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Q & A with My Favorite Nashville Wardrobe Consultant


June 12, 2015

Hey there ladies…
I’m here today collaborating again with the fabulous ladies from Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting for a fun little question and answer session with Amy, stylist extraordinaire and my go-to guru for all things fashionable.

I sent Amy a list of burning questions I had about clothing, trends, and everything in between and I’m hoping we can all learn a few lessons from her wealth of knowledge [even working at Saks in Atlanta…hello DREAM JOB]…

1. What is your favorite go-to, never fail outfit?
Well I have two actually. I have this fab black dress that I love! I can wear it during the day with my sandals, and then after running around with my kids all day, I can just throw on a cool necklace, wedges or pumps, grab my favorite Ceri Hoover clutch and I am ready for a night on the town with my hubs or girlfriends.

My LBD with a sandal and simple jewelry. You can shop this dress inside the June Style Vault, in the Style Notes section. Members click here. Want to join? Click here for more info. You can also get me to shop with you one-on-one!

For a quick day to night switch-up, all I changed were my shoes.
Same jewelry. Same clutch. Easy-peasy.

My other go-to outfit involves my white baby bootcut jeans of course. They are perfect for running errands, meetings with clients, or eating lunch with friends.

If I am running around with my kids, I pair my white jeans with a v-neck tee, hoop earrings, stack bracelets and my cognac-color backpack for all my kiddos’ snacks and mommy essentials. You can find my fave white baby bootcut jeans inside the June Style Vault, Style Notes section. These haven’t been featured in the Vault before – I love introducing Tina to the good stuff I find!

2. Trying to dress after having a baby was REALLY tough. What’re some recommendations you can pass on to my readers {and girlfriends] about looking put together, but still easy for everyday errands, outings, and such?
This is always tricky because you don’t want to feel like you have to get right back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. It takes time and everything fits differently after baby.
So the 6 key pieces I would suggest would be:
1. A wrap dress.
A wrap dress will be your best friend. It’s adjustable, meaning you can wear it as your body changes. You can wear it on date nights, adding pumps and statement jewelry and then dress it down with sandals for the many trips to the store for diapers or to just get out of the darn house! (You can shop my 2 favorite wrap dresses for summer in the June Style Vault, Style Notes.)
2. An easy skirt with stretch that can take you all the way back to your pre-pregnancy body.
Pair it with a looser top, which is another great thing to have after baby. With a fuller top, it’s loose, it’s not touching your tummy, yet looks fabulous over those maternity skinnies you may still be wearing… we have to be real right?? (Tina featured a great one in the June Vault as one of the six must-haves.)
3. A button-down shirt.
For those of you that will be nursing, such as a chambray style. (Also, a featured must-have in the June Vault.)
4. A chic scarf.
For when you are nursing and/or when you want to have that extra layer of comfort while trying to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. I get these for my clients all the time. There’s a really pretty one in the June Vault.
5. A swing cardigan to layer over a basic white tee or button-down.
Pick one that is not huge in the arms or that will add more bulk to your figure. You want one that fits over your hips because it will make your middle look smaller. You can even belt it to give you that hourglass shape. (We get so many requests for this piece in summer, so Tina included it as a must-have in the June Vault, too.)
6. A swing dress.
Great because it is not only comfy but it covers the tummy, where you may not necessarily want to add attention. Pair it with a long pendant necklace, wedges or sandals and you are one fabulous-looking new mama! (You can shop 2 of my favorites in the June Vault, Style Notes section. I picked them just for you all!)

By adding these pieces to your wardrobe, you are able to mix them in with items you already own, and you know we are good at that. We at Tina Adams Consulting (that’s Barbara and me) have a knack for showing you what to invest in because you don’t want to have to spend a lot on your post-baby wardrobe. With these key looks, you can feel fab while enjoying your sweet bundle of joy! Plus, if you’re in Franklin or Nashville, you can access our exclusive in-store discounts when you shop with us.

3. Some of my blog followers are new to the corporate world and are looking for advice in building their work wardrobe. I know you have assisted a lot of pre- and post-college students, so what do you encourage them to invest in as far as staples?
Yes, I have had the wonderful opportunity to assist those that are beginning the adventure of college, as well as individuals that are either entering the corporate world, or getting back into it. Most offices these days are not as dressy as they used to be so you can really have fun building your business wardrobe. If you’re in the Franklin or Nashville area, I can shop with you and you can access our in-store discounts!

When you are starting off, you want to invest in a good black pencil skirt, black dress pants, a sheath in a gray or other neutral color, a white button down, a blazer, and black patent pumps. I always love a good leopard print shoe that you can use to spice up any outfit.

Once you have the key pieces above, you can build around them, adding a leather jacket, fun necklace and scarf. We can find all these pieces for you, and save you money with our exclusive discounts, and then teach you how to make them work multiple ways so you’re getting the most cost per wear, which is so important when you’re building a wardrobe. You can shop most of these wardrobe building blocks inside the Style Vault.

4. It’s summertime, which means travel is in high gear for a lot of us… I know the Tina Adams ladies offer packing assistance, so what are some tips you can share with us to help lighten the load?
I’ve packed a ton of clients. First rule is to keep it simple. I know this sounds easy, but we can get so carried away with excitement, and we overpack. Before I begin packing my clients, I like to know what they will be doing. You want to take clothes that match your destination’s culture and weather. Choose a color palette that is simple so you can mix and match, making just a few items stretch into 10 outfits or more. Don’t go crazy in the shoe department or your bag will be heavy and they take up a lot of room. As Tina says, wear your heaviest pair of shoes while traveling so you don’t have to pack them. Then, use accessories to add color and maximize your outfits. For example, you can use a scarf not only for a colorful wrap at night, but also as a sarong when going to the beach. (Check out our last post on how to tie a sarong, and Tina’s post on packing for a beach trip here.)

I always pack a denim jacket, no matter what time of year it is. They make any outfit a bit more chic. And they go with everything. I love my knit dresses for travel! And aren’t you so happy espadrilles are back on trend? So comfy for traveling. The perfect one is inside the June Vault, with an option for wide feet too.

I’m a color girl! Amy told me at night I could stretch this cobalt top we both love into another outfit with, what else, but white jeans.
5. I FINALLY found the perfect pair of white skinny jeans… and I know you love them, too. What’s the best way to wear them? For a casual day? For work? For a night out on the town? Help us out! (Find my pair inside their June Style Vault, Style Notes Section. If you are already a member, login here; not a member? Why not?! Shop Tina and her team’s favorite pieces by joining here!)
Well, you know I adore white jeans, and we already talked about they are my go-to fail-proof outfit. Everyone must own at least one pair, in my opinion. For your day look, pair your white jeans with a chambray top, a coral color tee or your classic gray and white look. For work, you can pair your jeans with a white button down or white cowl neck shell and top it with a black blazer and string of pearls. You can take this “work look” to night by just adding a black top or a warm neutral, gold accessories and a great pump. I mean, you just can’t go wrong with that combination. Did I mention I love white jeans?
This pair I have on is more of a flare, but I also love my baby bootcuts.

6. What made you want to become a personal stylist? Who is your style icon?
Oh my goodness, I love this question. As I look back, my love for fashion has always been there. I was my grandma’s partner in crime when shopping and I even sketched dresses and outfit ideas on the back of my church bulletin when I should have been listening to the sermons. Ooops! I promise, I don’t do that now. I loved playing dress up in my mom’s clothes and putting on fashion shows with my friend Anna. This passion for fashion and styling grew, and landed me a job after college at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta. It was such a dream. But once I moved to Nashville and had kids, I could not work retail hours anymore. So a year and half ago, I was visiting my dear friend Holly in Atlanta, drinking wine, and sharing with her that I wanted to get back to work, but wanted to make sure I was not only doing something that I loved but could do around my kids’ schedules. Well, with Holly’s encouragement and my determination, I found Tina Adams and the rest is history!
As far as my style icon? I have a few. First off, the women in my family. My grandmothers, aunts and my mom taught me class and grace. They just knew how to make a casual outfit look so put together, and of course there were pearls included. I am southern, after all. Then, after watching Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday, she became my style icon and I knew that was who I wanted to emulate.

7. What are three things you cannot live without? [Excluding your husband, children, and God]?
Wow, such a hard question! Really!?! Is there anything else?

8. OK, so there are some crazy trends out there right now… what’s your favorite and least favorite?
Ugh, not loving some of the trends right now so I am glad you asked this. I cannot stand the cropped tops. Really! Not cool on someone that has had kids. Even if you do have the abs for it! Just not cool or fashionable. Think about looking back at your pictures. Do you really want to be wearing a crop top? The other trend I cannot stand are the gladiator sandals that go all the way to the knee cap. Not flattering at all! No matter how skinny your legs are. As far as the trends I do love…lace! I love that timeless look. You can wear with white jeans or black ankle pants. Timeless. If you are the playful kind and love to experiment with fashion, add some of the floral prints that are popular. If you don’t want to go all out with that, do floral with your accessories.
I found this pretty lace top at the party fabrik had for us this spring.I found one for you, too! If you can’t shop with me in Franklin or Nashville, you can shop it inside the June Style Vault.

9. And this is a personal one for me, as Amy knows I LOVE a good romper… how can a 30+ mamma of two wear one while still dressing her age???
Okay, so I am just going to throw this out there, I am really conflicted on this romper thing. I love the idea of just being one and done. Being comfortable, yet still feeling put together. I mean, all you need to do is add a great pair of shoes or necklace and you are done! Some of your readers may be wondering exactly what the difference is between a romper and a jumpsuit. A romper is a one-piece short version of jumpsuit, that is either sleeveless or has short sleeves, and it usually comes with a belt.

So I am coming to terms with you wanting to wear this romper, Natasha. Because, you can wear almost anything and look fab. Just remember when purchasing a romper, don’t overlook the length. No one wants to see a slightly revealed bum. Then, don’t go crazy with patterns. Buy a solid color. I promise you will not regret it. If you buy a pattern, you will just look like you are just trying too hard.
Ok, you know how I love to wear a trend, such as a romper or jumpsuit, in a different way. Rompers can make you look like a kindergartner, so what you can do is add a belt to accentuate your womanly curves. Shoes are also key with an outfit like this, so make sure you wear your wedges to create a longer, leaner look. Then, add a sophisticated clutch. No bags with lots of straps…please! It will just add more fussiness to your look and you don’t want that.
Here’s my take on a jumpsuit, which I think is a good adult version, don’t you? You can find it in the June Vault, Style Notes.

I could see wearing this on date night or a girls night out!

10. Finally, how would you describe the Williamson County woman’s style? (Williamson County lies just south of Nashville and you might just run into your favorite movie star or performer.)
You know it’s hard to put the Williamson County woman in just one style category. There are many facets of a Williamson County woman. She’s a busy stay-at-home mom, or a grandmother that is enjoying her retirement. She’s a busy professional. No matter who she is, she loves to give back to her community. The list goes on and that’s what makes my job so enjoyable…I help my clients create their own personal style based on “the way they love to live,” as we say.

Natasha, you look great in this swing dress and your strappy heels!
I’m a mother, a professional, and a lover of all things beautiful and stylish – like most of you!

You can get Amy’s easy style!
When Amy shopped for me last fall, it was amazing to see what pieces she pulled together to make a cohesive look come to life, and I was stunned to see how many items she incorporated with apparel I already owned. It absolutely made me realize I had some great essentials already hanging in my closet that I didn’t know what to pair with. Amy has been a TREMENDOUS source of help and advice. If you’re interested in hiring her, click here

 And read what another one of her clients said,

“I so much enjoyed my experience with Amy last Saturday. I didn’t really know what to expect, as this was the first time I truly treated myself. It was beyond my expectations! Amy had everything all prepared and ready for me to try on so it was very efficient. She was honest in a very caring way to let me know what didn’t look fantastic and what looked amazing – especially items I never really considered before (skirts!). She’s a lovely person and I could tell from just a few hours in her company that she truly loved what she is doing and cared about helping me feel and look the way I knew I could shine…I had a work presentation this week and it was almost unbelievable how easy it was to dress, be prepared and look professional. I felt so comfortable that I didn’t even ‘think’ about my clothing…and I received more compliments than I ever received in a work setting!”
~ from one of Amy’s happy clients

Not in Nashville?
You can join the Style Vault, a members-only shopping source for all of Tina’s, Amy’s and Barbara’s must-haves, plus exclusive discounts for Vault Insiders. You’ll get first access to all the best shopping and save while you shop!

**thanks to Amy and Tina Adams for collaborating on this post**
**and no, we aren’t fashion bloggers…let’s be honest!  just trying to help others [including myself] dress better and feel more confident**
  1. Kristy says:

    when was the last time you did a non-sponsored post?! eek

    • totally agree this week has been sponsor-heavy on the blog post front… sometimes that's just how it works out when working with other businesses and brands and when they ask you to publish, etc. i promise i'll try to work on adding some more personal content so come back soon…rosemary beach recaps and birthday party prep and such…thanks for the note 🙂

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