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five on friday


March 20, 2015

One. Makeup Beauty Brow Marker // Powder Set 
Back to talk more about beauty and my new found fascination with this set to help fill in your brows… yes, I have extremely light eyebrows so I have to “draw mine in” everyday. My kind friends at We See Beauty saw my need for some help in the eye department and kindly sent me this Brow Set to make it easier… and yes, it is THAT good and any novice // expert can do it, too. The powder is great, but my favorite has to be the pen… I start by using that to draw and define, and then fill in with the powder. It took me a few attempts to get it right, but I can totally tell a difference and I think it makes me look more “complete” when my makeup is on. Pardon my wet hair in the picture below as well as my practice face on learning how to contour properly, but I have one before and one after so you can see the difference! New found beauty love right here…

Two. Day of Birthday Fun
Tuesday, I played hookie… just like my Mom used to do when I had my adolescent birthdays oh so long ago. I took off and spent all day with my big three year old, galavanting around town, brunching with Mimi, doing a little bit of sandal shopping, indulging in popcorn and the new Cinderella movie, and then met up with Jeff and sister so we could partake in some gourmet dinner festivities at Chuck E Cheese. It was a day devoted to my best big girl and we had a ball!! That’s the good stuff my friends… the days spent making memories I will forever cherish. Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!

Three. Beach Time Countdown
It’s inching closer and closer and I think I need to set a countdown calendar on my phone just so I won’t forget what’s coming our way… BEACH ME! Less than two months to go and I know by then we will all be in major need of a scenery change.. i.e. sand and sun! Looks like I need to be getting my booty and diet in check soon because I might have fallen off the wagon these past few weeks due to sickness and travel and birthday parties oh my. There truly is nothing better than a week at the beach… now only if I could convince Jeff that two weeks sounds better than one ;).

Four. Anniversary Number One
I’m working like a mad woman trying to get things ready to celebrate Sugar Bit’s one year anniversary!! I cannot believe my little shop has been open for almost an entire year… there have been some hard lessons learned, loads of tears (mostly happy ones), and I am still loving it more than ever. Cannot wait to share some new things we have coming for our incredible customers and friends and I thank you for following along this crazy retail business journey with me!

Five. The Infamous Chore Chart
I’ve been researching how // when // the best way to start a chore chart for Caroline and thanks to my girl Jenny Collier, I now have a handy dandy chore chart printed out for us to use to help us learn how to put toys away, brush our teeth [properly], help put away clothes, etc. Loving this so much and I will be venturing to Kinko’s to get this laminated ASAP. P.S. looking for other printables / colors? See her archives for amazing printables here.

Now I’m off… driving around Nashville today, loading up on party food at Costco, tackling all the people at Trader Joe’s so I can get all the best flowers, and then tearing up my kitchen as I’m in full on party prep mode for tomorrow’s party for my darling CC. And yes, full, crazy picture overload party recap to come next week! Have a wonderful weekend friends…

  1. P!nky says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww, that birthday celebration looks like so much fun :)!

  2. Looove that you spend the whole day of their birthday with the girls! That is SUCH a fun idea – definitely something I'll have to keep in mind for my kiddos! Woo Hoo for one year of SugarBit! Congratulations girl!!

  3. I am very self conscious about my eye brows so I will definitely check out the brow set. Always looking for something easy! I love that you spent the whole day with your little girl for her birthday. I may have to start that tradition with my little girl too! I hope you have a good weekend celebrating her 🙂

    The Mrs. & Co.

  4. rachel says:

    Sweet Caroline!!! Cannot wait to celebrate that precious girl tomorrow! And cannot wait to see all your fabulous details. 🙂 And how has it been a year since Sugar Bit launched?? So proud of you and truly in amazement of all you have accomplished! Cheers to many more years!!!

  5. Please, please, please write a post on "packing for the beach with minis"! We are taking Caroline to the beach in May and I've been combing through your old posts trying to figure out what you packed for the babes. Clueless over here!

    Also, happy anny to Sugar Bit!!! You have worked so hard and I am so proud of you, friend! xx

  6. Chasity Munn says:

    We have to do Chucky Cheese every birthday too. 🙂
    Happy birthday Caroline & Sugar Bits!

  7. What a sweet birthday — i used to have alll my bday parties there when i was a kid. Some of my best memories!

  8. A week long beach vacation sounds so great right about now! And how sweet to take the day to celebrate your sweet, little girl's birthday! Xo, Stephanie

  9. I'm a St. Patrick's Day baby too! CC is going to love her birthday as she continues to get older!! I've been reading your blog for a while but have never commented! Love getting to read about your family, they are precious!

  10. Karra says:

    We're Florida natives and I am DYING to take my girls to the beach.. the PNW just does't cut it as far as beach goes. and yay for sugar bit! happy dance!

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