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five on friday


July 31, 2015

One || Farmbox

I love a convenient subscription service, especially ones that I actually use and serves a purpose. Say hello to Farmbox, an innovative twist to the traditional CSA//Farmer’s Market, and makes it SO easy to eat healthy, locally grown foods, accessible to anyone in the continental U.S.
Founded by Ashley Tyrner, Farmbox Direct lets customers customize a box of fresh, local produce and have it delivered to their front door via FedEx, starting at just $34.98. Unlike most dinner meal kits, Farmbox is customizable for picky eaters like myself and loaded with 15 pounds of produce to juice, cook, can, or freeze. They even offer Natural and Organic options to suit different customers produce needs.
They are growing quickly! They will be the first to accept SNAP benefits (foodstamps) online, and is working on a HMO program that will allow subscribers to be reimbursed for part of their weekly Farmbox delivery by showing healthy eating to their insurance providers.
Farmbox Direct makes eating clean and being green easy on you and your wallet. They even send you recipes so you can venture out of your comfort zone and try some new items! Our box including all kinds of tasty fruit and veggies…this was a fun way to get my girls to try new foods, too! My favorites were the mushrooms, grapefruit, asparagus, and avocado… they were all put to VERY good use.

Two || Beauty by Shala… Eyelash Extensions

I tried out my first set of eyelash extensions about 3 weeks ago and I cannot say enough great things about these “additions”. I’ve had so many close friends ask me what was different about my eyes so it’s a visible difference, but one that is subtle. Even better, I don’t have to worry about mascara when I’m running out the door and I feel way more refreshed and energized. Local friends… are you looking to try these out for yourself?? Check out my girl @beautybyshala. She is doing a special promo for my blog readers so just mention my name or Hello! Happiness when you visit her… a full set is only $120 (instead of the normal $220). You won’t be disappointed! I’m going back next week for a fill-in and might be asking for her to add a few more for fullness. She is a beauty guru and also focuses on eyelash tinting, brow shaping, and waxing, too and conveniently located in Belle Meade. See more of her work and featured services here.
Three ||  Jumpsuit Love
I couldn’t wait to share this snapshot of a new favorite I found the other day at my local Nordstrom Rack store… and even better, it’s available on their website [buy it here]! It’s $30 so that’s a win obviously, but the fit is great for gals on the shorter side like me (I am 5’4″) and it’s SO comfy as well. Don’t miss out on this one my dears… as for fit, I bought the XS and it’s made to be a little roomy, too. Looking for some other options?? Check some of these styles out too… easy on the wallet and fun prints that would look great on so many body types.
Jumpsuits: onetwo | three | four | five
Four || Food for Thought
Amen… life is too short to blend in with everyone and everything else. Plus, flamingos are WAY more fun than pigeons… right? This means the zoo is in our near future because it’s been too long.
Five || The Effect of Leslie
And finally, I’m sure many of you have heard the tragic news of my blogging friend, Leslie Sisti of A Blonde Ambition, leaving this world far too soon this past Monday. It’s been a somber week and I can’t lie, she has popped into my mind many times and it gets me every time I think of her baby girls (Caroline and Ainsley) as well as her husband Stephen and their extended group of family and friends. Leslie was an extremely genuine person, one that always had a smile on her face and always went out of her way to bring joy to others… I know she is no longer in any pain and her heart is full, but if you could take a moment or two and say some prayers for everyone in Arkansas today, I know they need all the support they can get as they lay her to rest. Leslie, I can’t thank you enough for being a wonderful support system as we both embarked on the two under two journey together… our ongoing communication was always some of my favorite, I learned so much from you, and your presence will be missed immensely. We are thinking about you today my beautiful, dear friend and I can’t say it hasn’t been anything short of amazing to see the blogging community come together to honor you… it just goes to show that this “network” can do a lot of good and thank you for bringing so many of us together. Be Blessed Leslie!
A GoFundMe Page has been established to benefit both Caroline and Ainsley’s college funds… if you feel drawn to do so, please help donate to these amazing girls and to honor their mom and all she did for so many. We love you Leslie!
#rememberingleslie #beblessedlovelies
  1. I love Nordstrom rack and I love that jumper. I might need to buy one of those. Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. She was beautiful. My heart just breaks. Having turned 30 in April, having a 2 year old and a sweet boy born July 1, so much of this hits home. We never know when the Lord will call us home but I'm grateful that He provides others to rally around those we love during those hard times. My thoughts are with all impacted by her precious life.

  3. Kristen says:

    I kept checking Leslie's blog for an update and was hoping for good post-surgery news. I was so sad to see in yours that she passed away. 🙁 I can't believe it!

  4. Tess says:

    Beyond tragic to hear of Leslie's passing, and her whole family has weighed so heavy on my heart.

  5. I LOVE jumpsuits! I only have 2 but dying for more. I have a long torso so it's hard to find ones that don't give me a wedgy (TMI?). Also, that Farmbox program is such a brilliant idea. I would be so happy to find those healthy goodies on my front steps!

  6. I'm just so upset about Leslie….

  7. The most devastating news about Leslie – and the sweet family she has left behind. She has left a hole in the blogging community x

  8. How is the length on the jumpsuit? It's too cute!


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  10. Those veggies look DELISH!!!

  11. Jumpsuits have taken over my closet! My heart is breaking for Leslie's family, I had recently found her blog and you could tell that she was such a joy to be around and she brought so much love to this world! Xo, Stephanie

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