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What Was I Thinking?!?!?! Volume I


July 27, 2015

This one stems from one of my ideas for 50 Creative Blog Posts that I mentioned a few weeks ago and I’ve been itching to visit the vault for some crazy show and tell and a little game I like to call “What Was I Thinking?!?!” 
You know I’m an open book, a tell-it-like-it-is person, one with little to no secrets and I’m not too proud to make fun of the things I’ve said, done, or wore in the past… here goes nothing, get ready for a good laugh [or five]: 
Digging back into the 2008 archives to start this shindig off… OK so why did I wear this SILK paisley strapless dress to Steeplechase? Not only were we outside in the blazing heat all day, but I’ve always gotten muddy during the races… nor did it do anything for my figure.. yikes. And my hat and shoe choices??? Oi vey… I know better than this now. Hey, at least we were working our arm poses 😉

Moving right along to fall of 2009, when I had to dye my hair dark brown because of all the damage I had done due to overprocessing, bleaching, flat ironing, etc. Oh this one is BAD friends… if you learn anything from this post, it’s that you need to watch what you do to your hair and try to take care of it. Looking back, I absolutely hated it [as did everyone else I am sure] and I couldn’t wait to get back to blonde. But I had to pay the price for what I had done to it so it was the only way to correct my bad, bad decisions… and the short bob did NOTHING for my round face! No, just no… 

And to why I had to dye my hair in the first place… check out this BLEACH blonde hair from 2009… thank heavens I can say I learned from this horrific time in my life and have taken good care of the mane ever since. This is what dry, damaged, broken hair looks like ladies… don’t walk that road like I did. 

OK, so moving on to more fashion pictures, like this lovely dress from when we were visiting Seaside in late summer 2009… not only did I absolutely love this dress, but I thought it looked amazing on. Ummm no, it looks like I am wearing one of those giant bibs they give you at a seafood restaurant = FAIL. And the hair….. again just SOOOOOOO bad. 

Entertained? Want more? Oh there is more I promise… Check out this doozie of a blog post when I was selling some garments and accessories I didn’t use anymore. Those shoes, that plaid jacket… yikes! Now this will take you back in time to when all I could think about was Pottery Barn EVERYTHING in our old house… check out this post for what I thought was pure genius when it came to bedding and paint and decor… thank gosh I have help in this department now!

Oh and another blog sale of clothing alert… I mean, that mod print halter dress and the red BCBG cocktail dress… what on earth was I thinking??? And don’t forget about this hilarious look sharing handbags I was coveting at the time. 
Onto the culinary category, when you make something a few times and it never turns out correctly… stop trying and move on. Just like this Baked Blueberry French Toast
Isn’t this fun? It’s a blast from the past, trip down memory line, heckle at me post and I have enjoyed this… we will have to do this one again soon my friends! But please do tell, do you have things you’ve done/worn/cooked/said that make you cringe?? 

  1. Simply LKJ says:

    OMG…that is too funny. Girlfriend, we've all been there. Especially with the hair dye. Why do we do these things to ourselves?!

  2. Haha this post made me smile – but don't be too hard on yourself! We all make dodgy fashion choices that always look far worse when trends move on years down the line. Good for you for being able to see the funny side though!!


  3. OMG this is so funny!!! amen to doing bad things to your hair, I had to cut mine completely off one time because I fried it so much!

  4. Lol, I've done some terrible things to my hair in my youth, like fire engine red all over. What was I thinking? Now I love my natural hair color. Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning. Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

  5. Tess says:

    Hilarious! And, I think I'm a little scared to look back at what I was thinking over my college years…….

  6. Jessica says:

    Loving this post! Life is so much better when you can laugh at yourself (and learn from your mistakes, lol!) I, too, had the awful chopped haircut at one point, and I am still scared of having my hair cut to this day because of that experience. I just don't have the face for short hair. Thanks for sharing this today, Natasha!:)

  7. What a fabulous post idea. Oh yes I remember when I used to wear clothes that showed too much cleavage and too much leg I was a sight. Also I used to wear foundation that was 3 shades too dark for my skin and had the orange line going all around my face. To top it off I chopped all my hair off and dyed it that yellow blonde by mistake, I looked like trash!
    At least we can laugh at our mistakes though.

  8. Lol, you have a great sense of humour! I just thank God that digital cameras, smart phones, and FB didn't exist in the 90's ~Ree

  9. Andie R. says:

    Love this post!! I've done/wore/bought WAY worse!! 🙂

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