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Five on Friday…Remember What Matters


May 9, 2014

One. It’s Been a Trying One My Friends
Social media has the power to do incredible things and this week has proven this statement to me repeatedly. From two sweet babies making their way to Heaven far too quickly, IG/Facebook/Twitter/Blogs have taken on a whole new meaning and it just shows good people really do exist, and people come through to lend a hand during the worst of times. I’ve been so inspired by what all people are doing to help complete strangers and it demonstrates that God is really working His magic. My love and prayers continue to go out to the Fish and Saldana families and I hope the small acts of kindness so many are showing help give these families some comfort.
#superteddy #redballoonsforryan
P.S. Check out the IG auction that’s being put on by @redballoonsforryan on Instagram tomorrow. It begins at 8AM PST and will feature tons of items from small businesses who want to help. I have donated a few items from Sugar Bit and am honored to participate in such a worthy cause.

Two. My Girls and A Lesson Learned
Did all of you hug your babies a little tighter this week?? I sure did and I know God was reminding me to just put everything else aside to spend quality time with my minis as much as I could these past few days. I spent extra time rocking them to sleep each night, playing hide and seek with Caroline 2847484 times, and holding Carson as much as possible because these days are long, but the years are short. That’s the number one lesson I’ve learned, and I can’t emphasize it enough. No matter what stage of life you’re going through..single lady right out of college, mid-twenty something career gal moving up the corporate ladder, SAHM who barely has time to shower, etc, etc…savor it! You will never get it back and one day you’ll wish you could snap your fingers and go back to that place.

Three. New Eats
I was good this week and planned our meals..it’s been awhile since I was able to tackle this little task, but gosh with grocery prices soaring more and more, I have found when I put my pen to paper and really figure out what we need/will eat, I save so much more $$ at the store. And yes, I use coupons, too! This week, I tried out two new tasty meals…the first was Crockpot BBQ Sliders and the second was a Homemade Pizza Calzone. Both were simple, delish, and the crowd was pleased as pie.

Four. Happy Shopping Day 
I stumbled upon this adorable pair of JCrew Factory shorts the other day when Mimi and I did a little springtime shopping, and was elated…first, they are pull on, so they are SUPER comfy. The print is bright and bold, and will make a fun print to wear to the beach, and even better, they were on sale. They are sold out online (this print at least), but they still have the solid colors in stock…if you’re on the hunt for a great new short, be sure to check these out!

Five. Mother’s Day
Sunday is the day we all take time to honor the important women in our lives, and since I won’t be posting this weekend, I thought I’d finish my Five on Friday this week with a thank you to my Mom (AKA Mimi/greatest mom in the whole world) to tell her just how much I love her. My mother taught me the true meaning of family and how nothing else matters without them, and I think that life lesson has carried me through some really tough times in my life. Mom, thanks for being an incredible role model, someone I look to for honest, heartfelt advice, and the person I know I can always lean on when I’m having a rough day and just need a hug. You’re the epitome of what a Mom should strive to be and I hope to be able to do half of what you did for me for my girls. I love our time together and I cherish you more than you will ever know. Love you forever Mommy! OXOX

You know the normal drill by now, so do your thing and link-up below with my ladies: Darci, April, Christina, and I and share five of your weekly tidbits/favorites/etc.

  1. Great post Natasha! Thanks for sharing the info about the auction too! Hope you have a great weekend with your babes! xoxo

  2. Leslie says:

    So true…hug and love on your kiddos a little tighter these days. Those shorts are adorable! Have a Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Lexy says:

    You are so very right! Life is unpredictable and can be far too short. I have certainly been holding my boys tighter this week. I'll be praying for these moms this weekend on what I am sure will be a very emotional day for them.

  4. Samma says:

    I almost ordered those shorts a couple weeks ago- now I wish I had! Perfect for the beach! Can't wait to see you!

  5. I have been praying for these families non stop and loving on my people hard.

  6. I can't get those two beautiful little boys out of my head this week. My heart hits so much for their families and I definitely did cherish my babies a little more this week. And loving your new shorts!!

  7. Those sweet babies. Saying lots of prayers for those families

  8. Loved this Five on Friday post – all many great things bundled into one. Will definitely be keeping this family in prayers this weekend and for the tough times ahead.

  9. Ida Arias says:

    I heard about the two boys who are now in heaven and it just makes my heart hurt so much! I have hugged my son a lot tighter this week and really cherished time with him. I love those shorts and I hope you have a fabulous mother's day!

  10. Your girls could not be more beautiful! I work in oncology at a Children's Hospital and I constantly blessed of the time I have with my family and am in amazement of what families are able to endure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Yes to every word of this!!!!! I have certainly hugged J far tighter this week. These days….. they are oh so precious! And how wonderful that you donated some items for the auction. Praying that it's a success and that these mamas feel all the love and prayers headed their way!

    I heart you dear — hop in the car and head to Rosemary and spend the week w/ us!?!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  12. Joie de Viv says:

    Definitely the Saldana and Fish boys weighed heavily on my heart and mind all week. Extra hugs and kisses every day. Happy Mother's Day to you and your little ones!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  13. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Caroline's little boots!! How adorable! Well, all pictures of those babies are adorable 🙂

  14. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Caroline's little boots!! How adorable! Well, all pictures of those babies are adorable 🙂

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2024 favs

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colorful life + style blogger | native nashvillian | wife and mom to two darling little ladies | bringing you all the happy you can handle

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