sent me a card for free shipping off of my next order, and I'm actually probably going to buy something else from them, just because of that! So maybe think about that too?

  23. Sara Y says:

    Free Shipping is always a magnet for me. =)

  24. Bri says:

    Free shipping!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Two or three items all sold together wrapped and ready to give as a gift is always great idea. f you sold gift sets of some kind at a better value than if you were to buy them all separately, I bet people would buy for baby showers or birthday parties.

  26. Kate Lynn says:

    Free shipping and the ability to use more than one promotional code! Lol. I love to save money, but who doesn't right? Flash sales get me every time also!

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